The Best 3-Star Casters in Fate/Grand Order

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Casters are usually relegated to a supporting role.

But that doesn’t mean some of them can’t deal damage.

In this ranking we’re looking into some of the best supportive and damage-dealing 3-Star Casters in the entire game. And there’s a decent variety here to look through.


5. Avicebron

Avicebron Fate/Grand Order sprite

Avicebron is great for dealing heavy damage to low-health waves.

His second skill charges his NP by 80% – which makes firing off his AOE Buster NP relatively easy to accomplish.

Plus he also grants the party invincibility and an attack up when he dies, only adding to his utility for extended fights.


4. Medea

Medea Fate/Grand Order sprite

Medea has amassed a cult following over the years.

Not because of the action scenes where she tortures Saber and Shirou in Fate/Stay Night, but because of her cuter personality in Fate spinoffs.

Her obsession with Saber, her casual street clothes, and her overall jovial personality really connected with fans who had perhaps once thought of her as nothing more than a generic villain.

Well in FGO, Medea’s great at charging her NP and then firing off a Rule Breaker or two to remove all their buffs. Maybe give her a try!


3. Cú Chulainn

Cú Chulainn Fate/Grand Order sprite

We’re all guilty of it…

Upon first booting up FGO and being gifted Cú Caster, having little to no knowledge of the game, we burned him as experience fodder or to acquire additional resources.

Little did we know that Cú Caster is a story-locked Servant – meaning he cannot spook you on your normal roles.

To acquire another Cú Caster, you would have to roll one of his rate-ups or test your luck with the dreaded *gulp*… story banner!

For those that held onto their copy of Cú Caster, congratulations. You now own a great damage dealing Caster (a rare breed).

When Koyanskaya releases and the Buster looping meta kicks off, Cú Caster becomes one of the premier farmers in the game!

If only we could turn back time…


2. Asclepius

Asclepius Fate/Grand Order sprite

Asclepius is one of the best supports in FGO – even taking into consideration his rarity.

Here’s what he offers:

His First skill recovers an ally’s HP while increasing their debuff resistance.

His second skill seals an enemy’s NP for one turn while increasing the party’s NP generation.

And finally, his third skill charges the party’s NP gauge by 20% before removing party debuffs.

This third skill is really where Asclepius shines, as removing all debuffs can be pivotal to winning certain fights.

Asclepius’ NP is also great, as it grants the entire party Guts status while also granting debuff immunity.

He truly is a 4-Star Servant in disguise, and is useful almost anywhere.


1. Paracelsus

Paracelsus Fate/Grand Order sprite

Paracelsus is a great supportive Caster Servant.

But he’s also one who’s not only limited as a budget option for those lacking something stronger.

In fact, Paracelsus is a meta pick in certain team compositions focused on Arts looping.

The 20% Arts buff Paracelsus provides, when used in conjunction with a Tamamo or Nero Bride, is the key component in pulling off a successful Arts loop without Castoria.

Paracelsus holds his head up as not only the best 3-Star Caster, but also as a viable meta option that can proudly stand alongside his five-star peers.

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