Sims 4 CC: Best Final Fantasy Mods & Custom Content

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Much like The Sims, Final Fantasy is a long-lived franchise with a broad appeal that reaches into many demographics.

But is vanilla always enough? No, basically never.

So as always, it’s up to modders and CC creators to pick up the slack.

Here are some of the best Final Fantasy-themed CC sets that every Sims 4 fan has to try.


20. Moogle Leather Jacket

Moogle Leather Jacket Sims 4 CC

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If you’ve ever played any Final Fantasy, chances are you know moogles.

They’re round, adorably puffs of fur native to the FF universe. They’re tasked with various jobs depending on the game, including saving your progress, selling you items, and more.

I love these little bundles of cuteness to death, and I’d love to have some apparel to show it.

Now I haven’t found any for myself yet, but my Sims are already sporting this Moogle Leather Jacket.

This simple, tasteful white leather jacket features a delicate moogle design on the back that’ll show your Sim’s commitment to video-games and FF specifically.


19. Lil’ Chocobo Canvas

Lil’ Chocobo Canvas TS4 CC

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Other than moogles, the Final Fantasy franchise has at least one other iconic mascot: Chocobos.

Chocobos are large, usually yellow birds with strong legs and a sharp mind that has made them the perfect beasts of burden for FF’s universe’s denizens. They’ve even starred in their own spin-off games, such as Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon on the Wii.

If you love these big birds as much as I do, consider adorning your Sim’s in-game living space with the Lil’ Chocobo Canvas set.

It features seven different drawings of adorable, fat chocobos performing diverse activities.


18. FFVII T-Shirts

FFVII T-Shirts for Sims 4

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Back when I was a bit younger, video-game T-shirts were my bread and butter. I still own several, and I love wearing them whenever I get the chance.

We all love making Sims that represent us in-game, so finding some spiffy video-game apparel for my Sims was a top priority. Among my favorite finds from that endeavor were these FFVII T-Shirts.

These tees feature logos from the Shinra Electric Power Company and its elite armed forces, SOLDIER.

Get them for your Sim gaming fan or SOLDIER wannabe who’s waiting for a bug in your computer to send them to FF7 Remake’s root folder isekai.


17. FFX Zanarkand Earrings

FFX Zanarkand Earrings Sims 4 CC

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There are many ways of showing your love for the Final Fantasy franchise other than t-shirts and paintings on your wall.

These earrings are one of them.

If you’ve played FFX, you may recognize them as Tidus’s earrings.

They traveled with him from Zanarkand to Spira, and they didn’t even lose their polished sheen.

They feature a somewhat tribal design that’ll look great on almost any Sim. The model is exquisite, and they come in five colors for both male and female Sims to wear.


16. FFXV Prompto’s Camera

FFXV Prompto’s Camera Sims 4 CC

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I love decorations that tell a story in the most discreet way possible.

The kind you have to look into if you wish to unearth what it’s trying to say.

Prompto’s Camera from FFXV is one such decoration. To a random visitor to your Sim’s home, it may not stand out. But an FF connoisseur will notice it’s exactly the model of camera used by Prompto.

This camera CC comes in 13 swatches, each showing a preview of a different in-game picture. These include photographs of Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, and even Ardyn.


15. FFXIII Eclairium Lightning Savior Tattoo

FFXIII Eclairium Lightning Savior Tattoo TS4 CC

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I think video-game tattoos should be subtle. I like nods to events, items, or characters from your favorite games that are symbolic, rather than getting a big honkin’ Mario tattooed on your chest.

A fantastic option when it comes to tattooing your Sims is this Lightning Savior Tattoo.

It’ll give your Sim a crystalline, shiny mark on their chest much like the one sported by Lightning as a symbol of the semi-divine status bestowed upon her by the god Bhunivelze to act as the world’s savior.

Needless to say, it’s bad-ass.


14. FFX Rikku Outfit

FFX Rikku Outfit for Sims 4

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Since we’re speaking of bad-ass women in Final Fantasy, let’s take a look back at Rikku from FFX.

This Al-Bhed gal brings both smarts and brawn to the table. After living her entire life in the harsh deserts the Al-Bhed call home, she’s an expert survivor, and she’s also the only character in the game that can fight underwater with no previous training.

She really can do it all.

This Rikku Outfit CC is a more urban take on her in-game clothes, with stuff like the goggles being replaced by headphones.

After all, who needs goggles while living in Willow Creek?


13. FFX Yuna Dress

FFX Yuna Dress Sims 4 CC

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Rikku may be a more out-and-about kind of girl.

But FFX’s Yuna is just as courageous and strong as her Al-Bhed friend.

This Yuna Dress will let your Sims cosplay the Spiran Summoner very accurately without it being dissonant with the environment around them. After all, this Summoner’s garb is made from an EA mesh through very smart and detailed re-coloring.


12. FFX-2 Yuna Top

FFX-2 Yuna Top Sims 4 CC

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During the first FFX game, we see Yuna grappling with her duty to sacrifice herself to keep the monstrous Sin from wreaking havoc upon Spira.

But in the sequel, we get to see a different side of her.

Now she’s living for herself and going on adventures around the world for her own reasons, rather than duty. This change is shown in her outfit too, which is now much easier to move in.

And quite revealing compared to her previous dress.

Maybe your Sim lady wants a similar look?

Your Sims can also show their change by wearing Yuna’s Top. Pair this CC with some tight jean shorts and you’ve got yourself a full Yuna cosplay.


11. FFX-2 Paine Outfit

FFX-2 Paine Outfit TS4 CC

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FFX-2 shows us the new life most of our favorite characters lead after their adventure from the first game is over.

But there are also new characters – like Paine, who travels with Rikku and Yuna looking for spheres and clues to Tidus’ whereabouts.

Her Goth/Punk style earned her many fans among the game’s players, and she brought a fresh outlook that was key to keeping FFX’s sequel interesting and differentiate it from its predecessor.

This outfit can be very nice to have around, both for cosplaying purposes or for giving a Sim a very daring Punk style to match their wild personality.


10. Moogle Pie Toddler Costume

Moogle Pie Toddler Costume Sims 4 CC

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I think there isn’t nearly enough video-game apparel for toddlers in the world of TS4.

So I love it whenever I find something as adorable as this Moogle Pie Costume.

The concept is pretty simple. Put it on your children to turn them into moogles – giant, soft moogles with a zipper on the back.

It’s one of those things that you’ll want to keep in your game as a staple rather than just pull it out whenever you get the itch to take some cool screenshots.


9. FFVI Kefka Palazzo Outfit

FFVI Kefka Palazzo Outfit Sims 4 CC

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Most of the FF-oriented content to be found for TS4 is focused on FF7 for its timeless popularity. Or other CC is mostly on FFXV for its recent release.

But you can find some love for older games in the series if you look hard enough.

This Kefka Palazzo outfit is the perfect example. It’ll let your Sims dress up as one of the most purely evil, psychopathic antagonists in Final Fantasy history.

He may look like a clown or a court jester, but Kefka is a very capable wizard – capable enough to plunge the world into ruin.

This is actually a re-color of a previous Superman outfit, so you’ll have to download that too for this CC to work.


8. FFVII Aerith Outfit and Poses

FFVII Aerith Outfit and Poses TS4 CC

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Aerith Gainsborough is an iconic female character of the late 90s/early 00s, and she’s seen a surge in popularity after the release of the FF7 Remake.

This kind and loving gal may look like any other resident of the Sector 5 slums. But she’s actually the last of the Cetra – a race of beings with the power to speak to the world – and the only one capable of summoning Holy, a protective magic able to stop even a Meteor.

This Aerith Outfit will help your Sims cosplay her perfectly, but you don’t have to cosplay for this dress to work.

It’ll look great on anyone, and it’s a perfect choice for a day out in the park. And if you want some matching footwear you can get the shoes here.


7. FFVII Remake Zack Fair Outfit

FFVII Remake Zack Fair Outfit Sims 4 CC

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Aerith is generally seen as Cloud’s love interest in FF7.

But the angsty blonde hero wasn’t the first SOLDIER-trained hunk that Aerith got friendly with.

That would be Zack Fair, the protagonist of Crisis Core and one of the most uplifting and charismatic heroes in Final Fantasy. He’s always stretching, always warming up – and therefore, always ready to rumble at the drop of a hat.

His outfit is pretty similar to a regular SOLDIER uniform, with some slight changes to make it less cumbersome. This custom creation comes in seven colors, with a Buster Sword accessory, and you can get Zack’s hair here.


6. FFVII Remake Sephiroth Outfit

FFVII Remake Sephiroth Outfit for Sims 4

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Every edgy gamer teenager in the late 90s was obsessed with Sephiroth, the ruthless but also incredibly cool villain from FF7.

His reappearance in the recent FF7 Remake has put him back in the spotlight. So it wouldn’t be weird if your Sims to want to cosplay as him, too.

This outfit includes 11 swatches for his main garb, and a Masamune accessory for each hand. You could even make a dual-wielding Sephiroth Sim, though that would be a bit over-the-top.

Be sure to also get the hair to complete the look.


5. Chocodress

Chocodress Sims 4 CC screenshot

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I just can’t get enough of chocobos.

These big noble birds are just too cute to be true – and so is this chocobo-themed dress for your female Sims. Truly one of the better themes for any video gamed CC.

It’s the single most adorable Final Fantasy-related outfit available online. Not only does it have a youthful, fresh, and colorful style sure to raise your spirits, but its shape also accentuates a nice body figure.

My favorite part of the dress other than the adorable chocobo face on the front is the delicate yellow feather hanging to the side. It’s the perfect outfit for the free spirit who knows how to dress well.


4. FFXV Assorted CC Pack

FFXV Assorted CC Pack for Sims 4

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Whenever I’m hunting for CC, I tend to choose varied sets I can discover at my own pace after installing them.

The FFXV Assorted CC Pack is perfect for that.

It includes a bunch of apparel and accessories based on what the characters wear. You’ve got Noctis’ jacket, Prompto’s tank-top, Ignis’ glasses, and much more.

It’s a fantastic wealth of FFXV items you’re sure to love, and most of them come in multiple swatches so you can experiment with your style.

Get the first part here, and the second here.


3. FFVII Wutai Lot

FFVII Wutai Lot Sims 4 CC

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If you’ve played through FF7 and done most of its side-quests, you know Wutai.

This hidden village is Yuffie Kisaragi’s hometown.

If you ever approach it in-game, she’ll steal your party’s Materia and make a run for it, prompting you to visit the town and complete a side-quest to recover both the magic stones and your party member.

This FF-themed lot is a fantastic place to spend some time with your Sims. It’s also a great choice if you want to take screenshots wearing some of the FFVII cosplay options we’ve covered so far.


2. FFVII Tifa Outfit and Poses

FFVII Tifa Outfit and Poses Sims 4 CC

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Aerith may be Cloud’s love interest.

But Tifa is the entire FF7 fandom’s sweetheart.

Ever since the game was released in 1997, Tifa has been one of the most popular characters when it comes to fanart and cosplay – and this popularity has come back in full force after the recent FFVII Remake came out.

Your Sims will look fantastic cosplaying the strong and protective warrior with this Tifa Outfit. And the poses included here are excellent for some creative screenshots.


1. FFVII Remake Cloud Strife Outfit

FFVII Remake Cloud Strife Outfit Sims 4 CC

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The top spot on our ranking had to feature the most well-known character in FF history – Cloud Strife.

This swordsman needs no introduction.

He was the face of RPGs for years, and if FFVII Remake sales have anything to say, it’s that his popularity hasn’t dwindled.

This Cloud Strife Outfit comes in seven colors, including black, blue, and purple. Thee boots and gauntlets are beautifully modeled, and you can even get the hair here.

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