10 Best Food Mods For Minecraft (All Free To Download)

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Minecraft has been the go-to Lego-like ever since it’s Alpha release in 2009.

By the time it officially launched in 2011, it had already launched the careers of many successful YouTubers, spawned an overwhelming number of clones, and it’s craft + survival mechanics have left a legacy that can be felt all throughout the 2010s.

For this I’ve compiled a list of the best food mods to add onto Minecraft, all available to download for free, this instant.

There’s plenty of food available in the base game, but sometimes that just ain’t enough.

Don’t worry though; whether it changes mechanics or adds flavour (that is, pizza) to this seemingly limitless game, we’ve got you covered.

10. Lots of Food

Lots of Food Minecraft mod

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Three guesses what this mod adds to the game!

New crops, ice cream, candy, soups, sandwiches, pepper, caramel, sushi, and popcorn!

Also includes a randomly spawning Hansel and Gretel styled sweet house; they’re made of caramel and sugar, and contain a chest full of goodies for you to grab.

So long as you can defeat the witch protecting it!


9. Pizzacraft

Pizzacraft for Minecraft

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This adds pizza. Simple stuff right?

Well first you need to make a pizza oven, which requires a bit of legwork.

But once you’ve done that you just stick an uncooked pizza in and Mama-Mia.

You can change toppings, cut it into slices.

You can even store or serve that hot boy in a tray. Nothing screams, “I love pizza” more than a warehouse of the stuff.


8. Moarfood

Moarfood mod for Minecraft

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Includes many foods that should have been in the game to begin with such as strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, and cabbages. All for you to plant, grow, harvest, and taste.

This mod also includes new trees (cherry, orange, grapefruit, and more), new crops, new animal drops, and the ability to season your food for additional buffs.


7. Yummy

Yummy mod screenshot for Minecraft

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This mod aims to balance the vanilla food system by changing the categories each food falls into.

The effects of each item changes depending on its state; protein is more saturated than carbohydrates, cooked is better for you than raw, and a balanced diet will provide the best buffs.

Yummy also adds a plethora of new food such as fish and chips, sauces, calamari, and much more.


6. The Veggie Way

The Veggie Way Minecraft

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But what if you don’t want to eat meat?

Well, the Veggie Way provides new food alternatives for vegetarians.

No more butchering needed when you have melon pie, apple pie, soups, and even protein powder to sustain you throughout the day!

This mod aims to let the farmer grow, cook, and bake all from the ground up. Pun intended.


5. Wild Crops

Wild Crops in Minecraft

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Here’s another mod that should have ideally been included as part of the vanilla experience.

Now on your adventures you’ll stumble upon little potent patches here and there that weren’t planted by any man.

This adds immersion to the game, while also allowing you to stock up on some food and seeds earlier on in your travels.


4. Hunger in Peace

Hunger in Peace Minecraft

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Sometimes, I don’t want to deal with the aches of survival.

I have enough of that as it is in the real world, so I’d rather switch to peaceful mode instead (a mode that really should be added to reality).

However there’s nearly no challenge to be found.

Without mobs, you needn’t fight. And therefore don’t need armor or weapons to defend yourself.

Hunger is completely disabled, which certainly improves the easiness of the game but does little for immersion.

That’s where the aptly-named Hunger in Peace mod comes in handy.

Definitely check this one out if you’re missing the grumbling stomach turmoil of non-peaceful, but still don’t want a creeper waiting for you every five steps.


3. Pam’s HarvestCraft

Pams HarvestCraft Minecraft mod preview

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This mod will fundamentally change your approach towards food.

Featuring quality of life improvements such as right-click auto-farming, the ability to sell and buy food for emeralds, and general vanilla food rebalances.

There’s also tofu meat replacements, water traps and wells. Plus thousands of new fish, crops, bushes, trees, and items. This is a big addition!

The creator has put a lot of time into this mod, evident by all the other mods they have made that are compatible with it.

Pam’s Harvestcraft is one of the most essential, comprehensive mods available for the base game.


2. Cooking for Blockheads

Cooking for Blockheads Minecraft

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If the life of a farming, adventuring, world-saving, fishing, sailing, horse-riding square man isn’t enough, then look no further.

Cooking for Blockheads is THE culinary mod.

It adds a cooking book to the game with a ton of new recipes that you can craft directly from your inventory in your kitchen.

Did I say kitchen?

That’s right, you can even make your own kitchen with the new furniture items available here. And then upgrade that kitchen for increased storage and buffs!

And for an added bonus, this mod is completely compatible with Pam’s Harvestcraft and numerous other mods on this list. So go to town on this and have some fun!


1. The Spice of Life

Spice of Life Minecraft

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If there’s one mod I can think of that encourages you to pay attention to the lacking food mechanics of the base game, it’s this simple one right here.

The Spice of Life mod makes it so when you eat the same thing many times, you slowly debuff it’s effect.

This forces you to consider your meals, prepare in advance for journeying, and pushes hunger mechanics into the limelight as a genuine aspect to consider.

It’s completely customizable and works well with many mods here too. By far one of the more unique mods to dive into for passionate culinary players.

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