Best Dump Truck Mods For Farming Simulator 19 (All Free)

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Many people don’t realize the value of the service provided by dump trucks.

Not only do they get a lot of bulk material moved fast, they do it effectively and cleanly.

Dump trucks can get into many places that a trailer truck can’t. This holds especially true off road.

Fortunately, being off road in Farming Simulator 19 is not a big deal for a truck.

And since the devs did not include any of these in the base game, maybe they aren’t totally required…

But that doesn’t stop us from wanting them (or finding a good use for them). So we’ve gathered a list of the best custom dump truck mods that you can snag for your next FS19 session.


8. Yanmar C30R-2B

 Yanmar C30R-2B Truck / Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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Let’s start this list off with a truly off road dump truck.

This Yanmar side-by-side is a not only an excellent dump truck, but it’s also the only tracked side by side.

This makes it a very unique machine.

This can haul up to 2500 liters of bulk. And it can go up to 30 kilometers per hour, which is enough for what you’ll need it for.

It is not a huge dump truck, but it makes up for that in versatility.

You’ll never get stuck again in this little side by side truck.


7. Magirus-Deutz 232

 Magirus-Deutz 232 Dump Truck / Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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Moving along to one of the heavier duty dump trucks, we have a nice older model truck here.

This one has many options, too.

Not only can you choose the color and wheels, you can also choose what engine you want, along with an optional snorkel kit.

A note about the snorkel kit: this snorkel actually raises the water damage level of the truck, so you can cross semi-deep water without losing your truck and load.

The Magirus-Deutz 232 also comes with 9 different bed options.

This includes several dump beds as well as a 5th wheel hitch for pulling trailers.

There’s a high sided bed for moving lighter materials, as well as a heavy duty bed for moving bulk that you might not want in your pretty trailers.


6. Mack R Dump Truck

 Mack R Dump Truck Screenshot / Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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A list about dump truck mods would not be complete without at least one Mack.

Mack was the heart of the off road trucking industry in the US until being bought out by Volvo.

And as one of the iconic Mack trucks of the past, the Mack R series made many dump trucks over the years – many of which are still on the road today.

This Mack R series dump truck stays true to the Mack name with a heavy haul bed, and coming with a whopping capacity of 50,000 liters.

This mega bed combined with the classic Mack 427 engine makes for a serious beast.


5. Ford F550

 Ford F550 Truck / Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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For those of you looking for more of a medium sized dump truck, let me show you this modded F550 Ford.

This truck has a limited hauling capacity due to its size, but the engine is more than able to pull any load you put on it.

A little tweaking to the XML file and this truck will haul 80,000 liters with no trouble at all.

Admittedly, stopping it can get a bit squirrely. But it’s still highly recommended for any farm.

And this truck also has a rear trailer hitch for pulling trailers.

This means you can haul 2 loads to sell at once. Make the most out of your time with this truck and trailer combo rig.


4. Liaz 151.280

 Liaz 151280 Dump Truck/ Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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We’re always thinking of our friends across the pond with these lists.

And with that in mind, we have the cab over dump truck of your dreams.

Some people just don’t like the long nose American truck look. And while the Farming Simulator developers included cab over trucks, many modders do not.

This little truck can haul up to 50,000 liters of bulk.

It also has a very unique dump bed that matches the cab over design of the truck very well.

The paint is customizable here, as well as the engine and wheels.

A rather special feature of this truck is that it even comes with an optional spreader tailgate. Most trucks are simply for delivering goods, but this one can double as a fertilizer when loaded with slurry or manure.


3. Kenworth T800

Kenworth T800 Dump Truck / Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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The Kenworth t800 dump truck is honestly a very well designed show truck.

If you owned this in real life, you wouldn’t actually load dirt on it for fear of getting it dirty.

Lucky for us, nothing ever breaks in Farming Simulator 19. And that means you can work this pretty truck until the wheels fall off of it.

It comes with multi tone paint options, a shiny aluminum bed which makes for a lighter truck, all chrome wheels that have been polished into mirrors, and the best feature is the speed at which this truck works.

With a top speed of 130 kilometers per hour under a full 30,000 liter load, this’ll have you delivering bulk in record time.


2. A 5000 Pack

Preview 5000 Pack / Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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Here we have a smaller pick-up pack that includes a small dump bed attachment.

Granted this is not the only attachment for the pickup, but one of the more useful ones.

The dump bed only has a capacity of 2500 liters, but seeing as it’s not a full sized pick up, I wouldn’t recommend putting any more in it.

The other attachments are too numerous to list off here (check the mod description for more info). But one worth mentioning is the animal transport attachment.

This fits onto the rear of the truck and allows you to move you own animals without a trailer.

There are very few machines that allow this, even in the mod sections.

So this is absolutely a great versatile mod that’s worth downloading for any farm.


1. Peterbilt 379 Dump Truck

Peterbilt 379 Dump Truck Screenshot / Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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This Peterbilt is a heavy haul tri-axle dump truck, and well worth looking into.

It has a capacity ranging from 50,000 all the way up to 600,000 liters.

Even though this sounds crazy, there are enough engine options to pull this kind of a load.

Good luck stopping it though!

But even if you crash trying to stop, no harm done. A good trucker never dies, he just gets his peter-re-bilt.

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