Why Bother Training Herblore in Old School RuneScape?

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With herblore leveled up, you can make a variety of potions to use for battles (including PvP and PvM). These potions can range from prayer restoration to protection, even to stuff like anti-fire!

There are a ton of extremely useful potions in OSRS.

And training herblore is often the only way to make them for yourself (short of buying them from others).

Ironmen will need to train this skill the most, since they cannot buy potions from other players. As a result, a high Herblore level is a must-have if an ironman wants to do most bosses in PvM.

Potions like Saradomin Brews and Super restores are essential!

Furthermore, getting an herblore level of at least 90 is required to make the best Overload possible in the Chamber of Xeric, which is another must have.

And ultimately, if you want to max your account then you’ll need to train herblore – especially if you want to complete all of the quests in OSRS too, because many of them have high herblore level requirements (such as Fairy Tale Part II, an essential quest to unlock fairy rings).


How Do You Train Herblore?

Training the herblore skill is done by making a variety of potions.

Each potion is generally made with an herb, and a secondary item.

For example, if you want to make a Super Attack Potion you would need 1 Irit and 1 eye of newt. So you would add the Irit to a vial of water, and then add the eye of newt to create the potion!

Other potions are more complex to make – such as Sanfew Serums or Super Combat potions. Both of those have multiple steps and item requirements.

All the herbs you’d need for Herblore can be grown with the farming skill, as well as some of the secondaries like Snape Grass.

Other secondaries, such as Zulrah scales, can only be obtained from killing Zulrah or from Sacred Eels.

So if you’re also training your farming skill, herblore can be a great skill to train at the same time.

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