The Best Marvel-Themed Skins For Minecraft

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Marvel is humongous: thousands of comics, movies, stories, heroes… it never ends!

But if you’re reading this, you probably already know everything about the MCU and Marvel in general.

Maybe even more than I do… so let’s get down to business, shall we?

I’ve compiled what I think are some of the best Marvel skins that were all tailor-made for Minecraft gameplay (PvE or PvP). So now you can wear your favorite hero in your favorite blocky game.


1. Deadpool

Deadpool Marvel Character / Minecraft Skin

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Let’s start out with Deadpool.

The Deadpool movies are golden, to be honest.

On-point comedy that makes absolutely everyone laugh, funny cameos, and animation Easter eggs here and there.

I can’t promise that you’ll get the same healing powers as him if you wear this skin, but I’m pretty sure you can recreate it with some command blocks.

The skin itself was made using a pastel-ish looking palette, which I like.

Everything else is as you would expect, regular old Deadpool.


2. Thanos Steve

Thanos Steve Design / Minecraft Skin

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Steve is one of the main Minecraft characters… wait, no, we’re talking about Thanos in this one.

But why not both?

I mean, Marvel injected Thanos into the Internet for years, giving us millions of memes.

It’s pretty clear they did a good job with the character. And here’s a crossover that fans will never forget.

This skin is a combination of Steve and Thanos, together in one body. Well, the general body is taken from Steve, but the purple tone and gauntlet are taken from Thanos.

Don’t snap your fingers with it!


3. Dr. Strange

Marvel's Dr. Strange / Minecraft Skin

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This guy jumped from being completely disconnected from reality, to be one of the most powerful “doctors” ever.

The real question is, did he keep the PhD?

His story is so realistic too. It’s not weird to find Doctors that see themselves as gods – and some of them need a huge push to realize they’re not.

Minecraft’s light engine is not as sophisticated as the one you’d find in real life, so you probably can’t do the same things he does in the movie.

But this skin is close enough.

It’s actually a recolored version of another one, and I think this creator did an amazing job.

If you want something different, though, you can check the original in the comments at the link above for some more skin suggestions on the Planet Minecraft site.


4. Groot

Groot Marvel Character / Minecraft Skin

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What’s the name of this guy… I can’t remember, can someone tell me?

Of course I’m kidding.

His name has been probably soldered to our brains by now.

I’m not complaining, since Groot is the cutest of them all in their baby/young version. So small, so playful… I love him!

I believe this skin is based on the grown-up version though.

And it captures the character perfectly.


5. Loki

Loki Character / Minecraft Skin

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The great trickster god!

So I guess this is essentially a Marvel-themed troll face skin.

Loki is a god, so you’ll probably feel pretty good with this skin on.

And this has to be one of the most detailed eye-catching skins I’ve seen in a good while. It has tons of color, yet every design choice makes perfect sense.


6. Venom

Marvel's Venom / Minecraft Skin

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Venom, also known as the most badass version of Spider-man.

The sheer amount of power this symbiote has is unmatched.

He’s pretty helpless without a host, but when it finds a good one… it’s killing time.

Although he’s pretty friendly in the movie (2018’s “Venom”).

This skin makes proper use of the outer layer, giving the design an incredible sense of depth. I mean, the mouth looks like an actual mouth!

You can also see that long tongue falling out of his mouth, as if it was hard to carry.


7. Mysterio

Marvel's Mysterio / Minecraft Skin

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Mysterio’s trickery is one of a kind.

I didn’t read the comic, so the movie completely fooled me on my first watch.

You gotta hand it to him: the story he gave was pretty convincing, and the drones were a great idea.

I love Mysterio’s suit though. And the adaptation into this skin is no different – it’s super eye-catching and on-point.


8. Captain America

Marvel's Captain America / Minecraft Skin

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I think Captain America is what we could call a “perfect human”.

Apparently he’s the result of the Super-Soldier Serum and “Vita-Ray” treatment – I’m just learning this now, actually (and I should know this stuff!)

Granted, this skin is nothing out of the ordinary.

The face is taken from the actor that plays Captain America in the movies.

And the rest is a pretty well-made adaptation of his suit.


9. Hulk

The Hulk / Minecraft Skin

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This guy is freaking incredible in the comics, but the movies do this character no good in terms of power.

His fight with Thor is pretty epic, though. I wasn’t expecting that.

For this design, the skin creator used layers to show how much muscle The Hulk really has.

And it turned out pretty great!

It’s also not a super bright green color, just a regular Hulk green. Looks great.


10. Iron Man

Marvel's Iron Man / Minecraft Skin

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There were so many Iron Man designs that I just had to add one.

He’s probably the most “Minecraftized” Marvel character of them all.

And he’s a tech superhero, kinda the Elon Musk of the Marvel universe.

So he’d make a fantastic addition to your next Minecraft session.

Unfortunately, the transparency that you’ll see in this skins eyes, jets, etc. may not be seen properly in-game. But since this is a skin, you can always remove it and customize this to make it your own.

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