Top 10 Best Rune Weapons in Old School RuneScape

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Rune Weapons are the best options you’ll have in F2P, and are often used by early P2P players as entry level weapons.

But even mostly helping F2P folks, these should not be underestimated.

Because there’s even members-only variants of rune items – and they pack some of the highest damage in OSRS, used in conjunction with certain items!

So if you want to find out exactly which rune weapons are worth tracking down, take a look at our ranking below.


10. Rune Halberd

Rune Halberd render from OSRS

As a unique weapon on this list, the Rune Halberd can attack enemies at a range of two squares.

This can be really useful in safe spotting some early-level quest bosses.

But it’s quite a poor choice of weapon for training in general, although it can be useful in niche situations.

You’ll also need this item for a hard clue scroll emote step on Zeah, so it’s definitely worth keeping one in your bank.

To wield this thing you’ll need a minimum of level 40 attack and 20 strength.

Where to Get: As an elven weapon, this is only buyable in the Tyras Camp or in Prifddinas.


9. Rune Javelin

Rune Javelin from OSRS

The Rune Javelin is a darn strong ranged weapon choice. These can be thrown, or used with a heavy or light ballista as well.

I’d recommend using these with a heavy ballista, personally, as you’ll be able to deal much more damage this way.

Plus the Rune Javelin also has a +124 range strength, making them a great option here!

These Javelins are also the highest level of buyable Javelins, meaning Ironmen can stock up on these with ease.

Where to Get: You can buy these on Ape Atoll, at the Void Knight Outpost, and in the Ranging Guild. A large amount of these are also dropped by brutal dragons.


8. Rune Sword

Rune Sword OSRS Render

Here’s our first F2P option on this list: the Rune Sword.

To wield this sword you’ll need a minimum attack level of 40, which isn’t too bad considering this is the best in slot stab weapon in F2P!

The Rune Sword has a stab bonus of +38 – which is higher than even the rune hasta or spear.

And in F2P if you do not want to buy this with coins, the only monster who can drop it is Bryophyta – who’s the Moss Giant boss.

Two are dropped at a rate of 1/23.6.

Where to Get: You can either buy this weapon for 20.8k in the Champions’ Guild, get it as a drop from Bryophyta, or smith it at level 89 smithing with 2 rune bars.


7. Rune 2h Sword

Rune 2h Sword / OSRS

As one of the strongest weapons in F2P, the Rune 2h Sword has a very high slash bonus of +69, and a strength bonus of +70 – this is tied with the Hill giant club for the highest strength bonus in F2P!

As it’s so powerful, this is often used in F2P as a knock out weapon. Mostly due to its ability to smack really high.

This works well in conjunction with the maple shortbow and adamant arrows.

Unfortunately, the only way to obtain this in F2P is to buy it from other players, or smith it with three rune bars at level 99 smithing – which is a very high requirement.

It’s also one of the slowest weapons in F2P, making it a bad choice for general training.

You’ll also need level 40 attack to wield this thing.

Where to Get: Obtainable on the Grand Exchange, or via smithing it yourself with level 99 smithing and three rune bars.


6. Rune Battleaxe

Rune Battleaxe Render / OSRS

So this is the third most powerful battle axe in the game, and is often used as a substitute for the Rune Scimitar in F2P.

This is because while the scimitar is aimed at slash, the battle axe is aimed at crush, with a bonus of +43 crush and +64 strength.

It has equal attack speed to the Rune Scimitar so it’s really a solid substitute.

Just note that you’ll need a minimum of level 40 attack to wield it.

Where to Get: You can only obtain this on F2P via the Grand exchange, or with 95 smithing and 3 rune bars.


5. Rune Arrows

Rune Arrows Render / OSRS

Rune arrows are a powerful arrow type with +49 range strength, and can be used with any yew bow or higher.

This is a very popular option for arrows with ironmen who do not have access to a toxic blowpipe yet. This is mostly because the arrows are buyable, and with a Magic Shortbow, you can hit very high consistently.

By far, these are the best buyable arrow in OSRS.

They’re also commonly used in PvP with the Magic Shortbow, because with that weapon’s special it can knock out other players pretty darn fast!

These arrows are versatile, and used in all spheres of OSRS combat. Worth tracking down if you can use them.

Where to Get: Buyable from a number of range shops around OSRS. Or you’ll need 75 fletching if you wish to make these arrows yourself.


4. Rune Scimitar

Rune Scimitar from OSRS

This is regarded as the very best scimitar for F2P, and the best weapon for general combat in F2P, due to its high slash bonus and quick attack speed.

It’s also among the strongest scimitars in OSRS.

It has a slash bonus of +45 and a strength bonus of +44, and this thing attacks very quickly in 4 ticks.

Most F2P players will make the Rune Scimitar their primary weapon, and train with it to max combat!

It can also be customized with an ornamental kit if you want to accessorize your character a little bit.

But to wield this weapon, you’ll first need at least level 40 attack.

Where to Get: You can only buy this on the Grand Exchange in F2P, or smith it with 90 smithing and 2 rune bars. In P2P you can obtain this as a fairly common drop from Fire Giants, or simply buy it in Prifddinas.


3. Runite Bolts

Runite Bolts Render / OSRS

Runite Bolts are some of the best bolts in OSRS – and they have a wide range of versatility, since you can customize them easily.

But note that you can only fire these types of bolts with the rune, dragon, dragon hunter, and Armadyl crossbows.

They can also be customized by tipping them with Dragonstone or Onyx bolt tips, which creates Dragonstone and Onyx Bolts.

Enchanting these things creates even more powerful bolts!

Runite bolts have a base range strength bonus of + 115, with the onyx and dragon bolts having +117 and +120.

Overall, the runite bolts can hit for very high amounts of damage and are commonly used in PvP due to their high cost and usefulness.

Where to Get: You can get these as drops from a variety of monsters in PvM, with the Hallowed Sepulchre and Demonic Gorillas offering bulk drops. Alternatively they can be made with level 69 fletching.


2. Rune Darts

Rune Darts Render / OSRS

Rune Darts are the second strongest dart type, and the most used in OSRS. Reason being that the number one dart type (Dragon Darts) are insanely expensive and rare for everyday use.

But these rune darts have a +15 range attack bonus and a +14 range strength bonus. They’re commonly used with the Toxic Blowpipe for high level PvM, such as doing Raids or God War Dungeon boss minions.

They do require level 40 range to use alone, and 75 range to use with a Toxic blow pipe.

To get your hands on some you might need some cash, because they cost around 938 coins each. So they are not cheap.

But using them will ensure your DPS is very high.

Where to Get: Crystal and Ninja Implings drop these in bulk the most. Other than that, you can make them with level 81 fletching.


1. Rune Crossbow

Rune Crossbow Render / OSRS

Our number one pick for this ranking is the Rune Crossbow, which is an easily obtainable weapon with some fantastic stats:

Namely a +90 range attack bonus!

It’s a one-handed weapon too, meaning you can use your shield slot for anything else.

This crossbow is commonly used in both PvP and PvM too, as it’s a low risk item that can hit extremely hard!

Many players use this with Broad Bolts, as this is an affordable way to train skills like slayer, or complete the Fight Caves early on without spending much money.

Ironmen often get this crossbow as their best in slot early on by facing the Crazy Archaeologist, who drops this fairly commonly at a rate of about 1/25.

Where to Get: Obtainable as a drop from only the Crazy Archaeologist or Kree’arra. You can also craft this at level 69 fletching. There’s also chance of obtaining this from an elite clue scroll.

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