Where To Get Winter Root in Stardew Valley (Locations + Uses)

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Winter roots can be found by digging up artifact spots with your hoe during winter. You can also find them in garbage cans and at the traveling cart, but the best way is just foraging with your hoe.

Another method involves getting winter roots as a reward when fighting blue slimes, but this can be more of a grind.

Once you have some winter roots, you can use them to complete bundles or quests, give them as gifts, or turn them into a delicious roots platter.


Finding Winter Roots


Artifact Spots

Most commonly, winter roots are found by foraging in winter.

However, foraging for winter roots is different from foraging most other items in other seasons. This is because you won’t find them above ground.

Instead, you’ll have to be on the lookout for artifact spots.

These are spots on the ground where you’ll see some squiggly worms dancing about.

When you see these spots, equip your hoe and use it on the area.

Whatever is underneath will pop up, and you won’t know what it is until you’ve uncovered it!

Holding Winter Seeds in Stardew Valley
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Winter Seeds

Let’s say you have a few winter roots and other winter forageables already.

If you want to, you can use those items to grow more of these foraged items yourself.

Just combine your winter roots with a crystal fruit, crocus, and a snow yam.

This will make winter seeds.

Winter seeds are the only seeds you can grow in the winter season (unless you’re using your greenhouse).

They only take 7 days to grow, and each time you craft the Winter Seeds recipe you’ll get 10 total seeds you can plant (and yes, you plant them during the winter!)


Other Winter Root Locations

There are a variety of other ways to get your hands on some winter roots, especially if you just need 1 or 2 for making seeds.

These other methods include:

  • Digging around in garbage cans
  • As rewards when killing blue slimes
  • While shopping at the traveling cart

Just keep in mind that some of these options only apply in winter, so don’t expect winter roots to be easy to obtain in other seasons.


Uses For Winter Root



Winter roots are great to use in the Roots Platter recipe.

This recipe is pretty simple too:

  • Winter roots x1
  • Cave carrots x1

And once you’ve created your Roots Platter it’ll restore 125 energy and 56 health.

Additionally, consuming this recipe will give you a +3 attack buff for about five and a half minutes.

Consequently, it can be a useful energy to bring with you when you’re fighting through mines or caverns.



There are only three Stardew characters who will be happy to receive a winter root as a gift:

  • Harvey
  • Linus
  • Leah

All of the other characters are split between having a neutral reaction to winter roots, or disliking them.

That said, if you choose to turn those winter roots into a roots platter, your gifting options will change quite a bit!

For example, Penny loves the roots platter, but has a neutral reaction to winter roots.


Bundles And Quests

Alongside the other foraging bundles in the community center crafts room, there’s a winter foraging bundle.

For this bundle you will need x1 of the following:

  • Crocus
  • Winter root
  • Crystal fruit
  • Snow yams

Additionally, you may be able to earn some extra gold by keeping an eye on the Help Wanted board outside of Pierre’s.

Sooner or later, someone is likely to want a winter root and will be willing to pay you a whopping 140g for it!


Are Winter Roots Worth Getting?

On their own, winter roots are worth up to 140g.

Although that isn’t an extremely high amount, keep in mind that they’re often pretty easy to obtain.

On top of that, you can gift them or turn them into a Roots Platter – so they do have value beyond their monetary earnings.

Otherwise, maybe consider them a small extra addition to your bank funds.

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