FS19: Best Snow Plow & Snow Blower Mods (All Free)

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Snow has come to Farming Simulator 19!

Whether you’re using the Just Snow mod or the Seasons mod to add snow into your game, you’ll need some way to clear it from your fields.

So we’ve compiled some of the best snow removal mods to help you deal with even the deepest snowfalls on your farm.

This list includes plows, blowers, and salters that can be attached to pickup trucks, tractors, and even dozers. So you’re sure to find something here to help with your snow plowing needs.


10. Gator Snow Pack

Gator Snow Pack Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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If you want snow clearing mods on a smaller scale, or maybe if you just like John Deere equipment, then this mod is absolutely worth trying out.

This mod pack comes with a snow plow, leveler, salt spreader, and even a fertilizer spreader for the John Deere Gator 6×4.

Perfect for clearing snow from small areas or narrow paths.

The Gator itself also comes with plenty of customization options for dealing with other tasks around your farm, so it’s handy beyond just snow removal.


9. NMC Backhoe Snowplow

NMC Backhoe Snowplow FS19 Mod

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For any small or hard-to-reach areas, this Backhoe Snowplow is the tool you want.

Fitting on the Huddig 1260E backhoe (which is also a mod from North Modding Company), this little blade is perfect for clearing snow around trees, small buildings, or other structures.

It also works great for clearing both sides of a fence, since you can simply reach the boom arm over the fence instead of needing to drive to the other side.


8. NMC Dozer Snowplow

NMC Dozer Snowplow Mod for FS19

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Now this is a massive dozer blade.

It fits onto the NMC D-11 Bulldozer, and makes short work of any volume of snow.

While the dozer itself costs $1,400,000 to buy (yes, 1.4 mil!), the blade itself is a much more reasonable $45,000.

The blade has a width of 7 meters and lots of color options, and while it’s not the most cost-effective way to move snow, it is certainly one of the most fun ways!


7. Gorenc Spinner Multi SH

Gorenc Spinner Multi SH Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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Here’s a bit of a small scale mod that’s also lots of fun.

This snowplow attaches to the 3-point hitch on your tractors, and it even comes with a couple of customization options:

Custom wheels and a vertical extension of the blade.

This is also particularly useful for leveling silage and other materials, as well as plowing snow.

With a price of only $3,340, it’s one of the cheapest snow clearing attachments on our list. So definitely check this out if you’re a farmer on a budget.


6. Snow Blower Esko

Snow Blower Esko Mod for FS19

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This Esko snow blower doesn’t have a single rotating pipe like most other blowers. Instead it has two stationary pipes.

And you can switch between the pipes to choose where the snow will come flying. Very handy.

It also comes with several different color customization options you can choose from during purchase.

With a maximum working speed of only 10kph, it’ll take quite a while to clear any large fields.

But it is well suited for usage on roads, or your driveway, or in smaller areas.


5. NMC Pickup Blade

NMC Pickup Blade Mod for Farming Simulator 19

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Here’s one heck of a truck-mounted snowplow that fits on the popular NMC Scarok pickup truck.

It can be turned 30 degrees left or right to create a windrow on either side as desired, and can easily handle deep snow too.

The blade also has a couple of lights attached, but unfortunately, these cannot be customized.

Still, this little thing is really a lot of fun.


4. NMC U Blade

NMC U Blade FS19 Mod

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As one of the largest plows on our list, the U Blade gets its name from the folding wings on either end.

You can leave them unfolded for maximum plowing width, or individually fold them a few degrees to better collect the snow in front of the blade.

You can also fold them up to 90 degrees for transport, or for working in tight areas.

The entire plow itself can also be rotated up to 30 degrees to either side, and combined with the folding wings, this makes it quite easy to dictate which side the windrow falls on.


3. Hauer Snow Pack

Hauer Snow Pack Mod for FS19

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OK so this Hauer Snow Pack comes with more than just a snow plow:

It’s also got a salt spreader, so it’s basically a plow & ice melt combo.

Functioning the same way as a fertilizer, the salt spreader is a more efficient way to remove thin layers of snow.

Just note that it will not work on deeper layers, though, so for deep snow you need to use the snowplow.

And what a plow it is.

It can be adjusted to push the windrow to either side, and it’s a great option for clearing long roads or trails.


2. ITS-Winter-Pack

ITS-Winter-Pack Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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Here’s another big snowy mod pack designed just for FS19.

It contains a snowplow, snowblower, and a salt spreader with an 8 meter working width.

The snowblower has four different options for the pipe length, and can be rotated 180 degrees too.

It also comes with “pro” or “arcade” versions, with the “pro” version having more realistic functions and more a realistic working speed.

Note: If you don’t have the SYN TRAC mod, you will not be able to attach those specific versions of the tools to your equipment. So make sure to install that mod too, or just be careful before snatching up any of the equipment!


1. NMC 262 Monster V

NMC 262 Monster V FS19 Mod

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Topping us off is this high-powered snowblower mod, which can easily handle even the deepest snowfall.

It attaches to the 3-point hitch of a tractor so it’s fairly easy to use too.

Although it’s designed to be attached to the rear hitch, it’ll also work attached to the front hitch, despite it facing backwards!

The Monster V also has optional adjustable side wings that can increase the working width slightly.

The blower “stores” up to 20,000 liters of snow or other material, so you can even put the snow into one pile rather than leaving windrows (or having to use a tipper trailer to pile it).

And this mod even comes with plenty of different color customization options, so you can easily design it to match with your other equipment.

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