What Are The Best Teak Tree Spots in OSRS?

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The best place to get your hands on some freshly cut teak logs is by going to Fossil Island from your very own farm-grown teak tree. But the best next notable spots you could go to are Prifddinas, and a little lonely tree south-west of Castle Wars.

Teaks are members-only low-tier trees that require 35 woodcutting and any type of axe to chop.

These teak logs can be turned to planks to train construction, or be lit on fire for some firemaking experience.

Cutting teak trees is one of the fastest (if not the fastest) methods to train your Woodcutting when done properly (which involves tick manipulation), but that involves dropping the logs on the ground instead of banking them.


Showcasing The Best Teak Locations

If you want to store your logs, the undisputed top place to chop a teak tree is the farming patch on Fossil Island, though you’re going to need a few extra things on top of 35 woodcutting to really take advantage of it.

First of all, to even get here you’ll need to complete the intermediate quest “Bone Voyage”.

When you set foot on the island for the first time, you’ll need to bring some materials with you to repair the bank chest and make it usable (2 oak planks, an iron bar, and 5 nails). This requires 21 construction.

After that, all you need is 35 farming, a teak seed to plant and grow your tree, and 70 agility to take advantage of the shortcut that leads to the bank chest faster (the last part is optional!)

Empty farming patch on Fossil Island / OSRS

Should you not wish to disturb your farming exp by planting teak trees, the next top spot to check out is the elven city of Prifddinas.

To gain access to the city, you’ll need to complete the elf-series questline, which has some of the highest requirements as far as OSRS quests go!

Here, you’ll have two options on how you can go with your tree chopping activities.

You can either:

  • Chop and bank your logs like a normal human being, or
  • Try your hand on two-tick woodcutting, dropping the logs in the process

In addition to that, most activities done inside Prifddinas occasionally reward the player with some crystal shards, which can be used to create divine potions and enhanced crystal weapons.

Players chopping teaks at Prifddinas / Old School RuneScape

Lastly, for those that just unlocked the ability to cut teaks and lack the ability to access any of the other areas, a small shoreline south-west of Castle Wars is the perfect place for you.

To get there, teleport to castle wars by using a ring of dueling, cross the small bridge immediately south, and then just run all the way west until you hit the shore.

A single teak tree can be found here, away from the ogres that inhabit the nearby lands, although due to the nature of the location being so far away from a bank it’s recommended to just drop the logs while training (or light them, if you brought along a tinderbox).

Teak tree south-west of Castle Wars / OSRS

Helpful Woodcutting Equipment

Whether you’re chopping teak trees for experience or logs, you’ll always want to be using the highest tier axe you have in your disposal.

The three axes worth mentioning are the following:

  • The Dragon Axe, unlocked at 61 and about 10% better than a rune axe. The special attack gives a visible boost of +3 to your woodcutting.
  • The Infernal Axe, exactly the same as dragon but has a chance to burn your logs for firemaking experience. Degrades after 5.000 uses, requiring another smouldering stone or dragon axe to recharge.
  • The Crystal Axe, which is currently the best one in the game. About 15% better than rune. Requires crystal shards to recharge. Not recommended for low level trees due to its cost.

Other than that, it’s also a good idea to wear the full Lumberjack Outfit – since this provides a 2.5% increase in experience earned, while the Elven Signet gives you a 10% chance to not lose a charge when using a crystal axe.

A player wearing the lumberjack outfit with a dragon axe / OSRS
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