Stardew Valley: Sweet Gem Berry Locations & Uses

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Sweet gem berries come from rare seeds, which are sold by the traveling cart.

These berries don’t have many uses – but they are great for padding your Stardew bank account.

Each berry sells for up to 6,000g. So it doesn’t hurt to purchase & grow as many of these seeds as you can!


Getting Sweet Gem Berries

Unlike many other items in Stardew Valley, there’s really only one way to get your hands on a sweet gem berry.

You’ll need to purchase a rare seed from the traveling cart vendor. She pretty much always has them, although the price can vary depending what season it is.

After purchasing rare seeds, you can plant them in fall or inside the greenhouse.

They take 24 days to grow starting from the day you plant them.

Here’s the growth cycle showing what time you’ll hit each stage:

Growth Reached On
Stage 1 Day 0
Stage 2 Day 2
Stage 3 Day 6
Stage 4 Day 12
Stage 5 Day 18
Harvest Day 24

You may not get many sweet gem berries considering how long they take, but the ones you do get will be worth quite a lot of gold.


Tailoring Uses

White Turban Item in Stardew Valley
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There can never be too many fancy hats in Stardew Valley!

With one sweet gem berry and one piece of cloth in your inventory, head to the nearest sewing machine.

From there you’ll be able to make a white turban that you can wear at any time.

It’s a great addition for those who want as many outfit choices as possible!


Gifting Sweet Gem Berries

If you absolutely feel the need to give a Stardew character a gift and have nothing else, a sweet gem berry is an okay gift.

That said, every character has a neutral reaction to this hard-to-acquire berry.

So don’t expect it to add much to your friendships with them.

Growing Sweet Gem Berries in a Greenhouse (Stardew Valley)
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Are Sweet Gem Berries Worth It?

If there’s one thing that sweet gem berries are good for, it’s earning gold.

You can’t use them in any recipes, make wine or preserves with them, or even complete quests with sweet gem berries.

That said, each sweet gem berry you grow can earn up to 6,000g.

That’s a pretty huge deal!

Here’s a full table of what you can earn from these:

Quality Sale Price
No Star 3,000g
Silver 3,750g
Gold 4,500g
Iridium 6,000g

Because of the high sale value, sweet gem berries are ideal for adding to your bank account.

In fact, if you can afford it, you might as well fill up your greenhouse with them so you can keep earning all year long.

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