Where To Farm Mega-Ethers in Kingdom Hearts (And KH1.5)

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Mega-Ethers cannot be purchased anywhere, and they don’t appear as drops from any enemies.

So the only way to farm Mega-Ethers is through synthesis, which means you’ll be farming ingredients and then creating a bunch of them with our Moogle friends in Traverse Town.

To synthesize x1 Mega-Ether you’ll need the following items:

Game Materials
KH1 (PS2) x3 Blaze Gems
x3 Frost Gems
x3 Thunder Gems
x5 Bright Gems
x1 Bright Crystals
KH1.5 / Final Mix x1 Blaze Shard
x1 Frost Shard
x1 Thunder Shard
x2 Mythril
Mega-Ether Recipe in Moogle Synthesis List / KH 1.5 HD Screenshot

Farming Mega-Ethers in Original KH1 (For PS2)

If you’re playing the original Kingdom Hearts 1 for PS2, you’ll need List III synthesis & here’s the materials you’ll need to get:


x3 Blaze Gems:
These drop from the Bandit and Fat Bandit Heartless.

If you go through the Cave of Wonders in Agrabah several times, and run through the whole cave each time, you’ll be sure you walk out with plenty of these gems. These heartless spawn in practically every corner within the caves.


x3 Frost Gems:
These drop from the Sea Neon and Sheltering Zone Heartless, both located in Atlantica.

Note that any Shelthering Zones you defeat with critical hits or magic will split into three Sea Neons, and won’t drop anything. So it’s best to use physical attacks here and just try to beat a ton of them.

The area right outside Triton’s Palace will be your best bet for finding these jellies. So you can land in Tritan’s Throne Room then head outside and start farming.


x3 Thunder Gems:
These gems only drop from the Screwdiver and Aquatank Heartless, both found in the more open areas around Atlantica.

Mostly all the synthesis items you get from Atlantica are a huge pain to farm.

The best way strategy is to equip Lucky Strike and just swim around everywhere, taking out as many of these heartless as you can.


x5 Bright Gems:
These are easy – they’ll drop from Search Ghosts.

You can find Search Ghosts in Monstro, but the easiest farming method for these gems is in the second district of Traverse Town.

Specifically if you run through the different hotel rooms in the second district, you should be able to take out plenty of Search Ghosts and snag lots of drops that way.


x1 Bright Crystal:
This crystal drops from Defender Heartless (those big guys holding a shield with a face on it).

You can farm these crystals in the Third District in Traverse Town, but truth be told these crystals have quite a low drop rate. So you might be farming for a while to get enough stocked up.

Luckily you only need one for each Mega-Ether you create!


Farming Mega-Ethers in KH1.5 ReMIX

If you’re playing KH1.5 ReMIX or the original Final Mix version of the game, you’ll need List II Synthesis, along with these materials:


x1 Blaze Shard:
You’ll get blaze shards from Red Nocturne Heartless (the little magical flying guys).

Grinding them at the Castle Gates balcony in Hollow Bastion will be your best bet, since they spawn quickly and there’s tons of them to snipe for drops.


x1 Frost Shard:
These shards drop from the Blue Rhapsody Heartless – also still the magical floaty guys, but they’re blue now.

The best place to farm these would be at the Entrance Hall in Hollow Bastion. A good number of Blue Rhapsody spawn in here, and literally right outside the Entrance Hall door is where you can find Red Nocturnes for Blaze Shard drops.

For detailed farming, I’d say you should land in the Library and then clear out the Entrance Hall & the Castle Gates areas. Then hit the save spot and re-land, or go a few rooms over and come back.

Either way will totally refresh the areas with new spawns.


x1 Thunder Shard:
You can snag these shards from the Yellow Opera Heartless.

And the place to farm loads of those Yellow Operas is in Neverland.

You can land in the initial save spot at the bottom of the ship, then run through every room inside the hull. You’ll encounter loads of Yellow Opera that you can pick off quickly.


x2 Mythril:
You can pick up Mythril as a drop from the Behemoth and Angel Star Heartless, both located in The End of the World.

Nothing special to do here other than just farm them, pick up the drops, then repeat.

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