Stardew Valley Holly: Locations & What To Do With It

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Holly can only be found in the winter season in Stardew Valley, and it can only be acquired by foraging.

Just spend some time foraging in the wooded areas outside of the farm and you’re sure to find some pretty quickly.

While it might not be the most valuable item you can find in winter, it’s still good for some free gold. And there are a few Pelican Town residents who will happily receive it as a gift.


Finding Holly In Stardew Valley

Foraging for wild holly in winter / Stardew Valley Screenshot
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Holly is one of the few items that can only be found through foraging.

The good news is that holly is free to obtain, but it does require a little patience.

Essentially, you’ll need to wait until winter.

Once the land gets snowy, spend some time searching all over the map.

Don’t forget areas like the Cindersap Forest and the Secret Forest as well (if you have it unlocked).

Sooner or later, you’re sure to come across some holly lying on the ground. Just pick it up and you’ll be good to go.


What Can You Do With Holly?



Tailoring with holly in Stardew Valley
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Although you may not be able to cook with holly, you can use it to make a delightful new shirt.

Just use a piece of cloth and some holly in a sewing machine and you’ll be able to make a fancy red blouse.

It’s a great clothing option for visiting the night market, attending the Feast Of The Winter Star, or just for looking great on a day to day basis.

If you don’t like the blouse (or you have more than one) you can also use this blouse as a dye to change the color of other clothing items.


Gifting Holly

If you’re trying to befriend Leah, Harvey, or Linus, then holly can be a great addition to your gift-giving repertoire.

However, these are the only three people in Stardew Valley who actually like holly.

Every other character will turn their nose up at it.

Because of this, holly tends to be a gift that’s better if you want to start some drama with your Pelican Town neighbors.


Is Holly Worth Getting?

Along with the snow, there are a few interesting forageable items in winter that may be able to help with padding your Stardew bank account.

While holly is definitely one of these items, it’s by no means the most valuable of them.

If you’re able to find iridium quality holly – meaning it has a purple star – you can sell it for 160g.

But here are a few other iridium-quality items you can forage in winter that can earn you more gold than holly:

  • Snow Yam – 200g
  • Crystal Fruit – 300g
  • Nautilus Shell (Only on the beach) – 240g
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