Top 10 Rarest Drops In Old School RuneScape

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In OSRS, the best loot is often the rarest – and can be locked behind some insane drop rates.

As you might imagine, the rarest drops in the game have the highest street value. And obtaining one of them might be your ticket to the Richie Rich life.

But not everything is just for gold. Some rare drops can show your commitment to a certain grind, and they display your tenacity and perseverance to the game.

So which drops are so mind bogglingly rare that you’ll almost never see them in the wild?

Let’s dive in.


10. Draconic Visage

Draconic Visage Equipment Render in OSRS

Starting off our list is the iconic Draconic Visage.

The visage is used in making the Dragonfire Shield, and back in the old days of OSRS, it was only dropped by a few dragons. It has since expanded its drop range for a few more monsters.

This has a drop rate of 1/10k from normal dragons, and it sits here in our list because it has become a lot more common in recent years.

It’s more common now mainly due to the fact that there are so many more dragons which drop this item – with some boss dragons like Vorkath and KBD dropping the visage at a rate of 1/5k.

The visage is only worth around 2.5m now – but it used to be worth much more.

Still, the drop rate is very high. And many players will go their entire OSRS career not seeing a single visage on the floor for them to snatch up!

How to Get: Dropped from King Black Dragon, Vorkath, Black Dragons, Metal Dragons, Skeletal Dragons, Lava Dragons, and Brutal Dragons from blue up.


9. Dragon Warhammer

Dragon Warhammer Weapon in OSRS

Highly sought after and desirable, the Dragon Warhammer has a fairly crazy drop rate of 1/5k.

This weapon is worth 39m – and as a result, it’s commonly farmed by players hoping to get lucky and hit it big.

And these are only dropped by Lizardman Shamans, which require 100% Shayzien House favour to kill.

Ironmen often grind weeks for this weapon because it’s a very important one to have for PvM and raids.

How to Get: The best way to get this is to kill Lizardman shamans with a cannon in the Lizardman Canyon to maximize your DPS. Alternatively, the Lizardman caves make a good single way combat option.


8. Champion’s Scrolls

Vampire Champion’s Scroll Item in OSRS

Champions’ scrolls require you to have 32 quest points already, and be on a member world before they’ll start dropping.

There are a total of 10 obtainable champion’s scrolls – and they each carry a drop rate of 1/5k.

If you receive a scroll, you’ll have the right to face that particular champion.

Defeat all 11 champions after receiving the 10 obtainable scrolls and you’ll get the Champion’s Cape!

This cape is likely the rarest in OSRS, as you would need to have hit the 1/5k drop rate over 10 times.

Getting this requires a ridiculous amount of time and energy.

How to Get: You’ll need to get lucky when facing the champion scroll dropping races. Any of them have a 1/5k chance to drop the scroll.


7. Bloodhound Pet

Bloodhound Pet Render from OSRS

This very cute doggo has a drop rate of 1/1000 from master clue caskets.

While the drop rate might not sound bad, the real issue is that it’s very difficult to farm multiple master clues.

The only possible ways to get them are all challenging, and obtaining them in bulk would take a very long time.

Just completing 100 master clues could take normal players months of grinding.

This long and tedious grind is why the Bloodhound is easily one of the rarest pets you could ever get.

How to Get: The Blood hound is dropped from master clue caskets.


6. Wilderness Weapons

Viggora Chain Mace Wilderness Weapon / OSRS

The drop rate for these 3 weapons is dizzyingly high!

These only drop from Revenants in the Revenant Cave, deep in the Wilderness.

Let’s assume you’re fighting the highest level Revenant, the Revenant Dragon, and you’re attempting to get this drop.

Well the drop rate while skulled would be an insanely high 1/11,000.

While un-skulled it’s 1/40,000!

Compare that to the lowest level revenant, the imp, who has a drop rate of 1/121k for skulled and 1/220k for un-skulled.

As you can see these, rates are ridiculously unlikely to happen. Add to that the fact they’re in the most dangerous part of the wilderness, and you’ll see why grinding them out seems insanely challenging.

I would not recommend this grind for the faint of heart.

How to Get: Obtainable as an ultra-rare drop from Revenants.


5. God War Dungeon Pets

K'ril Tsutsaroth Jr. God War Pet from OSRS

There are a total of 4 God War Dungeon pets. And they’re all dropped at a rate of 1/5k.

This might seem doable…

Until you realize that God War Dungeon bosses take a lot of time to do, and are very slow to solo.

One solo Bandos trip by a maxed main might only result in 3 kills. It takes almost 20 minutes to prep for this, and you get 3 kills a trip, maybe 9 an hour.

At 9 kills an hour, a drop rate of 1/5,000 seems almost unobtainable unless you get some insanely lucky RNG.

The best method to obtain these boss pets is to duo with a friend or trio.

Unfortunately, you then risk your friends getting the drop instead of you!

How to Get: Obtainable from all four of the God War dungeon Bosses as a very rare drop.


4. Skilling Pets

Rock Golem Skilling Pet Render from OSRS

All eight of the skilling pets are all very rare.

And many players go above and beyond the max level of 99, experience-wise, attempting to get these pets.

The odds of obtaining them differ from place to place – just based on activity. So I’ve done the math already and will give you a roundabout drop rate!

If you were to train from level 1 – 99 you would have an approximate 30% chance to obtain a skilling pet in that specific skill.

Considering how long it takes to get to 99 for most skills, this is quite astounding!

The odds are still heavily stacked against you. And it seems that getting a skilling pet isn’t even a 50/50 chance!

If we also consider that most players won’t even go for 99 on their accounts, the very few number of skilling pets we see in the game begins to make sense.

How to Get: Obtainable as a very rare chance while training certain skills.


3. Third Age Armour

Third Age Armour Set Equipped / OSRS

Third age is quite famous in the community for being the ultimate mega-rare drop, obtainable from hard clue scrolls and above.

There are a lot of probabilities and items involved here, too. So I’ve normalized the drop rate and done a bit of the calculations for you:

You can expect to get a third age armour piece at a drop rate of 1/42,120 for hard clues.

And for elite clue scrolls it’s closer to 1/52,800!

Reason for this is because there are simply more items on the hard drop table, which increases the probability. However, the drops on the elite table are more expensive.

These ridiculously high drop rates are what make the Third Age set so desirable.

How to Get: Obtainable as Mega-rare drops from hard clue scrolls and above.


2. Armadyl Helmet & Bandos Boots from Guards

Armadyl Helmet on character from OSRS

So this is where things start to get a little bit… silly.

Both the Armadyl helm and Bandos Boots drops are 1/128 from Kree’arra and General Graardor. So why are they on this list?

Well my friends, during an elite clue you might on occasion face a Bandosian or Armadylean Guard, both of which can drop the helmet or boots at a drop rate of… 1/1,000,000!

Yup you read the correctly – literally a one in a million chance.

I’d never recommend grinding this out.

The logistics of it would be ridiculous, you’d spend years of your life on this goal and you STILL might not get the drop.

Normally I’d tell you to get out there and do your best. But please just go to the God Wars Dungeon and get this at the 1/128 rate. It’ll make for a better story in the end.

How to Get: If you specifically go for the Armadylean or Bandosian guards, this drops at an almost impossible drop rate of 1/ 1 million.


1. Uncut Onyx from a Bag full of Gems

Uncut Onyx Item Render from OSRS

If you thought the previous entry was ridiculous, you haven’t seen anything yet.

The rarest drop in the entire game is an Uncut Onyx from a bag full of Gems.

The rate of an individual gem being onyx is 1/100,000,000 – with the probability per bag being 1/2,500,000.

1 in 2.5 million.

While the previous item in our ranking might take you years, this could take you decades.

If you want an onyx then Zulrah drops them at around a 1/128 drop rate.

Or you can literally buy them from the TzHaar gem shop for tokkul.

How to Get: You can buy bags full of Gems from Motherload mine and the star shop. But just buy these just for the normal set of gems! Hunting for an onyx this way seems almost cruel.

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