Where To Farm Orichalcum in Kingdom Hearts (KH1.5)

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In Kingdom Hearts 1.5/Final Mix, the only way to farm Orichalcum is by buying it from the item shop in Traverse Town. Each Orichalcum costs 5000 munny.

Orichalcum becomes available in Traverse Town after rescuing Kairi from Hollow Bastion.

Yes, this item is expensive if you want a lot of it. But don’t worry, because a limited amount of Orichalcum is available across all of the game’s worlds for free.


Finding Orichalcum Without Buying It

Finding an Orichalcum in 100 Acre Wood / Kingdom Hearts 1.5
Finding an Orichalcum in 100 Acre Wood

In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, you’ll need 19 Orichalcum to craft one of everything that requires it in the Moogle Shop.

And the game kindly provides exactly 19 Orichalcum from chests and challenges all around the various worlds:

Location How To Get The Orichalcum
Traverse Town Mail the 8th Postcard
Traverse Town White Trinity in the Secret Waterway
Traverse Town Rescue 72 Dalmatians
Wonderland Lotus Forest (enter from Tea Room)
Deep Jungle Waterfall Cavern
Deep Jungle White Trinity in Cavern of Hearts
Olympus Colosseum Clear Pegasus Cup with only Sora
Olympus Colosseum Purple vase in Lobby after clearing the Hades Cup
Atlantica Chest in Undersea Gorge that opens when coming in from Sunken Ship
Atlantica White Trinity in Triton’s Palace
Halloween Town In a cage on Boogie’s Manor or near the guillotine after his defeat.
Neverland Deck on Captain Hook’s Ship
Neverland Set clock tower to 1:00
Neverland Set clock tower to 9:00
Neverland Yellow Trinity in the ship’s Hold
Hollow Bastion In one of the elevated chests. Use Gravity to bring it down.
Hollow Bastion Castle Gates: Chest on the second floor by the glass windows.
Hollow Bastion Great Crest: By the debris on the second floor.
100 Acre Woods In Tigger’s Bouncing Area, find all 5 Rare Nuts and bring them to Owl.

Should You Bother Getting Extra Orichalcum?

Synthesizing screen inside the Moogle Workshop / Kingdom Hearts 1.5
Synthesizing screen inside the Moogle Workshop

It all depends on what you want and how you play.

If you’re just looking to clear the game and the optional bosses, just the 19 Orichalcum in the wild will be enough. Just craft one of everything and make the Ultima Weapon–easy.

However, if you’re looking to become a real powerhouse and create multiples of the good stuff, like Elixirs and Defense Ups, then you’re going to need more.

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