Best 4-Star Moonlight Heroes in Epic Seven (Ranked)

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Before introducing the current 4-Star Moonlight pity system, but after the introduction of Mystic Summons, 4-Star Moonlight heroes became the hardest to acquire units in the entirety of Epic Seven.

If you wanted a 4-Star hero, your only hope was to pray you didn’t get spooked by the 5-Star while spending your Mystic Medals – or risk it all with Galaxy bookmarks.

And 4-Star Moonlight heroes have seen various levels of play over the years, both in PVE and PVP.

But here we’ll be taking a look at some of the most notable 4-Star Moonlight heroes that deserve your attention.


10. Auxiliary Lots (Honorable Mention)

Auxiliary Lots from Epic Seven

Class: Mage
Element: Dark

For how long he stood at the top of Epic Seven’s early metagame, Aux Lots deserves at least a passing mention on this list.

Aux Lots sees little-to-no play nowadays due to the emergence of units like Politis and Celine, who counterattack when an enemy uses a non-attacking skill. Celine’s exclusive equipment was designed to counter Aux Lots, as it allows her to target the enemy hero with the highest attack.

However, Aux Lots was the premier support to any cleave comp before all of this.

Aux Lots’ first and third skills are irrelevant here, as we only care about his second skill, which boosts an ally’s combat readiness by 100%!

Due to Aux Lots being a mage (meaning he can carry Tagahel’s), all you need to cleave an opponent is an Aux Lots and Judge Kise.

Sadly, this is no longer the case, and cleave is all but dead and buried in its traditional form.

Still, we have to pay respect to Aux Lots for providing us with so many fun times!


9. Sinful Angelica

Sinful Angelica from Epic Seven

Class: Soul Weaver
Element: Dark

Singelica had a brief stint in PVP as an anti-reviver but doesn’t see much play nowadays in RTA.

Singelica has managed to stay relevant due to her vital role in Wyvern 13 one-shot teams.

We thought about giving this PVE slot to Kitty Clarissa due to her near necessity in clearing Abyss 111-120. However, after Abyss is over and done with, where do you plan on spending most of your time?

That’s right: at the end of the day, all roads lead back to Wyvern!

This gives Singelica a much longer shelf life, and it’s why she earns this spot.


8. Challenger Dominiel

Challenger Dominiel from Epic Seven

Class: Soul Weaver
Element: Light

Challenger Dominiel has been given the honor of representing all of Epic Seven.

C.Dom’s face is the first thing you see when loading up Epic Seven every day – I mean, she’s featured as the game’s icon, after all.

She used to be the go-to pick for cleave teams because she could boost up the team’s combat readiness, and nuke any one unit.

But as mentioned previously, she has since fallen off due to the number of interrupts present in today’s meta.

That said, she can still be a genuine threat in the right situations.


7. Inferno Khawazu

Inferno Khawazu from Epic Seven

Class: Warrior
Element: Dark

Inferno Khawazu, otherwise known as “Hwayoung-Lite,” is your go-to nuker and counter to debuff teams.

Khawazu can cleanse his debuffs, boost his combat readiness, and quickly end the life of one unit on the opposing team.

While he doesn’t offer much in the realm of team support, he does his job well enough to be picked for niche situations.


6. Blood Blade Karin

Blood Blade Karin from Epic Seven

Class: Thief
Element: Dark

BBK is a great AOE damage-dealing Thief who, thanks to a recent buff granting her invincibility at the start of the battle, has seen a slight resurgence in popularity.

She is often compared to Tempest Surin because the two fill a similar role as life-stealing damage dealers.

T.Surin is often considered the better pick for PVP due to her added debuffs, stealth, and combat readiness boosts, but BBK is a lot more versatile when it comes to PVE.

BBK can prove very useful as a cleaver in RTA – but she works just as well in Banshee Hunt or Automaton Tower.


5. Champion Zerato

Champion Zerato from Epic Seven

Class: Mage
Element: Dark

Champion Zerato is your defining counter pick into debuff-heavy matchups.

As more and more debuffers are released, C.Zerato’s stocks will only continue to rise.

C.Zerato is able to counterattack when debuffed and transfer his debuffs to the enemy!

Add onto this massive AOE damage, an AOE defense break, a skill one that hits two units, and incredible lifesteal potential, and you have one of the greatest ML 4-Star units to ever be released.

We feel sorry for all of those who traded him in for a selector after Smilegate patched his kit…


4. Assassin Cidd (+ Assassin Coli)

Assassin Cidd from Epic Seven

Class: Thief
Element: Dark

Assassin Cidd and Assassin Coli fill a similar role, so we felt it best to include both of them on the list.

And with that said, Assassin Cidd is likely the stronger pick – but if built correctly, both of these units should be able to take the first turn and eliminate an enemy threat.

Either you want to take out the opponent’s turn one combat readiness pusher or eliminate the main DPS.


3. Crimson Armin

Crimson Armin from Epic Seven

Class: Knight
Element: Light

Carmin has risen to the top of the PVP meta, then fallen to relative obscurity, and then to the top again.

She was a menace during the initial days of Epic Seven PVP, as there were very few counters to an AOE invincibility at the time.

During this era, all you needed to do was build your Carmin fast enough to get that skill three off and proceed to wait for your opponent to forfeit!

After the metagame progressed, Carmin saw less viability. However, thanks to several buffs to her kit, she has returned as a great tanker who can still cripple an unprepared enemy who can’t strip invincibility.


2. Troublemaker Crozet

Troublemaker Crozet from Epic Seven

Class: Mage
Element: Knight

Troublemaker Crozet has had a slow but steady rise into the upper echelons of PVP content.

Upon release, he didn’t see very much play.

But over time, people have started to realize just how much of a… troublemaker… he can be.

Troublemaker Crozet’s kit revolves around protecting your most important hero. T.Crozet absorbs a portion of the damage suffered by the ally in the back row, and boosts his combat readiness whenever that hero is attacked (with a chance to counter the attack).

Not only this, but T.Crozet can also dispel all buffs from both himself and a target ally while granting them increased critical hit resistance or a barrier depending on their class.

T.Crozet typically allows squishy heroes like Landy and Rem to sit comfortably in the backline without the fear of being one-shot.

Additionally, he can almost infinitely prolong the life of units that thrive in extended battles (like Little Queen Charlotte).


1. Angel of Light Angelica

Angel of Light Angelica from Epic Seven

Class: Mage
Element: Light

In years to come, after Epic Eight, Nine, and Ten have all been released, scholars will look through their history books and question the cause of Epic Seven’s downfall.

Unfortunately, they’ll only find a picture of AOLA staring back at them.

AOLA’s kit would already be overpowered if she was a five-star hero.

The fact that she’s a four-star is ridiculous!

Her ability to negate all forms of AOE while also silencing the entire enemy team almost constantly makes her one of the greatest anti-cleave heroes in the game.

Unfortunately, many of us have yet to acquire AOLA due to her only banner running alongside… ugh… Specimen Sez…

AOLA was the first domino to fall, and is one of the main reasons Epic Seven has now introduced pity for four-star Moonlight heroes (due to the uproar of the player base who couldn’t snag her).

If you have AOLA, congratulations!

If you don’t, join the club!

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