How To Get Aquamarine in Stardew Valley (And What To Do With It)

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Aquamarine is pretty simple to find anywhere after floor 40 in the mines. It could be lying on the ground in the mines, or you might find it inside barrels or inside an Aquamarine Node.

You can also come across some aquamarine while fishing, panning, or searching garbage cans.

And it has many uses in the game, including improving your weapons or allowing you to add more light to your farm.

Plus it also makes a great gift for Dwarf, Emily, or Clint!


Aquamarine Locations


In The Mines

Most often, aquamarine can be found while you’re making your way through the mines.

Sooner or later while mining you should stumble across what looks like a blue gumball – but don’t try to chew on it!

That gumball is actually aquamarine, a mineral that you can find in various nodes after you’ve reached level 40 in the mines.

This can appear directly on the ground, or you might find some from breaking Aquamarine Nodes or barrels in the mines as well.

Finding Aquamarine in Stardew Valley
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While Fishing

Once in a while, you might fish up a treasure chest alongside the fish you’re actually trying to catch.

In these treasure chests, you can find all kinds of treasures. Sometimes it’ll just contain a few rocks, or you might find more valuable items like aquamarine.

If you’ve also unlocked the panning ability in Stardew Valley, then aquamarine can also be gathered by panning in areas where the water is bubbling.


Inside Garbage Cans

Once in a while, you might find yourself with some aquamarine after searching the garbage cans around town.

It’s a fun treasure to obtain, especially considering garbage cans tend to be better known for – well, garbage.

Just remember that aquamarines will only start to show up on your dumpster diving journeys after you have reached the lowest level of the mines.


Aquamarine Uses



If you’re anything like me, then you might just forget that you actually can add some light to your farm to avoid the pitch black of night.

A classy way to do that is by building a marble brazier.

These fancy lights are made using aquamarine, marble, and stone, and they turn out to be pretty gorgeous!

The recipe can be purchased from Robin, but you’ll need to purchase all the other recipes first (you can only buy these Brazier recipes in order).

Here’s a table of what you’ll need to buy, the price, and in the correct order:

Brazier Cost
Wooden Brazier 250g
Stone Brazier 400g
Barrel Brazier 800g
Stump Brazier 800g
Gold Brazier 1,000g
Carved Brazier 2,000g
Skull Brazier 3,000g
Marble Brazier 5,000g

Gifting Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a gorgeous mineral, and many of your Stardew neighbors will love getting it as a present from you.

Dwarf, Emily, and Clint all love aquamarine. They will be ecstatic if you decide to gift it to them.

At the other end of the spectrum, Pierre, Linus, and Leah won’t be too happy to get aquamarine as a gift.

Aside from those two groups of people, most Stardew characters will like getting aquamarine.

Because of that, it often makes for a good gift when you aren’t sure what else to give a certain character.


Other Uses For Aquamarine

There’s mostly three other general uses for this mineral:

1. Quests
2. Weapon power-ups
3. Dye Bundle

You may find a few different quests that will require aquamarine along your journey.

These include wanted signs at Pierre’s, fish pond quests, and in Gem Bird puzzles.

If you want to be a melee expert, you can also use aquamarine to add a bit more power to your weapon.

And finally, aquamarine is also needed to wrap up the dye bundle that you’ll find on the community center bulletin board.

It really is more useful than it may initially appear!


The Value Of Aquamarine

By themselves, each piece of aquamarine can sell for up to 180g.

Compared to other gems, aquamarine is at the lower end of the spectrum. But it’s still far from worthless.

Here are a few gems that can earn you more gold than aquamarine:

Gem Value
Jade 200g
Emerald 250g
Ruby 250g
Diamond 750g
Prismatic Shard 2,000g

These prices do not include rates from the gemologist profession.

So if you want to make even more gold by selling gems then it’s a good idea to pick that profession.

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