Best BTS Skins For Minecraft (All Free)

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It isn’t hard to understand how K-pop took over the pop culture landscape in the 2010s.

The ball had begun rolling in the late 90s, and by 2016, K-pop was in full form.

But let’s be real:

K-pop has everything from the popping colors to the addicting, catchy music. From the sleek aesthetics to the carefully crafted personas.

It’s hard to witness the phenomenon of K-pop and not be in some form of awe.

And no K-pop group (or perhaps any other band) has been as successful as BTS. The bulletproof boy scouts have become one of the bestselling bands of all time, amassing one of the most fervent fan bases as well.

So whether you’re part of the aforementioned ARMY or just snooping around for fun, this collection of BTS Minecraft skins is sure to pleasse.


1. V – DNA

V - DNA BTS Minecraft Skin

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Talking about breaking milestones with BTS won’t really get you anywhere because it’s sort of all they do.

However, if we had to boil the band down to one track that rocketed them to success, it would be “DNA.”

The track has billions of plays across platforms.

It defined a generation of pop, K-pop, and Internet music, and is a darn good song.

This skin is probably the most popular look from the “DNA” music video, the popping red, white, and blue loose athletic suit worn by V.


2. J-Hope – DNA

J-Hope - DNA BTS Skin For Minecraft

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When it comes to the BTS fans, it’s hard to classify any fit a member wears as the “most popular”.

Because to someone, each outfit is the best of the best.

Taehyung’s bright and crisp suit above caught many eyes, but J-Hope’s rainbow/tiger sweater matches the trippy and loud aesthetic of the video to a tee.

And if you were wondering, by the way, that sweater is a real purchasable item of clothing by Gucci – going for the low price of $2500.


3. Suga – Fire

Suga - Fire BTS Minecraft Skin

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BTS dominated the media landscape for the latter half of the 2010s. There’s no doubt about that.

It’s hard to track when they became the stars they did, because they’re such a ubiquitous force of nature these days.

If you’re from the YouTube sphere, your first introduction may have been 2016’s “Fire.”

The pounding bass and chanting chorus made waves on the internet and was one of those earworms featured in everything that year. Along with every hit song is a hit MV, this one included.

For Suga stans, the warm-toned, tropical fit worn in the “Fire” MV will treat you well in your next Minecraft world or industrial music video set.


4. Jungkook – Fake Love

Jungkook - Fake Love BTS Skin For Minecraft

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As the golden maknae and youngest member of BTS, Jungkook is a fan favorite. And he’s the band’s frontman in most instances.

So when JK wears an outfit, it tends to become one that people remember.

Unsurprisingly, this look from the “Fake Love” MV made waves among fans.

I mean, it’s a sparkling red jacket with a loose tiger-striped shirt underneath. Of course it gets the people going.


5. Jimin – Spring Day

Jimin - Spring Day BTS Minecraft Skin

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For sentimental folks and sad bois alike, “Spring Day” has been a comfort and pain hit since it dropped.

The melancholic lyrics mesh with a spritely melody to make the song just pop-y enough to listen to without crying every time.

This Jimin look combines those feels perfectly into a skin from the soft, undistressed denim to the pink hair.


6. RM – Not Today

RM - Not Today BTS Skin For Minecraft

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Just about on the other end of the song spectrum, “Not Today” boasts a booming bassline.

It’s industrial, hard, and unrelenting.

If you’re searching through the other end of the BTS spectrum and trying to find skins and songs that make you feel powerful, look no further than RM’s purple-haired “Not Today” fit.

I couldn’t tell you why the skin has this power, but I’m telling you…

Turn on “Not Today” with this skin on and see how you feel.

As soon as RM starts that spoken word intro, you’ll be ready to face the fury of a thousand creepers.


7. Jin – Boy With Luv

Jin - Boy With Luv BTS Minecraft Skin

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Most of the looks on this list have come from one era of BTS history.

So I thought I’d spice things up for Mr. Worldwide Handsome and feature a Jin skin from the “Boy With Luv” MV.

I think we all agree that pink looks good, right? Well, at the very least, we can agree that pink looks good on Jin in all circumstances.

Now it can look good on you in Minecraftual circumstances too!


8. “Save Me” Mood

“Save Me” Mood BTS Skin For Minecraft

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When I was going through and making this list, I found a collection of skins under the BTS tags that weren’t actually members.

This skin, by creator tear, is a “Save Me” inspired skin on a female base, sort of a “Save Me” mood board.

Not only is this outfit a perfect reflection of the “Save Me” MV, but I can’t give the creator enough credit for the creativity and execution of this style of skin.


9. “Spring Day” Mood

“Spring Day” Mood BTS Minecraft Skin

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Creator yeol followed the precedent set above with this “Spring Day” mood skin.

And I cannot get enough of it.

From the flowers in the hair to the backpack to the muted but warm color palette, everything about this skin screams wistful longing.


10. Blood, Sweat, & Tears Mood

Blood, Sweat, & Tears Mood BTS Skin For Minecraft

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Never in all my days did I think I’d see an outfit inspired by the insanity of “Blood, Sweat, & Tears,”

But MC skin creator tear has proven me wrong.

The semi-Gothic, semi-Moulin Rouge vibe of the skin would seamlessly fit into the song’s MV and will seamlessly fit into my next Minecraft server.

You can bet your chocolate cheeks on that.

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