How Do You Obtain Crystal Dust in OSRS?

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You can make crystal dust by using a Pestle and mortar to crunch Crystal shards. This will turn each shard into 10 Crystal dusts.

The dust is then used to create divine potions, by adding them to any one of these:

  • Bastion potion
  • Battlemage potion
  • Magic potion
  • Ranging potion
  • Super attack potion
  • Super defence potion
  • Super strength potion
  • Super combat potion

Each dose of the potion requires x1 Crystal dust, which means that for every shard you crunch, it’s possible to make 10 doses of divine potions – provided you have the required Herblore level for the specific potion.

Divine potions are a special way to boost your combat levels.

By drinking a dose, you’ll be damaged for 10 hitpoints, but differently from the regular potions, the divine boost does not lose a level after every minute; instead, divine potions will keep the full boost for 5 minutes straight.


How To Get Crystal Shards

You can obtain Crystal shards by any of the following methods:

  • Hunting Crystal implings
  • Farming Crystal trees
  • Doing the Prifddinas agility course
  • Opening the Elven crystal chest
  • Mining in the Trahaearn mine
  • Pickpocketing Elves
  • Chopping trees
  • Defeating certain monsters
  • Indirectly purchasing them

The map below shows some of the points of interest that we’ll cover:

Map showing important spots in Prifddinas / OSRS

How To Get in Prifddinas

To do any activity listed above, you need to be able to get in Prifddinas city.

And to do this you must have completed the Song of the Elves quest.

There are 4 viable and fast methods to get there:

  • By using the Teleport crystal or the Eternal teleport crystal
  • By redirecting your house to Prifddinas or using a Scroll of Redirection on a House teletab
  • By taking the Charter ship system
  • By using the Spirit tree teleport (you are not required to plant it)

Upon reaching the city you’ll be able to do any of the activities below to get your hands on crystal shards:


Indirect Purchasing

Armrod in the pub northwest of Prifddinas / OSRS

As a normal player, you can purchase any type of crystal seed from the Grand Exchange and turn them into Crystal shards by talking to Amrod, located inside the Prifddinas’ pub.

Every seed has its own price, as well as a specific shard value, which you can see below:

  • Enhanced crystal weapon seed costs around 180 million gp and can be exchanged for 1500 shards
  • Enhanced crystal teleport seed costs around 2.5 million gp and can be exchanged for 150 shards
  • Crystal weapon seed costs around 361k of gp and can be exchanged for 10 shards
  • Crystal armour seed costs around 9.5 million gp and can be exchanged for 250 shards
  • Crystal tool seed costs around 5.8 million gp and can be exchanged for 100 shards

Considering the prices above (taken at the time of this writing), you should definitely choose Enhanced teleport seeds if you want to gather shards indirectly from the GE.

But keep in mind that the prices may change, so always confirm first.


Defeating Monsters in Iorwerth Dungeon

Killing Dark beasts in the Iorwerth Dungeon / Old School RuneScape

You can kill monsters inside the Iorwerth Dungeon to get Crystal shards.

The entrance of the cave is located in the south-west corner of Prifddinas, and upon killing any monster you’ll have 1/24 chance to obtain a shard.

Inside there you can find:

  • Level 84 Moss giants
  • Level 106 Kurasks
  • Level 108 Iorwerth warriors*
  • Level 115 Waterfiends
  • Level 123 Mutated bloodvelds
  • Level 182 Dark beasts
  • Level 200 Greater Nechryals

* Iorwerth warriors can drop Enhanced crystal teleport seed too (about 1/1024 chance).

By doing a slayer task in the dungeon while having the Bigger and Badder slayer perk (which costs 150 slayer points), you’ll be able to eventually spawn the superior version of the monster.

And by killing them you will always get one shard as a drop.


Prifddinas Guards

You can find these guys around the city, and in the upper level of the center building.

Prifddinas guards are level 108 – and by killing them you will have a 1/1024 chance to get an Enhanced crystal teleport seed as a drop, and also a 1/24 chance to get a Crystal shard as a drop.



Fighting Zalcano / Old School RuneScape

Upon reaching Mining and Smithing level 70 you’ll be able to fight the skilling boss Zalcano.

You’ll find him beneath Prifddinas, and you should find a team to kill.

This fight won’t be explained in detail in this article, since it’s complicated and deserves a separate guide.

But by defeating Zolcano you’ll always be rewarded with 1-3 Crystal shards, and you’ll have a 1/200 chance of obtaining a Crystal tool seed.


The Gauntlet

Corrupted Gauntlet boss / OSRS

This is a solo minigame which you can access by entering the Gauntlet portal, located in the north-western corner of Prifddinas.

In this minigame you’ll explore a randomly generated dungeon to gather resources (weapons, armour, potions, and food) in order to fight the Gauntlet boss.

Like the Zolcano fight, this is also complicated & deserves a specific article to detail everything, so we’ll skip right to the rewards.

The minigame has two difficulties, Normal and the Corrupted, as well as two different rewards tables:

  • By doing the Normal mode you’ll always be rewarded with 3-8 Crystal shards. And you’ll have a 1/200 chance of getting a Crystal armour seed, 1/200 of getting Crystal weapon seed, and 1/2000 chance of getting Enhanced crystal weapon seed
  • By doing the Corrupted mode you’ll always be rewarded with 5-9 Crystal shards. And you’ll have a 1/50 chance of getting a Crystal armour seed, 1/50 of getting Crystal weapon seed, and 1/400 chance of getting Enhanced crystal weapon seed

Hunting Crystal Implings

If you have at least Hunter level 80 (boostable) you’ll be able to catch Crystal implings while carrying an impling jar in your inventory.

At level 90 you can catch them barehanded.

They only spawn inside Prifddinas, but are considered a rare impling.

Upon catching one you’ll be rewarded with 280 Hunter experience, and by opening the jar you’ll have 1/18 chance to be get 5-10 Crystal shards.


Farming Crystal Trees

Upon reaching Farming level 74, you can make a Crystal sapling by using a Trowel to plant a Crystal acorn* in a Filled plant pot, watering it, and waiting to grow.

* Crystal acorns are untradeable and you can only obtain them by hunting Crystal implings (1/18 chance) or by opening Elven crystal chests (about 1/36.5 chance) – both methods explained before.

After this you can use a spade to plant the sapling in the Crystal tree patch, located east from the herblore shop.

This tree will never get a disease. And when fully grown (takes 8 hours) you’ll be able to use an axe to harvest it and get 8-16 Crystal shards.

However, the amount will increase to 14-16 shards if you use Ultracompost on the soil.


Prifddinas Agility Course

Prifddinas agility course / OSRS

Upon reaching Agility level 75, you can go north-west from the center of Prifddinas until you reach the bank, and climb the ladder outside the wall to start the course.

While doing the course, occasionally some portals will appear.

And by traveling through them you have a 33% chance to obtain a Crystal shard, which will appear in your inventory.

With this method you can expect to get about 15 shards per hour.


Pickpocketing Elves

Pickpocketing while wearing full Rogues / Old School RuneScape

If you have Thieving level 85 then you can choose to pickpocket an Elf inside Prifddinas.

There are lots of them walking around the city.

Every successful theft will have a 1/35 chance to reward you with a Crystal shard.

Also, while pickpocketing you’ll have a 1/1024 chance to obtain an Enhanced crystal teleport seed, which can be exchanged with Amroad for 150 shards.

Keep in mind that your pickpocketing rewards will always be doubled while wearing the full Rogue outfit.

Or you can wear parts of the set too, since each individual piece grants +20% chance of duplicating the loot.


Woodcutting in Prifddinas

Chopping Mahogany in Prifddinas / OSRS

By chopping almost any tree in Prifddinas (except in the most northern region), you’ll have a 1/80 chance to get a Crystal shard upon receiving your log.

The Woodcutting level requirement depends on the tree you choose.

But in the city you can cut:

  • Teak trees (requires at least Woodcutting level 35)
  • Mahogany trees (at least level 50)
  • Yew trees (at least level 60)
  • Magic trees (at least level 75)

Mining in Prifddinas

Underneath Prifddinas, south-west from the Zalcano’s entrance, you can mine a variety of rocks with a chance of 1/127 of obtaining a Crystal shard for each rock mined.

And inside the Trahaearn mine there are a lot of ore options, all listed below:

  • Iron ores (requires Mining level 15)
  • Silver ores (Mining level 20)
  • Coal ores (Mining level 30)
  • Gold ores (Mining level 40)
  • Mithril ores (Mining level 55)
  • Soft clay ores (Mining level 70)
  • Adamantite ores (Mining level 70)
  • Runite ores (Mining level 85)
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