Sea Of Thieves: Top 12 Best Female Outfits

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The best thing about Sea of Thieves is that you can do whatever you want, and wear whatever you want while doing it.

That means if a dress is the order of the day, you can wear just that.

And there are some incredible ones to pick from.

Whether you’re looking for something sleek for a stealth mission, or whether you just want to pull rank on your crew, you’ll find the best dresses for your female attire all in this list.


12. Dress Of The Silent Barnacle

Sea of Thieves Dress Of The Silent Barnacle

If you thought dresses in Sea of Thieves were going to be frilly and impractical, well then you’re sorely mistaken.

Some pirates truly know what it means to get their hands dirty.

And if you’re rocking the Dress Of The Silent Barnacle, you know it all too well.

It looks like this dress was found at the bottom of the ocean.

And that might just be true, since to even unlock it, you need to sell 300 Shipwrecked chests. And yes, those are usually found in shipwrecks.

Finding 300 of these chests is going to take a while. So if you go for this dress, you’ll be wearing something pretty rare as well!


11. Azure Ocean Crawler Dress

Azure Ocean Crawler Dress in Sea of Thieves

It comes down to preference, but if you ask me, some of the Ocean Crawler set is a bit ugly.

It’s made out of bits of crab, after all!

With that said, the Ocean Crawler Dress is (fortunately) an exception to that.

You’ll have to use your imagination to work out what it’s made of. But this dress is a wonderful mix of deep blues, and the tan and yellow details really stand out.

It shouldn’t take a fishing fan too long to unlock it either, since it’s unlocked for purchase after you’ve delivered 25 Trophy Fish to the Hunters Call.


10. Morningstar Dress

Morningstar Dress in Sea of Thieves

This striking white and red dress is awesome.

But you’ll have to jump through a few hoops if you want to wear it.

The Morningstar Dress can’t be bought, and is tied to one of the Tall Tales (minor spoilers incoming).

This Tale will have you masquerading as a member of the Morningstar crew, and you have to give the dress back when you complete the mission… or do you?

If you’re really attached to this dress then you can always trigger the Tall Tale and leave it open when you get to a checkpoint.

So if you want something money can’t buy, well, here you go!


9. Legendary Dress

Sea of Thieves Legendary Dress

For many new players, the first big goal is to reach level 50 with 3 factions and become a Pirate Legend.

And to celebrate that achievement you’re rewarded with this wonderful outfit.

The Legendary Dress is a long flowing purple dress, complete with gold detailing and the Pirate Legend emblem.

You’re not going to be hiding from anyone with this on.

But if you’re looking to show off that shiny Pirate Legend status, nothing in the Clothing Shop does it better.


8. Assassin’s Split Dress

Sea of Thieves Assassin's Split Dress

Can you say you’ve had the full Sea of Thieves experience without trying some tucking?

If you want to bring a bit of style to this dark art, look no further than the Assassin’s Split Dress.

This dress is beautiful, sleek, stylish, and since it’s so dark it’s a solid tuck option.

If you want to be a terror that strikes from the shadows, this is the perfect attire to wear.


7. Carefree Summer Dress

Sea of Thieves Carefree Summer Dress

The ocean is fraught with danger in Sea of Thieves.

But you should also take time to relax on a beach at sunset with your crew once in a while.

It’s summer all year ‘round across the Sea of Thieves. So the Carefree Summer Dress is perfect for that kinda setting.

This loose-fitting white dress can look a little out of place, though. Reason being, when you pop it on, you’re probably wearing the cleanest bit of clothing on the entire server!

That said, it’s the best thing to wear when you’re just kicking back enjoying the view…

Until a Reaper Galleon comes by to ruin it.


6. Distinguished Admiral Dress

Distinguished Admiral Dress in Sea of Thieves

Want a shot at captaincy?

If you want to look the part, nothing will do it better than this outfit.

Some might accuse you of trying too hard. But it’s impossible not to own that Captains Quarters when you’re wearing the Distinguished Admiral Dress.

If it weren’t for the torn sleeve, you could be mistaken for a member of an imperial fleet instead of a pirate.

But maybe that’s just evidence they didn’t let you have it willingly.


5. Dress Of The Ashen Dragon

Dress Of The Ashen Dragon in Sea of Thieves

If you’re happy to let go of your pirate sensibilities and wear something that’ll make you stand out at night, you can’t go wrong with the Dress Of The Ashen Dragon.

This striking dress has a unique black, red, and green color scheme, with flashes of glowing fire all over it.

I’m not kidding about the glowing either. You really can be seen from a mile away with this on!

But if you don’t care about being seen( and have the skills to back that up) then this is the dress for you.

Sadly, you can only unlock this by selling the ‘Tome Of Curses III’. And that’s a random item hidden in Ashen Chests – so you may have some Ashen Guardians to hunt.


4. Dark Adventurers Dress

Sea of Thieves Dark Adventurers Dress

Got more gold than you know what to do with?

I know some people in the Athena’s Fortune Shop that would like a word with you…

The Dark Adventurers Dress is hands-down the most expensive dress in the game, costing over 2 Million Gold.

For your hard-earned money, you get this beautiful black and grey dress decorated with red belts and red crystal skulls.

This dress is instantly recognizable across the seas, as the Dark Adventurers gear is sought after by many.

And if you’ve still got cash to spare, why not get the hat to go with it?


3. Ceremonial Admiral Dress

Ceremonial Admiral Dress in Sea of Thieves

A lot of clothing in Sea of Thieves is dark and drab.

So if you want to add a splash of color to your wardrobe, look no further.

The Ceremonial Admiral Dress is classy in black and red, with subtle gold detailing.

At first glance, you may think this is a Reaper dress with that color scheme – the red being a nod to all the blood you’ve spilt… but no, it’s actually a totally unique design.

This is actually a reward from the Merchant Alliance for reaching level 33 with them – meaning the worst thing you’ve spilt is probably rum.


2. Glorious Sea Dog Dress

Sea of Thieves Glorious Sea Dog Dress

Don’t think I forgot about you savage Arena players!

The Glorious Sea Dog Dress is only awarded to those who are brave enough to face the Arena.

And just as the name suggests, it is glorious!

This beautiful red dress has gold details, a blue wrap, and unlike the Ceremonial Admiral Dress, you actually will need to spill blood (and lots of it) if you want this attire for yourself.

To unlock this dress you need to place in the top 3 in the Arena for a total of 100 times.

So this item is as rare as it is beautiful.


1. Cultured Aristocrat Dress

Sea of Thieves Cultured Aristocrat Dress

To the trained eye, this incredible white and gold dress says a lot about you.

The Cultured Aristocrat Dress is a stunning outfit – and there are very few items of clothing like it in the game.

To unlock it, you need to have the unusual “Curse Of The Pacifists Demise” Commendation. This is awarded to a Reaper crew that has disabled another player ship with a Peaceball.

With such specific unlock requirements, it’s no wonder you don’t see many wearing this thing…

And if you can get it, well, that’ll prove you’re a true strategist in combat.

There are many awesome dresses in Sea of Thieves – but this one just inches them out by being so unique and interesting.

You’ll definitely be asked where you got it from!

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