How To Get a Ribbon in Kingdom Hearts 2.5

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You obtain the Ribbon accessory in KH2.5 by using a Serenity Gem while synthesizing a Petite Ribbon. And you’ll first need the Style Recipe in order to craft a Petite Ribbon.

You’ll also need the required synthesis materials to upgrade that recipe into a Ribbon. The required materials are:

  • Mythril Crystal x2 (or x3 if you’re playing the original KH2)
  • Orichalcum x1
  • Dense Stone x1
  • Dense Shard x1
  • Serenity Gem x1

The Synthesis Moogle also needs to be at least level 3.

As for the Style Recipe, you’ll find that in a chest on Starry Hill, which is the last area in Winnie the Pooh’s book. So you’ll have to find all five torn pages in order to access it.

As for what this actually does?

Well, the Ribbon increases Defense by +4 and all elemental resistances by 20% for whoever you give it to.

Let’s break down step-by-step how to get this accessory for yourself & your team:


Obtaining the Style Recipe

Starry Hill has the Chest / Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix
Starry Hill has the Chest

The Style Recipe is what unlocks the Petite Ribbon, which can then be upgraded into the Ribbon.

This recipe is in the last area of the 100 Acre Woods and requires all five torn pages to access it.

Here are all the page locations:

World Exact Location
Disney Castle The Library
Pride Lands Oasis
Hollow Bastion Crystal Fissure
Land of Dragons Throne Room
Agrabah The Ruined Chamber

Once you’ve gotten the recipe, give it to a Synthesis Moogle and move on to the next step.


Gathering the Ingredients

What you’ll need to make a ribbon / Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix
What you’ll need to make a ribbon

Here’s what items you’ll need and how to get them:

Item Needed Where To Get It
Mythril Crystal x 3 Found in various chests and made via Moogle synthesis
Orichalcum x1 Found in various chests and drops from Bulky Vendors
Dense Stone x1 Drops from Sniper Nobodies.
Dense Shard x1 Drops from Dragoon Nobodies.
Serenity Gem x1 Drops from the following Nobodies: Dancers, Snipers, Dragoons, and Gamblers.

The Ribbon is an upgraded Petite Ribbon, so you won’t see the Ribbon initially on the synth list.

You have to add a Serenity Gem as you make a Petite Ribbon to upgrade it to a Ribbon proper, and then it will appear as its own entry on the list.

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