5 Best AOE Casters in Fate/Grand Order (Ranked)

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Casters, as a class of Servant, are not very well-known for their ability to deal damage.

Add to this a desire to see a damage-dealing Caster capable of taking out multiple enemies at a time, and the list shortens even more!

That being said, there does exist a small subset of Caster class Servants that can dish out heavy damage – and also nuke entire waves with the said damage as well!

And for this ranking we’re checking out some of the better AOE Casters in FGO.

Let’s go!


5. Cú Chulainn

Cú Chulainn Fate/Grand Order sprite

Caster Cú is given out to all players for free at the start of the game.

Unfortunately, since many novices do not yet understand the concept of “story-locked” Servants, they may have thought was just a useless three-star Servant and they may have fed him for XP…

Those who managed to hang onto their Caster Cú, however, will be able to rejoice thanks to the addition of Buster looping into FGO.

By utilizing the double Koyanskaya system, Caster Cú becomes not just a meme pick to farm with a low rarity Servant, and instead he becomes one of the best Buster farmers out there.


4. Chen Gong

Chen Gong Fate/Grand Order sprite

Despite being a low rarity Servant, Chen Gong is a great farmer for budget or free-to-play payers.

Chen excels in the double Castoria system due to the massive damage on his NP, and the bonus that he murders the leftmost member of your party when using it.

This allows for a free switch into either another buffer, or another damage dealer to finish off the most powerful wave.


3. Nitocris

Nitocris Fate/Grand Order sprite

Nitocris is a Caster that excels when farming low-level enemies.

In FGO, there are several daily quests that can be completed to acquire materials like QP and Mana Prisms.

These waves are insanely weak. And while you can use other SSR Servants to farm these waves, Nitocris streamlines the process by needing to press as few buttons as possible.

Nitocris’ NP has a chance to inflict instant death on all enemies – making her *arguably* the most powerful AOE Caster in the game.

At least… 1% of the time…


2. Nero Claudius

Nero Claudius Fate/Grand Order sprite

Nero has always been your tried and true AOE Caster.

In a world where Casters were thought to only be supportive, FGO needed to include at least one damage-dealer to satisfy the masses and Nero seemed to be the pick.

Nero does not require that much support to make her kit function.

And while she struggles to loop due to her focus on Buster, she’s more than capable of taking down one powerful wave.


1. Sieg

Sieg Fate/Grand Order sprite

After Castoria rolls onto NA, Sieg will become the dominant Arts farming Caster.

As mentioned previously, Caster Servants do not usually come equipped with much in the form of damage.

Sieg throws this concept out the window as his NP is devastatingly powerful.

And when looping on multiple enemies, he can fire off three NPs no problem\.

Despite being a four-star Servant and a welfare Servant at that, the fact that he’ll likely be at NP5 makes him a great addition to any farming team.

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