Sims 4 CC: 18 Best Shades & Sunglasses (Free Custom Content)

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TS4 has received a whole lot of expansions, downloadable content, and patches throughout the years.

Not to mention all the awesome user-generated Custom Content!

With all this attention, it’s only natural to start customizing every living part of your Sim’s attire.

So with summer just around the corner(isn’t it always?) let’s discuss some customizable eyewear for your Sim family! Specifically some cool shades that’ll keep that darn sun out of your face.

18. Future

Future-themed Sunglasses CC - TS4

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These shades were designed for an era of facial recognition and mass surveillance. Designed to protect and cover most of your face without distorting too much.

Designed to shock, draw attention, and at the same time push attention away from you.

Be a walking, talking argument with these killer 80’s-born shades straight out of the now.


17. Kitty Myst

Kitty Myst girly fashion sunglasses for Sims4

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Sometimes the glam life chooses you.

These shades look straight outta Bratz; early 2000s chic designed to tell all the other Sims you’re not interested.

Wear these if your Sim has some flaws they’re dealing with, but still want people around them to treat them with respect!


16. Jet

Jet dark sharp sunglasses in Sims4

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Catch me and my Matrix Sim crew rocking these babies with our long leather trench coats.

“Some aspects of quantum mechanics and metaphysics posits that we could be inside of a simulation, could be characters in a game, with someone controlling our every move… Could you imagine? Zoy zoy zapa zapa, jowlenin!”

Triangular, black, subdued and simple.


15. Sonic

Sonic Leopard Print side sunglasses CC

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Thankfully not based on the blue hedgehog, these specs resemble real life Kylie Minogue glasses.

They come with a variety of different arms and frames to customize too.

Wear these for something a little simpler, yet still masterfully curated.


14. Colorful

Colorful themed sunglasses Sims4 CC

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What sunglasses mod list would be complete without these bad boys?

They define the late 00’s/early-10’s with their blocky, functionally confusion style.

If you want your Sim to look at home in an LMFAO, Kanye, Black Eyed Peas, Daft Punk music video then look no further!

Well, do look further – there might be something even more appealing down below!


13. Piene

Piene Sunglasses rounded desgin

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These gorgeously designed sunglasses look straight off the shelf of a Specsavers store.

Tons of different frames and lenses to make your Sim look truly inspired.

The amount of detail put into these specs is admirable, to say the least.


12. Edge

Edge blocky styled sunglasses CC

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The pure abstract brutalism they went for with these glasses is just… yes.

Featuring sixteen different gradient shaded lenses and a whole-host of blocky angled frames, all for your Sim to intimidate, seduce, and disarm with.


11. Roybon

Roybon custom styles for Sims4 Sunglasses

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This mod features three different styles of elegantly designed shades for you try out.

Whether it be matte or wood textured, make your Sim stroll the sandy beach with flair.

Still can’t tell if this is a play on Rayban…


10. Thomas

Thomas Sunglasses - dark design CC

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Sleek matte black, or glossy onyx.

They actually look a lot like the glasses I wear in real life – so, I’m a fan!


9. Apocalypse

Apocalypse Sunglasses, futuristic styled in Sims4

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The most futuristic shades on this list.

Resembling the Google-counterpart, these sleek transparent shades barely hold any presence on your face.

What does grab attention, however, is the visually vibrant graphical user interface designed to accentuate their Sim-lifestyle without cluttering up what they can see.

The future of wearable technology is available for your Sim for free, today! If only it were that simple for us mortals.


8. Zer0

Zer0 Sunglasses, cool look in Sims4

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The ultimate sadboi-sadgirl shades for your Sim to indulge in.

The familiar askew teardrop lenses are surrounded by a thin wire frame for an extra touch of delicacy.

And these glasses look like the slightest wind would blow them – and you – away. If that isn’t one hell of a statement, then I don’t know what the word ‘statement’ means.


7. Gaby

Gaby style rounded lenses sunglasses CC

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Large, circular pink varifocal lenses surrounded by an abstract white frame.

Or even the inverse.

All the styles available in the Gaby sunglasses CC just scream postmodernism. Check them out if your Sim’s normal shades just ain’t doing it for him.


6. Irregular Lens

Irregular Lens glasses design CC

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These sixsided shades shout Kanye West’s influence from the mountain top.

They are hip, cool, abstract, and just plain awesomely designed.

Made for the artsy Sim.


5. Toksik Sirheo

Toksik Sirheo - TS4 hip girl sunglasses CC

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Now these fancy Toksik Sirheo glasses include three wonderful unisex shades, each with duo-tone lenses and thing wire framing.

Classy, fabulous, and very realistic.

Give em a try!


4. Kimmie

Kimmie style guys and girls sunglasses

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Sleek, thin, reading shades. Perfect for the more academically or artistically inclined Sims out there.

If your Sim isn’t doing a lecture in these shades, then hitting the beach immediately after(still wearing them, of course) then I really don’t know what to tell you. Maybe that my Sim is better than yours?



3. Deal With It

Deal With It Meme sunglasses Sims4

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Seven different tri-focal shades with varied framing, for teen females and older, that each carry a distinct attitudinal style.

Great for any clique – whether it be gothic, diva, sports-star, or office-goer.

Don’t like em? Deal with it.


2. Sixam

Sixam full-face covering futuristic sunglasses

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Innovative, creative, expressive.

These futuristic shades are a whole new genre of eyewear. Like a blindfold of transparent glass and plastic designed to look elegantly stylish, yet sent back in time somehow.

If your Sim is mysterious, alien, unusual, or spacey, these shades will look right at home on their face.


1. Blvck

Blvck black circular sunglasses CC

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These designer shades complete the neo-gothic, noir, emo, or alternative style you’re probably going for.

Three different colours complete the flip-detachable lenses that can accentuate the upper frame too.

Bottom line: this shades rock. They’re cool, abstract, weird, yet functionally and aesthetically quite pleasant to look at. Rock that rockstar look.

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