OSRS: What Does Elite Void Do & Is It Worth Getting?

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Elite Void Knight equipment is the upgraded version of the Void Knight armour set, which you can get once you complete the Western Provinces hard diary. The elite set has almost identical stats to normal Void – except that it has a +6 prayer bonus, as well as a 2.5% damage increase to both the magic and range sets, which makes the Elite Void set highly desirable.

This armour is insanely useful in-game, and a must-have for almost every player, since the bonuses are substantial.

And this set is one of the best to use for learning early game Hybriding and Tribridding in PvP and PvM.

Considering the Elite Void also costs nothing, it’s one of the best options for players who are a bit strapped for cash, or looking to lower their risk.

In a nutshell: this equipment is worth getting, but whether you’ll use it often really depends what you’ll be using it for.


Where is Elite Void Most Useful?

Elite Void has seen widespread use in activities such as Chambers of Xeric, Theatre of Blood, Corporeal Beast, Vorkath, and in PvP.

It’s also used by those first learning early game PvM, and switches at places like Zulrah where Hybriding is a requirement.

The range set also offers some of the highest range attack bonus in OSRS – making the set a great option for Pk’ers and range pures.

Ultimately the set is great for those looking to reduce the amount of switching between styles, since only a helmet switch is required to switch between range, magic, and melee.


How Do You Obtain Elite Void?

Elite Void Knight equipment can be obtained by upgrading your existing Void robe top and bottoms for 200 Void Knight Commendation points each – for a total of 400 points.

If you’re just starting out then you’ll also need to grind the full set and all the helmets. So including the upgrade you’ll need 1,650 points in total.

To get these points, you’ll need to play the Pest Control minigame which can be found at the void Knight Outpost.

You’ll also need a minimum of level 42 in strength, attack, defence, range, and magic, as well as level 22 prayer to buy and wield the armour.

I highly recommend only starting this grind at level 100 combat, so that way you can board the Veteran Lander.

The reason why is because at this level, each game will reward you with 5 points – which makes the grind go by substantially faster.

World 344 is the official Pest Control game world. So if you wanna get started and take part in the games, be sure to look there first.

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