Stardew Valley Wild Plums: Locations & Uses

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In Stardew Valley, wild plums can most easily be found by foraging in Fall. They can also be found in your very own farm cave, or by planting wild fall seeds.

And there’s a lot you can do with ‘em: from gifting to selling, to making your own plum pudding, wild plums prove themselves to be a pretty useful item.

They may not be worth as much as other items you can forage. But they’re still worth seeking out!


Where To Find Wild Plums



The most common way Stardew players can get their hands on wild plums is through foraging in the fall.

Basically, that just means exploring the map and picking up any plums you may find.

Forageable goods can be found almost anywhere, although they are more common in areas outside of the farm or town.

The wild areas around Leah’s home are a great place for finding wild plums. You can also search around the train station and Linus’ tent.

You can also check around the Bus Stop as well, since forageables there have a 60% chance of spawning wild plums (with the other 40% chance being hazelnuts).

Foraging Wild Plum Location in Stardew Valley
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Farm Cave

Early on in the game, your farm will be visited by Demetrius.

He comes with an offer in hand that will benefit both himself and you.

With his help, you have the opportunity to turn the cave on your farm into either a mushroom cave, or a cave for fruit bats.

If you choose the latter, you’ll find that different kinds of fruit will begin appearing in the cave at random.

Sometimes fruit will show up that isn’t even in season.

Stardew Valley Fruit Cave with Wild Plums
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You might have to exercise a bit of patience, but this method can be a great one for obtaining all kinds of fruit across all seasons (including plums).


Farming Wild Plums

With the help of some fall wild seeds and a greenhouse, you can grow wild plums at any time of the year.

Like the wild seeds offered in other seasons, these are seeds you can make yourself using foraged goods.

The downfall here is that you do need wild plums first in order to make them.

But some other ways to get wild fall seeds include filling up the foraging bundle for fall, trading for the seeds with the help of the desert trader, finding them in the skull cavern, or purchasing these seeds from the traveling cart.


Wild Plum Uses in Stardew Valley


Wild Plum Recipes

There aren’t many recipes available that use wild plums. But you can combine 2 wild plums with sugar and wheat flour to make plum pudding.

And once you’ve cooked up this delicious recipe, you can gift it to Jas. She absolutely loves it!

Or you could opt to eat it yourself for the energy, or even sell it for 260g.


Gifting Wild Plums

Wild plums can also make for decent gifts for many of your fellow villagers.

Although wild plums aren’t on the list of “loved” items for any character, they are liked by several.

These characters include:

  • Elliott
  • Jodi
  • Leah
  • Pam
  • Sandy
  • Demetrius
  • Harvey
  • Kent
  • Linus
  • Robin
  • Shane

Are Wild Plums Worth It?


Wild plums are a great addition to your foraging efforts. They may not be worth the most gold, but they’re certainly not worthless.

By themselves, wild plums sell for 160g.

By comparison, common shrooms only sell for 80g, and blackberries sell for 40g (though there are often multiple berries in a single bush).

On the other hand, forageable fall items like hazelnuts, chanterelles, red shrooms, and purple shrooms are all worth more.

Essentially, wild plums are worth picking up, but they aren’t the only fall forageable you want to seek out.

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