How To Make 6-Star Heroes in Epic Seven

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You can make 6-star Heroes by leveling them up to their current max level, before promoting them with either Phantasmas or Units of the same Grade.

While this might seem straightforward at first glance, it can become confusing because of the slightly complicated Promotion system that Epic Seven has.

This guide will show you how to create Max Level Heroes from scratch with 8 simple steps:

  • Step 1 – Promote White Phantasma with Fodder Units
  • Step 2 – Level up 3★ White Phantasma with Penguins to Max Level
  • Step 3 – Level Up Fodder Units with Penguins to Max Level (Optional)
  • Step 4 – Promote Max Level 2★ Fodder Units with other Fodder Units (Optional)
  • Step 5 – Promote your Max Level 3★ White/Yellow Phantasma with the 3★ Fodder Units (Optional)
  • Step 6 – Level up 4★ White/Yellow Phantasma with Penguins to Max Level (Optional)
  • Step 7 – Promote Max Level 4★ White/Black/Yellow Phantasma with 4★ Phantasmas
  • Step 8 – Promote Your Heroes Accordingly

NOTE: For the sake of clarity, Mega-Phantasmas will be referred to as White Phantasmas, Giga-Phantasmas as Yellow Phantasmas, and Tera-Phantasmas as Black Phantasmas.


Step 1: Promote White Phantasmas with Fodder Units

Bulk Promotion Page (2★ Mega-Phantasma + Fodder Units) / Epic Seven

Using Bulk Promotion will make this Step much easier, as you typically have way too many White Phantasmas and Fodder units to go through and promote one by one.

White Phantasmas already come out of the Forest of Souls leveled up to max at 2★, so you needn’t worry about leveling them up at this step just yet.


Step 2: Level up 3★ White Phantasma with Penguins to Max Level

Level Up Page (3★ Mega-Phantasma) / Epic Seven

After Promoting your 2★ White Phantasmas to 3★, you level them up by simply clicking Auto Select.

You don’t have to worry about wasting any EXP, since any excess EXP incurred in the leveling process will be refunded via Penguins.


Step 3: Level Up Fodder Units with Penguins to Max Level (Optional)

Level Up Page (Fodder Unit) / Epic Seven

Now, this step is optional because you can skip right to Step 5 if you lack the Fodder Units necessary for these promotions.

Of course, it’ll be more cost-effective not to skip this step, as Fodder Units are arguably easier to farm than White Phantasmas.

But to each their own.


Step 4: Promote Max Level Fodder Unit with other Fodder Units (Optional)

Promotion Page (Fodder Unit + Fodder Units) / Epic Seven

Again, this step is optional if you don’t have the Fodder Units.

After all, most of your Fodder Units will most likely be spent right after Step 1.

If you’d like to know more about Fodder Units and where to get them, feel free to check out our separate farming guide on that topic.


Step 5: Promote your Max Level 3★ White/Yellow Phantasma with the 3★ Fodder Units or 3★ White Phantasmas

Bulk Promotion Page (Mega-Phantasma + Fodder Units) / Epic Seven

This step is where it gets a bit tricky.

Only a bit though, as you simply have to decide whether you should:

  • Use 3★ Fodder Units, or
  • Use other 3★ White Phantasmas to Promote the Max-level 3★ White or Yellow Phantasmas

Either way, you’ll be able to procure 4★ White Phantasmas for the next few steps after this.


Step 6: Level up 4★ White/Yellow Phantasma with Penguins to Max Level (Optional)

Level Up Page (Mega-Phantasma) / Epic Seven

Much like in Step 2, here you’ll need to level up either the 4★ White Phantasma, or the 4★ Yellow Phantasma to max level to be able to Promote them to 5★.

However, this step is optional if you have a Black Phantasma. Reason being they’re already max-level 4★ units as soon as you receive them.


Step 7: Promote Max Level 4★ White/Black/Yellow Phantasmas with 4★ Phantasmas

Promotion Page (4★ Tera-Phantasma + Mega-Phantasmas) / Epic Seven

This will be the final step of the lengthy Phantasma promotion & leveling process.

After this step, you’ll be able to receive a 5★ Phantasma, which you can use to promote a max-level 5★ Hero.

Now all you have to do is start all over again from Step 1 to create a total of five 5★ Phantasmas, which is the requirement for promoting any Hero to 6★.


Step 8: Promote Your Heroes Accordingly

Promotion Page (Krau + Tera-Phantasmas) / Epic Seven

This is officially the endgame of all the tedious leveling and promoting you’ve just done.

And finally, you’ll be able to get your 6★ Unit!

Just keep in mind that you will have to promote Heroes according to their original Grade.

For example, a 3★ Hero will require three 3★ Phantasmas to be promoted to 4★

And 4★ Heroes will require four 4★ Phantasmas to be promoted to 5★ first, before you can promote them all to 6★.


6-Star Heroes: General Tips

To be able to create 6★ Heroes as efficiently and error-free as you possibly can, take note of the following information:

  • Never use max-level units as Promotion Materials.
  • You can use Dupes as Promotion Materials instead of Fodder Units or Phantasmas as long as they’re on the same Grade.
  • Using Dupes as Promotion Materials automatically increases your Hero’s Memory Imprint.
  • For the sake of conserving Penguins, try to collect as much Yellow Phantasmas and Black Phantasmas as you can.
  • Dog Walking Phantasmas can also be considered an alternative for leveling them up. Given, of course, that you have the time, stamina, and patience for it.
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