20 ACNH Attic & Loft Room Ideas For Design Inspo

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Once you’ve paid off enough loans to Tom Nook, you gain the ability to expand your house for additional rooms.

One option you have is an upstairs room that you can design in a few different ways.

While I personally have that room set up as my bedroom, you could always go for a loft-style attic design.

And if you’re looking for ideas, this list has you covered.


20. Spare Bedroom

Spare Bedroom Attic Design - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @mabelsapron

Unless you don’t have a lot of space in your real home, putting a spare bedroom in the attic is probably not the best option.

However, it does make for a fun and creative way to use that top floor.

To mimic this design you can snag an ivory medium round mat from Saharah when she visits your island.

You’d also need two futons for your guests to sleep, on since there’s apparently nothing even remotely comfortable for them. (No joke, futons are awful)

And the wedding party wall helps give the place an old and dingy feel.

Also try placing some cardboard boxes on the floor to give off the impression that you just don’t care about the quality of your guests’ sleeping conditions… and then your attic bedroom is finished!


19. Chic Loft Apartment

Chic Loft Apartment Idea - ACNH
Image Source by motherofcoons

Moving onto some better top-floor living conditions, here’s a cute loft idea that utilizes some typical furniture items, as well as custom designs.

Some furniture you’d need to craft for this include a tea table, rocking chair, wooden wardrobe, and wooden end tables.

All of these items use different types of wood, so get chopping!

And be sure to purchase a double sofa to relax on by that tea table.

The key to this space has to be the custom designs on the walls and flooring. You’ll also want to make (or download) different designs of plants on shelves to place on your walls.

Then once you have a custom design for a rug, you can enjoy your new loft apartment.


18. Botanical Garden Room

Botanical Garden Attic Interior - ACNH Idea
Image Source by jaykyungsoo

Here’s one more loft idea that uses a bunch of house plants.

Before we get to the plants, here’s two furniture items you’ll want to obtain: an iron garden bench and bookshelf, both of which you’ll need to craft.

And the light colored mama and baby bears also help make the room feel more welcoming.

As for plants, honestly, just about any house plants will do.

Some of my favorites you see in this idea are the monsters, fan palm, and cypress plant. Use as many as you wish, because the more the merrier!


17. Kitchen Loft

Kitchen Loft Attic Design - ACNH Idea
Image Source by heyitskristie

This loft idea incorporates both a kitchen and living room into your top floor.

Most of the furniture you see here comes from the ironwood set, which uses both iron and wood to craft (of course).

Ironwood low tables, dressers, cupboards, and kitchenettes are just some of the furniture items you’ll need for this cozy living space.

For the living room area, you’ll also want to purchase a double sofa and fireplace for a warm place to relax.

In the kitchen, you’d want to to buy a gas range and refrigerator from Nook Shopping. The drink machine is available via Nook Miles, and it adds a fun touch.


16. Home Office

Home Office Upstairs Attic Design - ACNH Idea
Image Source by dolobali

Here’s another room type you can build upstairs: a home office.

I’m sure many of us are a bit accustomed to working from home. Well this idea lets you do the same on your ACNH island.

To start this build, you want to purchase a den desk and den chair for your work area. Also, place some bookends, scattered papers, or an essay set on the desk… just so you at least look like you’re working.

As for other furniture, you can craft the trophy case yourself. And be sure to proudly display all you Happy Home Academy awards on the wall!

You can also purchase a foosball table, fireplace, and retro stereo, which makes this home office just a bit more cozy.


15. Modern Art Loft

Modern Art Loft Idea in ACNH
Image Source by @acnh_miss

This loft idea mostly stands out because of the color scheme. But it’s also easy and fun to pull off.

It uses the standard tearoom wallpaper, but the left wall is all elegant custom designs!

The two floor lamps match the sophistication walls nicely, as they’re customized to blend with the navy pattern.

And the double sofa and antique table both go well with the room’s aesthetic.

The finishing touch here is placing some customized unglazed dish sets onto the table, so you can enjoy some afternoon tea with your friends.


14. Cute Guest Room

Cute Guest Room In Attic - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @ameliarose_acnh

Here’s a bedroom idea that incorporates some storage room aspects as well.

If you bought a kid’s tent during the Toy Day season, you could use it in this space, along with a lace rug.

I also hope you saved a Turkey Day rug! Because I think it gives this room more of an outdoorsy feeling.

For the other furniture, you’ll want to craft a logwood bed, wooden wardrobe, and purchase an imperial chest.

And then you can finish off the room with some cardboard boxes. I mean, it is still and attic, and you have to store your junk somewhere…


13. Spooky Attic

Spooky Attic Design Idea - ACNH Screenshot
Image Source by @VenusTheKid

Often times, the attic is one of the spookiest rooms in the house.

And this idea capitalizes on that spookiness.

A lot of the items here can be obtained from Jack on Halloween night, such as the spooky wallpaper and flooring, spooky garland, and Jack’s portrait.

This design definitely has a nice, ancient feel to it. Specifically with the addition of the antique bed, clock, vanity, and wardrobe.

I also think the upright piano adds to the spooky-ness, since scary movies often have some kinda creepy dude playing the piano somewhere down the hall.

So dim the lights and put some candles on the table, cause we’ve got some villagers to scare…


12. Imperial Bedroom

Eclectic Bedroom in the Attic - ACNH Idea
Image Source by daisyvino

Here’s an upstairs regal bedroom idea that suggests this is an attic of importance.

That’s because a lot of the furniture comes from the imperial set. You’d need to buy an imperial bed and chest to build this idea, so save up some money, because they can be costly.

Some other pieces that I think give the room a sense of elegance are the spinning wheel, antique sewing machine, and grand piano.

Not to mention the fireplace with a gramophone.

And if you design this yourself, you’ll absolutely want to hang some nice artwork around.

Anything grandiose. Maybe the Amazing Painting, like the design above!


11. Surveillance Room

Surveillance Room Design in ACNH
Image Source by @NoodleXingAC

Honestly, there’s not a whole lot in this room.

But it is a really creative concept.

There’s some standard furniture here, like a double sofa and antique bed, to suggest someone sane might actually live here.

But you probably don’t care as much about that, given the giant wall of computer monitors!

All of this is actually a bunch of custom designs, carefully crafted to feel like a spy room.

Now you can oversee all those little parts of your island.

So kick back in your den chair, and let your diabolical deeds begin!


10. Cluttered Storage

Cluttered Storage Area - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @CinnamonACNH

Let’s be real:

This room is just a bunch of random crap thrown around. However, there’s just something about the ingenuity of it that makes me love it!

To tell the truth, I’m pretty sure the middle of this room is clear. But the walls are lined with tons of junk that you might find in someone’s dusty old attic.

A vacuum cleaner, blackboard, antique wardrobe, iron shelf, and ironing board are just some of the items you can buy to clutter up this space.

As for crafting, there’s wooden bookshelves, rocking horses, and a sleigh. These make for excellent pieces of junk to throw into storage as well.

And don’t forget, this place is supposed to be a dump.

So place some scattered papers and cardboard boxes on the floor.


9. Galactic Arcade

Galactic Arcade Interior - ACNH Idea
Image Source by RossyDubz

I’ve seen an arcade-style idea done in basements, living rooms, diners, outdoors… and here it is in the attic.

And it’s still a marvel to look at.

To start building this, you first want some sci-fi wallpaper to set the outer space theme.

Next, you want to purchase plenty of arcade machines.

Arcade fighting, combat, and mahjong games go for about 64,000 a piece. So you’d better save up those bells.

Pinball machines and a jukebox also make for great décor that help illuminate the scene. And before you know it, you’ll have the coolest game room in town.


8. Fruity Flower Loft

Fruity Flower Loft Area - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @acnh_arendelle

If you like colors, flowers, and fruit, this loft design is worth trying!

Just about every single item in this room can be crafted from some sort of flower or fruit.

The pear wardrobe and wallpaper can be crafted from pears. The cherry speaker and light can be crafted from cherries. The orange mini table and rug can be crafted from oranges.

I know, this is pretty advanced stuff.

As for flowers, the rose bed, cosmos shower, and lily record player are some of my favorite items pictured above. They just make the room way more vibrant.


7. Dusty Library

Dusty Library Interior - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @femur_crossing

On the theme of slightly spooky attics, an upstairs library could also make for a mildly creepy room design.

Step one is crafting some classic library wallpaper from books.

Step two is crafting some wooden bookshelves from books.

Step three is crafting some book piles from books.

You’re going to need a lot of books here…

I mean, it is a library after all.

Also I’d say the upright piano, rocking chair, cello, and familiar statue are just some of the additional items that help to create the antique atmosphere.

But if you want even more library design ideas then check out our recommendations on that too.


6. Witch’s Attic

Witch-themed Attic Design - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @the_oakwitch

Even witches need someplace to live.

And your attic might do the trick!

Like other attic designs on this list, here you’ll need wooden bookshelves, wooden block bookshelves, and book piles for all your magical recipes.

The magic circle rug and constellation study poster are a couple magical decorations for you to purchase as well.

What really enhances the mysticism here is the nova light, which you can craft from star fragments.

And I also like the fortune teller set, which is available for purchase too.

Finish off the room with some custom wall designs that show off your many potions, books, and candles!


5. Art Studio

Art Studio Loft Attic - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @mostlyskin

Time to channel your inner artist and create a fun studio just upstairs.

To design this yourself, purchase an office desk, some upright lockers, and a tool shelf for some background furniture.

But the star of this design is the art itself.

You can display any paintings up here, anything you get a hold of, as finished works of art.

Or you can even create some custom art designs and display them across the room. And why not? You’re the artist, so let’s show off your work!


4. City Loft Apartment

City Loft Apartment Design in ACNH
Image Source by @ACNH_Barkenos

If want to create a modern & urban loft that overlooks the city, here’s one awesome idea you can try.

Start with the cityscape wall to spark that feeling of the city nightlife.

Then, honestly, the rest of the room consists of some typical furniture items you can craft or purchase.

If you want to mimic the design above, just craft some wooden bookshelves to line the walls.

Then purchase an antique bed, desk, and vanity, and you’ll be set for living the city life.


3. Tattoo Parlor

Tattoo Parlor in Attic - ACNH Idea
Image Source by mostNONheinous

Here we have a completely different room idea, far more than just your typical attic.

To start building your own ACNH tattoo parlor, you’ll want to set up specific areas for those crazy animals getting tattoos.

And you can design them with a simple cot for the customer, and various chairs for the artist. In this case, a modern desk chair and diner chair are used. But most other chairs or stools can work.

Use simple panels to separate the different tattooing stations as needed.

And the real focus of any tattoo parlor is the art samples plastered all over the wall.

This player uses different K.K. records for that. I think it’s a cool idea, but I also want to throw out custom designs as another possibility for a more personalized studio.


2. Café Leblanc Attic

Persona 5 Cafe Leblanc Room - ACNH Idea
Image Source by ampeaches

If you’re also a fan of the Persona video game series like me, then you should easily recognize the attic of Café Leblanc from Persona 5!

This serves as the protagonist’s bedroom, but I think it also makes for a cool attic as well.

The brown double sofa gives off the right dingy feeling here for sure.

To make this yourself, you’ll need iron and wood to craft the ironwood furniture like the bed, low table, chair, and the iron shelf.

And the part that’s really cool is that this player added custom art of the Phantom Thieves logo on the wall. Talk about a crazy crossover.


1. Skyscraper Observation Deck

Observation Deck Attic Space - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @socutecrossing

What can I say except “that’s quite the view!”

While you obviously aren’t actually looking off a rooftop, the skyscraper wallpaper sure gives the illusion you are.

Especially coupled with some of the present items.

You can purchase the pool, solar panel, and tourist telescopes from Nook Miles, and the lounge beach chairs from Nook Shopping.

Then if you want to design this same idea yourself, just craft some iron garden tables and chairs for rooftop seating.

Finish it off with a barbecue and you’re ready for an indoor rooftop cookout in your very own attic!

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