FFXIV: How To Unlock Omega Deltascape

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Deltascape is part of the level 70 Normal Raids that are unlocked through the Omega questline, which becomes available at the end of Stormblood. It tells the story of Omega’s whereabouts after its battle with Shinryu at the beginning of the expansion.

Just like the other Normal Raids, Omega consists of 12 battles divided into 3 tiers. Omega: Deltascape is the first tier players will go through when progressing this raid series.

To unlock Deltascape, you must first complete the Level 70 Main Scenario Quest “Stormblood”. Once that’s done, you can then speak with Wedge in Rhalgr’s Reach (X:12.6, Y:12.4) to start the quest “The Hunt for Omega”.

The quest after “The Hunt for Omega” will unlock Deltascape. It is called “Into the Deltascape” and is given out by Cid in the Interdimensional Rift (X:17.3, Y:18.9).


Quick Deltascape Unlock Guide (Step-by-Step)

Wedge in Rhalgr's Reach / FFXIV
Wedge in Rhalgr’s Reach
  1. Complete the Level 70 Main Scenario Quest “Stormblood”
  2. Accept the Level 70 Side Quest “The Hunt for Omega” from Wedge in Rhalgr’s Reach (X:12.6, Y:12.4)
  3. Speak with Biggs in Rhalgr’s Reach (X:13.5, Y:12.3)
  4. Travel to the Yawn at Gyr Abania (X:30, Y:31.9) and speak with Cid
  5. Speak with the Chocobo at the Yawn after the cutscene
  6. After another cutscene, speak with Cid to enter a level 70 duty
  7. Defeat all enemies within the duty
  8. Speak with Cid to complete “The Hunt for Omega”
  9. Accept the quest “Into the Deltascape” from Cid in the Interdimensional Rift (X:17.3, Y:18.9)
  10. Speak with Alpha to enter Deltascape V1.0

Into the Interdimensional Rift (Detailed Walkthrough)

Alpha, the Small Chocobo / FFXIV
Alpha, the Small Chocobo

After completing the Level 70 Main Scenario Quest “Stormblood”, travel to Rhalgr’s Reach and look for Wedge at (X:12.6, Y:12.4). Speak with Wedge and accept the quest “The Hunt for Omega” to start the Omega questline.

You learn that the Garlond Ironworks has set up their operations in Rhalgr’s Reach to continue their search for Omega. You also find out that Nero tol Scaeva has started employment with the Ironworks.

As the members of the Ironworks explain the situation to the Warrior of Light, an engineer interrupts with news of a sudden rise in aetheric activity at the Yawn.

Accompany Cid to Gyr Abania (X:30, Y:31.9) to investigate.

There, you will find a crater filled with a pink substance that Nero identifies as condensed either. While you and your companions observe, Midgarsormr awakens and tells the group that he senses the presence of Omega.

Garlond Ironworks at The Yawn / FFXIV
Garlond Ironworks at The Yawn

At this point, what seems to be a miniature Chocobo will spring from the pool of aether while being chased by some sort of winged serpent.

Midgarsormr explains that these might be creations of Omega, as the machine has the ability to manipulate aether to create life.

After the commotion has settled down, speak with the small Chocobo to continue the quest.

Our new small and feathery friend tells us that there is a way to another dimension within the pool of aether, and that is where Omega can be found.

Speak with Cid after the cutscene to start a duty that will sync you down to level 70. Once the duty is complete, speak with Cid once more to complete “The Hunt for Omega” and start the next quest, “Into the Deltascape”.

Deltascape Duty / FFXIV
Deltascape Duty

Speak with Alpha to gain access to Deltascape V1.0.

Here, you’ll face a boss named Alte Roite with a party of 8 players.

Defeat Alta Roite to continue the quest line and unlock the subsequent bosses in Deltascape. There are 4 bosses in total before proceeding to the next tier.


Deltascape Loot

Deltascape V1.0 Coffers / FFXIV
Deltascape V1.0 Coffers

Defeating enemies in Deltascape will reward the party with two treasure coffers.

Just like with 8-man trials, party members will cast lots to determine who gets what from the coffers.

However, the items inside these chests only contain tokens which are then traded in to an NPC vendor for level 70 (item level 320) equipment. This vendor is named Gelfradus can be found in Rhalgr’s Reach (X:13.7, Y:12.0).

Gelfradus in Rhalgr's Reach / FFXIV
Gelfradus in Rhalgr’s Reach
Token Equipment Slot Cost
Deltascape Lens Head 2
Deltascape Shaft Body 4
Desltascape Crank Hands 2
Deltascape Spring Legs 4
Deltascape Pedal Feet 2
Deltascape Bolt Accessory 1
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