Minecraft: The Best Weather & Climate Mods

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Minecraft’s weather system hasn’t changed much since its introduction.

In fact, Minecraft has kept its current weather setup since all the way back to Beta 1.5… which released in 2011!

So it’s probably understandable that you might be a bit tired of the same old weather cycle of clear, rain, snow, and thunderstorm.

If you’re looking to zhoosh up the weather in your Minecraft world, here’s some of best weather-related mods worth trying out.


7. Eternal Winter

Eternal Winter Minecraft mod

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Eternal Winter is a straightforward mod which enables snow in every land biome, turning your world into an endless winter wonderland.

The mod makes it so that all new chunks which are loaded in will come with a frosty coating.

And while rivers & oceans will not generate ice by default, you can toggle this option on if you want to. More options are always great.

Whether you’re thinking of creating an Ice Age-themed survival scenario, or if you just want to make your Minecraft world a bit more festive in time for the holidays, Eternal Winter is one mod worth trying in the colder months.


6. No Weather Effects

No Weather Effects MC mod

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Do you hate the weather in Minecraft?

I’m guessing so, since you’re here reading an article about weather mods for Minecraft.

Jokes aside, if you would rather not deal with rain and thunderstorms in your game (which is understandable given the amount of times lightning has set my wooden roof on fire), then this mod is for you.

No Weather Effects is a simple client-side mod that blocks all weather effects, including snow, rain, and lightning.

This leaves you with a clear sky every hour of every in-game day.

And this mod is also ideal for players looking to reduce some of the strain of weather effects on lower-end PCs, specifically to improve game performance.


5. Waterworks

Waterworks mod for Minecraft

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Where other mods on this list might be focused primarily on what kind of weather you get to experience in Minecraft, Waterworks is all about how you can use the weather to your advantage.

Waterworks adds two kinds of rain collection tanks to the game:

The basic, single block wooden rain tank, which can be easily crafted in the early game – and the more advanced multiblock rain tanks, which can be connected together for higher capacity storage.

The mod also includes weather rockets, which let you cloud-seed rain if you really need to fill up your rain tanks. Plus there’s also some that’ll make rain disperse when you’re done.

Weather control at its finest.

Plus this mod also adds the powerful groundwater pump, which lets players effortlessly extract water from deep underground.


4. Better Weather

Better Weather Minecraft mod

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The Better Weather mod adds four new weather types to Minecraft, each with their own unique effects on the world:

Light rain, cloudy, blizzard, and acid rain.

The light rain adds a gentle drizzle to the game, while the cloudy weather state adds a haze to the sky.

Acid rain is a whole new category. It can destroy vegetation, turn grass coarse, and cause damage to any players, animals, or enemy mobs standing out in the open when this green-tinted gunk falls down from the sky.

The other new weather type, blizzard, creates a flurry of fast-moving snow, dense fog, and wind – which slows down your movements.

During a blizzard, water can freeze into ice, and snow can settle in all biomes except desert. But it will melt when the blizzard ends, so no worries there.

And this mod also adds a new “seasons” mechanic, which affects whether animals can breed, how fast crops grow, as well as affecting what kind of weather you can expect at any given time.

This is almost an entire overhaul of Minecraft’s weather, and it’s absolutely worth a try.


3. ToxicRain

ToxicRain Minecraft mod screenshot

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Have you ever looked up to the sky and thought “what if rain was poisonous?”

I know, I have too.

ToxicRain is a neat little mod which lets players finally achieve this age-old dream, turning Minecraft rain greeny-brown and adding a health damage effect to it.

The mod also adds a new craftable potion that protects you from the rain’s effects, and can also be configured to add the same effect to snow, as well as to water blocks.

Or you can even add a delay period where you can be exposed to the rain without being poisoned.

These effects are similar to the Acid Rain event in the Better Weather mod I mentioned earlier. But ToxicRain may offer a more streamlined experience for players not interested in the other weather types.


2. Serene Seasons

Serene Seasons mod for Minecraft

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If you’re looking for some added seasonality in your Minecraft experience, but you don’t want to deal with the added weather events that come bundled with larger mods, then Serene Seasons is worth looking into.

This mod adds an in-game year cycle to the game, where grass and other foliage will change colors to suit the current season.

In addition, seasons affect which crops can grow in different seasons, as well as the probability of weather events.

In winter, snow can also fall in some biomes that don’t usually get it during vanilla gameplay.

Consider this mod if you’re gunning for more realism.


1. Weather, Storms & Tornadoes

Weather, Storms & Tornadoes Minecraft mod

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Weather, Storms & Tornadoes is a mod that radically alters and enhances how weather works in Minecraft.

No more will you have every part of your Minecraft world be sunny or rainy. Because this introduces realistic localized weather to your game.

Weather is now affected by dynamic regional humidity, temperature, and wind direction systems, meaning you can now watch storms roll in over the horizon in real time.

Rain can also vary in intensity, and this mod even adds new “extreme weather” types.

This includes tornadoes, which tear up the terrain and can throw entities around, and sandstorms, which build up layers of sand across the landscape – and severely limit how far you can view into the distance.

Plus this mod adds new ambient effects to complement its weather systems, with foliage and trees now making rustling sounds in the breeze, new particles for rain that change based on rain intensity, and a new optional foliage shader – which makes foliage blocks sway in the wind.

In addition to all of that, you’ll also get new weather-focused items to play with.

These new items include a weather radar to detect storms in the area, a wind vane to see wind direction, a redstone weather sensor to activate machinery when a storm approaches, and a James Bond-esque weather control machine.

As you might guess, that basically lets you create and control storms.

Manipulating the climate has never been this much fun.

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