Sims 4 Custom Doors: Best CC & Mods (All Free)

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Doors are more than just functional furniture pieces – especially in The Sims 4.

Seeing as TS4 has undeniably the best and most intuitive Build & Buy mode so far, I’d argue that TS4 actually encourages players to actively experiment with crafting and creating builds.

Because of that, there’s a definite demand for more build pieces to play around with.

Enter doors.

(Again, more than just functional furniture)

Doors can be just as much decoration for a room as chairs, rugs, and carpets. I’m of the opinion that the wrong door can even break the aesthetic of a build. No hard feelings if we disagree.

But the point is, you can do a lot with doors. Which is why it’s such a crying shame that the current vanilla game selection is so limited.

But don’t worry, Sims 4 CC saves the day once again.


1. Cedar Door 1×1 by mutske

Cedar Door 1x1 by mutske Sims 4 CC

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The Sims 4: Tiny Living Stuff Pack revived all the cramped-quarters, camper-van-life desires I’d forgotten I had.

I’m a sucker for tiny living spaces.

I adore studio apartments, shoebox bedrooms, and homes the size of someone else’s gardening shed.

For that reason, anything that takes up as little space as possible is a win in my book. So these slim, slender, 1×1 doors by mutske are a personal favorite.

These doors take up exactly one tile. No more, no less.

Perfect if you’re looking to score all the perks of that tricky 32-tile residence.


2. Nzuza Bedroom Door by jomsims

Nzuza Bedroom Door by jomsims TS4 CC

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On top of tiny living concepts, I also happen to be a sucker for the minimalist aesthetic. Show me clean lines and solid shades, and I’m sold.

So it follows that I’m not a big fan of patterns.

It takes a lot for me to like anything that comes in more than three colors.

The pattern for these Nzuza bedroom doors strikes a happy compromise. There’s a pattern that’s plenty textured – for those who prefer that their furniture have a little character – but it’s a clean enough design to still be acceptable in a minimalist household.

It also helps that this door only has solid colors (four standard neutrals) as its design variations.


3. Folding Steel Glass Door – Functional Folding Door by AshenSeaced

Folding Steel Glass Door – Functional Folding Door by AshenSeaced for Sims 4

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This Folding Steel Glass Door mod is a particularly interesting creation by AshenSeaced.

The name says it all: it’s a steel-framed glass door that automatically slides open as a Sim walks through (much like those automatic sliding doors in hospitals or at the mall).

Seems simple enough, but it has this really cool, high-tech vibe that belongs in some snooty-millionaire-mansion build or a swanky, upscale San Myshuno apartment.

There are two variations: one that folds to the left, and one that folds to the right, and they’ve got 14 color options each.


4. Modern Doors Dream by Devirose

Modern Doors Dream by Devirose Sims 4 CC

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Just like the Nzuza bedroom doors by jomsims, these Modern Doors Dream by Devirose come in patterns that are simple, elegant, and could still be comfortably classified as “minimalist.”

Do note that I’m not a designer, so… probably don’t take my word as gospel.

These fully functional wooden doors stand out with their clean lines, crisp edges, and warm, solid colors. There are four designs; (1) alternating panels, (2) thin horizontal stripes, (2) wood-and-white yin-and-yang, and (3) teeny white dots on plain black background.

Those aren’t their actual names, but they do describe what each door looks like pretty aptly.


5. TS4 Doors Set by TatyanaName

TS4 Doors Set by TatyanaName screenshot

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This TS4 Doors Set by creator Tatyana gives us our first taste of décor-like patterns – i.e., patterns that aren’t just crisp lines, defined edges, and repetitive shapes.

(Save perhaps the third)

There are three doors in this set, and each one is remarkably distinct. The pictures should say plenty, but you basically have one with a chain-like pattern, one with a stylized depiction of an elegant, florally-plant, and one with a four-square diamond in the center (and lots of intersecting lines).

All three doors come in one pre-set color each, but they all generally give off the feeling of dark wood and frosted glass.

All three are also great choices for a home that is either very gothic, or a tad bit artsy-fartsy.


6. Morus1 Doors by Mulena

Morus1 Doors by Mulena for Sims 4

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This here’s a pretty interesting double-door that one could describe as “safely avant-garde.”

Or maybe “tastefully eclectic.”

It’s sort of weird, is what I’m trying to say, but in a really good way.

One side of the door is a six-square-panel affair in a solid light wood color, top to bottom. The other side is another six-square-panel affair, but this time with mosaic-flower-patterned squares.

The patterned side has three variations; one with just the bottom two panels patterned, one with just the top two panels plain brown, and one where that whole side of the door is patterned.

I will say that it makes for a very interesting – and fashionable (maybe) – way to differentiate the interior of a room. For that, I can’t fault it.


7. UK Phonebox Door by Akisima

UK Phonebox Door by Akisima Sims 4 CC

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I am all for novel décor.

I am also particularly fond of functional décor.

This UK Phonebox Door by Akisima happily fulfills both. It’s a working Sims 4 door that also happens to come in a cute, quirky design. Is there a reason it looks like a good old-fashioned phone booth from the rainy streets of England?

Not that I know of.

Is there a reason for your Sim to use it specifically? Yes.

It’s eccentric, eye-catching, and it’s got character. In fact, it’s the perfect bedroom or office door for a particularly well-travelled Sim. You know, the kind that collects Omiscan artifacts and refined crystals by the dozen.


8. Wooden Three-Panel Door, Colored by LaLunaRossa

Wooden Three-Panel Door, Colored by LaLunaRossa Sims 4 CC

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If this isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing thing you’ve seen all day … then you probably work in an art museum.

Which – fair.

But my point still stands; these door colors are gorgeous. An absolute visual treat, especially if you line them up as the sample photos show.

These are basically recolors of the base game staple, and they look excellent. The softest colored wood swatches I ever did see – and I’ve seen a lot. Perfectly pale pastel shades that let the wooden texture of the doors shine through.

Honestly, all the variations in this recolor look like fresh, hand-painted, light cedar wood. I saw them and I was instantly sold.


9. MG Modern Doors Recolors by morgana14

 MG Modern Doors Recolors by morgana14 Sims 4 CC

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Remember the Modern Doors Dream CC pack by Devirose mentioned here?

These doors by morgana14 follow much of the same design: they’re crisp, clean, and oh-so geometrical.

They also come in solid color palettes that are either warm, dark, or something in between.

If you search modern minimalist, these doors would probably pop up. They’re so upscale and contemporary-chic, they look more put-together than your Sim could ever hope to be.

These doors look great, is what I’m saying.

And if you love a clean, modern style without too many pops of color, they would fit right in.


10. Wood Door x21 – Build’N Doors – True Wood by K-Hippie Team

Wood Door x21 – Build’N Doors – True Wood by K-Hippie Team TS4 CC

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Let’s be honest: there are good doors, there are great doors, and then there are these True Wood doors by K-Hippie Team.

Words cannot describe how in love I am with all the following K-Hippie Team creations, but I’m going to try.

This True Wood set contains 21 delectable wooden doors that look like they all stepped off the cover of some expensive haute furniture magazine.

If you love builds that heavily involve wood, there’s a door in this set that has your name on it.

Volume 1 of this set has 7 doors made entirely of natural wooden planks. Each door has a different shade, a different depth, and even a different grain texture. This makes it feel like each door was carved from a different tree.

Yes, the attention to detail is nuts.

(Pun only slightly intended.)

Volume 2 is characterized by doors with mainly horizontal planks of varying sizes (some of which are narrow enough to be considered slats). The textures of these doors have more of a cracked, well-worn, tropical-tree feel to them compared to Volume 1’s deep mountain, rich pine vibe.

Volume 3 contains 7 wooden doors painted in fetching colors that are simple, but stunning.

I’m going to be saying this a lot about the K-Hippie Team creations, but it’s true. The colors are gorgeous. I’m talking deep lilac, emerald green, rich cocoa, and jewel-toned blue. They’re aesthetic enough to work with most any color scheme and modest enough to fit in with most any style.


11. K All Wood Doors – Set-4-5-6-7 by K-Hippie Team

K All Wood Doors - Set-4-5-6-7 by K-Hippie Team Sims 4 CC

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If the K-Hippie Team doors from the previous item didn’t fit your vision, maybe these K All Wood Doors will. They look just as tasty as the True Wood ones, if not just more patterned and more brightly colored.

There are 4 sets of 7 doors each, for a total of 28 doors.

Like the True Wood doors from the previous item, each set has a theme.

Set 4 is all lines, edges, and geometrical patterns. The wood texture in this set is a little more vibrant than the True Wood doors. Brighter browns, lighter browns, and even a splash of hot pink!

Set 5 is much somber by comparison. There are two doors in this particular set – one a dark, ashy brown and the other a combination of light brown and ashy blue – that look like they’re made of tiny wooden square panels rather than planks or slats of wood.

The 6th set is pretty much like Volume 3 of True Wood. Seven wooden doors, each one painted a different color. The colors are a bit brighter and more saturated than the deeper, darker tones of the True Wood doors, but they are just as gorgeous.

Final set, Set 7, is the most eclectic-looking of the bunch.

It’s fair to say that there’s nothing these seven doors have in common, save for the fact that they’re made of wood. I won’t even try to describe how uniquely-designed the doors in this set are. You’ll just have to see for yourself!


12. Build’N Doors – Metaaal by K-Hippie Team

Build’N Doors – Metaaal by K-Hippie Team for Sims 4

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The last item from the K-Hippie Team treasure trove of custom TS4 doors takes us away from homey pine cabins and puts us squarely in industrial grunge town.

Despite the difference in material and texture, the doors in this Metaaal door set are just as stunning as the items in K-Hippie Team’s K All Wood and True Wood sets.

There are 12 choices this time around, but they’re still categorized according to a theme.

Volume 1 is basically cool metal-textured doors in solid colors; blue, brown, and two different shades of gray. They’re all characterized by heavy amounts of rust.

Volume 2 has four doors that – as the creator’s put it – are “for the grunge inside of you.” Apt description. These four doors don’t look as worn and acid-attacked as the ones in Volume 1. If anything, they look almost fashionably distressed.

Sort of the home-design version of ripped jeans.

Volume 3 has a very distinct – and very loud – black-and-yellow “danger door.” Do not let your Sim open this door. I’ll be honest, though; the other doors in this set don’t look any friendlier or more inviting. The light blue door looks like something clawed at it, top to bottom, and the tan door looks like it’s met its fair share of corrosive substances.

All these doors are great for “abandoned” builds, closed factory builds, and any-home-in-Strangerville-proper builds.


13. Front Doors (6) in 5 Colors Each by Mabra

Front Doors (6) in 5 Colors Each by Mabra Sims 4 CC

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These front doors by Mabra are much like Mulena Sims 4’s Morus1 doors.

Both sides have a different pattern or design to them, effectively differentiating the interior from the exterior.

As the name says, there are six door designs with five colors for each design, giving us a total of 30 options. The designs themselves are incredibly contemporary, combining elements like glass, dark wood, and what looks like polished steel (based on the texture) into artfully asymmetrical and/or geometrical patterns.

In simpler terms, there are a lot of squares, lines, and artistic wooden strips cutting through solid neutral colors.

Mad props to the creator for making both sides look different while still ensuring their designs matched up. It’s a little hard to explain, but the pictures definitely do this set justice.

All the doors here look like they’d be perfect for modern suburban builds and uber-modern, mid-city, mid-range condominium-type builds.


14. Toilet Stall Doors by Menaceman44

Toilet Stall Doors by Menaceman44 Sims 4 CC

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When I saw these doors, I knew I had to download them.

I do a lot of compound, dorm, and dormitel-type builds where there’s usually a ton of Sims sharing the same living space and the same bathroom.

There are vanilla game public toilet stalls thanks to The Sims 4: City Living and Cats and Dogs packs, but they’re huge. And clunky. And don’t always suit the modern-ish, streamlined builds I try to go for.

So these fully functional Toilet Stall Doors by Menaceman44 are a godsend.

They’re cute, colorful, and they can easily turn multiple cubicles into a row of public toilet stalls without provoking any Embarrassed emotions.

There are 14 color options all in all. And don’t worry if it seems like there are repeat swatches; doors that seem to share the same color have different-colored frames.


15. Double Door Fronts by scandiforest

Double Door Fronts by scandiforest Sims 4 CC

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Straight from the artfully acid-washed dreams of all grunge-loving interior designers and Sims 4 builders, we get scandiforest’s Double Door Fronts CC pack.

One look should tell you all you need to know about them. They’re heavy-duty industrial double-doors that look like they’ve seen things.

And they totally could have, depending on your narrative.

All 11 doors are worn, rusty, corroded, and simply scream “condemned.” Abandoned urban world? Old industrial graveyard? Forgotten factories that hold more secrets than they should?

If you’re creating any of these builds, these doors are exactly what you’re looking for.


16. Rainbow Door Pastel Recolour by nevyx

Rainbow Door Pastel Recolour by nevyx Sims 4 CC

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Nothing says “Pastel Princess” quite like these doors do. Granted, the colors – and color combinations – can seem a little obnoxious. And bright.

But given the rainbow design, that was probably the intention.

Regardless, I had to include these doors.

They can either fulfill a pre-existing bedroom theme (for Toddler, Kids, or Teens) or they can be a stylistic choice to make a bold statement. Either way, I thought they were perfect. Just three variations, sadly, but they’re plenty pretty.


17. Palace Doors by AnniQ

Palace Doors by AnniQ screenshot

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Just like Double Door Fronts by scandiforest, these doors by AnniQ are perfect for very specific themed builds. Aka palatial builds, as the name suggests.

There might not be much use for them in suburban builds for regular play (unless you’re going for bizarre or eclectic). But they still look pretty darn cool.

There are three variations (again, as the name says) of roughly the same archway. The double doors come in different colors and different designs.

Kudos to the creator for making all three look substantially regal.


18. Puertas Cleo Doors by pqSims4

Puertas Cleo Doors by pqSims4 TS4 CC

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This brings the list away from clean and minimalist to full-on art deco, and I’m here for it.

These doors are just brimming with character. Would they feasibly work for all builds? Probably not. I’m hard-pressed to imagine any of these doors inside a homey cottage or a mountainside retreat.

But are they loudly and unapologetically bold?

Yes, and some Sim builders could very well be into that.

I, personally, see myself using some of the variations (particularly the one with the silhouetted dolphin and the one with the colorful-arrow-fletching-type design) for an eclectic black-and-white, semi-modern build.


19. Door Set: Poppy & Sunflowers by DragonQueen

Door Set: Poppy & Sunflowers by DragonQueen Sims 4 CC

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Although these doors look better suited for commercial lots – rather than residential – you can’t deny that the concept’s pretty unique.

I haven’t seen many stained-glass-type doors around, and this one is quite well done. My in-game testing shows that light (sadly) does not stream through the door like it would for windows or full-glass doors, but the design is pretty nonetheless.

The Poppy design has four different frame colors (three shades of brown and one white), as does the Sunflower one (two shades of brown, one white, one green).

And if flowers aren’t your thing, check out the Disney version of these doors by the same creator.


20. Interior Doors by Mulena

Interior Doors by Mulena Sims 4 CC

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Finishing up this list is another set of double doors by Mulena Sims 4.

Much like her Morus1 doors, this Interior Doors CC set offers designs with different styles on both sides.

One side is solid wood (a rather nice, dark cherry color, in fact).

The other side is a real treat. It’s literally scenery painted all over the doors.

And the scenes are gorgeous: a quaint, two-story cottage nestled in a forest clearing, white marble archways draped in delicate pink blossoms, and a path that leads straight to the sea, paved with cheery cobblestones and sunlight.

I think the duality of these doors – much like her Morus1 – is really clever.

You have one side versatile enough to fit comfortably into any style, but then you have another that is very clearly a stylistic choice. In the case of these doors, they give a whole new meaning to the concept of a “picture door.”

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