FS19: The Best Fencing & Gate Mods (All Free)

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Farming Simulator is a great game all on its own.

But there are a few issues that many players have. One of these issues is the lack of any type of fence or gate system in the base game.

But have no fear, modders are here & have already fixed this issue for us.

Below is a list of our top fence and gate mods (with a good variety to dig through. Plus they all support the PC and console versions, so no matter how you do your farming, these gates are here to help.


9. Fence (Prefab*)

Prefab Fencing / Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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Let’s begin with a modern fence.

This mod is great for around your home on the farm, since it’s primarily a decorative fence.

The posts are made out of a nice grey brick, and the beams are solid wooden beams designed to blend with almost any style of farm aesthetic.

This fence is really fancy and expensive looking, but certainly won’t break the bank for you either.


8. Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence Mod for FS19

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So this fence is more of a traditional wooden fence – something you might expect to actually find on a farm.

And it’s made strictly from wood, as the name might imply. The posts look to be about your typical 4×4 posts, and the boards that make up the rest of the fence are cut at an angle to give it a more distinct look.

The boards are also worn and older looking, to give the illusion that your fence has been there a long time.

This makes it fit in well with the buildings already in the game, and it makes this fence a perfect match for those of you looking for a more rustic farm.


7. Pack Of Old Fences (Homemade)

Pack Of Old Fences / FS19 Mod

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Another decorative fence to add to your list of mods is this Pack of Old Fences.

This pack features a nice combination of painted bricks and wooden styles that have also been painted or treated.

So this makes for a sophisticated look that goes well with a modern homestead.

And this fence is made of grey brick with a light wooden fence in between the posts. The tops of the boards have been rounded to give it a unique look as well.

All in all it’s a great fence mod with lots of potential for a gorgeous farm.


6. 2-Meter Chain Link Fence

2-Meter Chain Link Fence Mod for FS19

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Now we’re getting into more practical stuff, as this mod is more for functionality than for decoration.

But I’m sure that some of you will find this just perfect for any use!

This large fence is designed as a green metal chain link fence. You can see through it, but not drive through it.

I’d say this fence would be perfect for keeping people off of your farm, and it helps protect your crops from people that would just drive right over them otherwise.


5. Panel Fence & Gates

Panel Fence & Gates / FS19 Mod

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This fence and gate system is a well-done metal fence with a sleek design.

For support, this fence is mounted to the ground using a short row of bricks. And the fence itself is made up of green metal posts with wire mesh welded in-between, to keep smaller critters inside.

The gates all work too, and come in sizes ranging from small enough to just walk through, up to large enough to drive your harvesters right inside.


4. Mesh Fence

Mesh Fencing / Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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Yep, another custom chainlink fence mod.

This one is painted green, along with the posts. And the posts are mounted to the ground with bricks here as well.

This fence is fully functional (like many) and it comes with several options for gates.

For placement ideas, this fence is modern looking enough that it’d work great around a field, or up around your house.


3. Old Wooden Fence

Old Wooden Fence Mod for FS19

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Out of this entire list, this is probably one of the oldest fence styles you’ll find for Farming Simulator 19.

It’s made from wooden posts, and the entire fence is just posts.

The wooden posts also run into the ground, and more posts run in between them to complete the look.

There are also two posts in the part that runs sideways here. But the whole fence is untreated and unpainted, which gives it a very natural and primitive look.


2. New Fence Pack

New Fence Pack / FS19 Mod Preview

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I’d say this fence is for beautifying your farm just as much as it is for keeping pesky neighbors out.

It’s built from a natural looking rock for the base and the posts, with wooden boards that have been painted for a more finished look.

The mod does not come with a gate system, but there are several gates that work well with this fence set up.

This pack actually contains a whole bunch of fencing styles, but this rock & wooden design seems like the most versatile.

Use it for pastures, fields, or as fencing around your entire farm. Or even build up some fencing around your house if you want a little privacy.


1. South American Fence Pack

South American Fence Pack Mod for FS19

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Here we have another mod pack full of different fencing styles.

And with this pack you’ll find wooden fencing, posts, and barbed wire.

But not only does this include a barbed wire fence set – it also includes working gates!

The gates are made from wood with large posts that are hard to miss. And the fencing itself is simply barbed wire with multiple strands.

It really is a very simple yet fitting design that could work nicely on any farm you build.

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