Stardew Valley Sweet Peas: Locations, Uses & Gift Ideas

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You can easily find sweet peas by foraging for them in the summertime. These flowers can be found pretty much anywhere around the valley, except for your farm – unless you chose the forest farm.

Since they aren’t difficult to find, sweet peas aren’t worth quite as much as other forageable items.

However, there are many villagers living in Pelican Town who would love to get these flowers as a gift!


Where To Find Sweet Peas

Sweet Pea Flower Location in Stardew Valley
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The simplest way to find sweet peas is to wait until summer and then go exploring.

These pretty little flowers will show up in a number of places, including:

  • Cindersap Forest (South of the farm)
  • Around the railroad north of Linus’ tent
  • In Pelican Town
  • Around the farm in summer (If you chose the forest farm map)
  • In the grassy areas around the bus stop

New sweet peas and other forageable items will show up every night, so don’t despair if you don’t find any on your first day of foraging!


Growing Your Own

If you’ve already been doing some foraging, you can also use the summer items you’ve foraged to grow yourself some more sweet peas.

Just combine sweet peas with grapes and spice berries to create some summer seeds.

Those seeds can grow any of the 3 items you can forage during the summertime, and what you get from each pack of seeds is totally randomized.

Being able to grow these guys for free can earn you more money though, so it can be worthwhile.


Gifting Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are a gift most of your neighbors are happily willing to accept.

Your #1 choice for gifting should be Sandy, as she’s the only villager who loves Sweet Peas.

But every other villager except three likes Sweet Peas as a gift. That’s basically 90% of the town!

The 3 villagers who dislike sweet pears are George, Sebastian, and Clint.

Everyone else? Fair game.


Sweet Pea Bundles

If you haven’t wrapped up your foraging bundles yet, make sure you add sweet pea to your list.

The foraging bundles are often the easiest to complete, and you’ll need sweet pea to fill up the summer foraging bundle. Here’s the full list of what you’ll need (one of each forageable):

  • Grape
  • Spice Berry
  • Sweet Pea

You’ll find that bundle alongside a group of other foraging bundles in the craft room of the community center.

And what’s your reward for this bundle?

Summer seeds! So you can keep growing even more.


Tailoring With Sweet Peas

Sweet Pea Tanktop Tailored in Stardew Valley
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One of the interesting aspects of Stardew Valley is that you can use pretty much anything to tailor a new kind of clothing.

That includes plants, artifacts, flowers, and even food.

When you tailor an item using a sweet pea, you get this adorable tank top combo shirt that can also be used to create purple dye for other clothing items.


Are Sweet Peas Valuable?

If you’re asking yourself whether or not sweet peas are worth farming in bulk, just keep in mind that they do have more uses than simply earning gold.

These flowers can make the majority of your Stardew neighbors quite happy, and you can use them to make clothing too.

That said, here’s what you can earn selling Sweet Peas by default:

Quality Sale Price
No Star 50g
Silver 62g
Gold 75g
Iridium 100g

And here’s what Sweet Peas sell for if you pick the Tiller profession:

Quality Sale Price (Tiller)
No Star 55g
Silver 68g
Gold 82g
Iridium 110g

The Tiller profession doesn’t really add much extra here.

Ultimately these can be worth a pretty penny, but there’s other ways to earn money faster – so consider growing these mostly for gifts or for clothing.

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