How To Get Kulukan in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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Kulukan can be found behind the counter in Kilika’s tavern.

She’s already a member of the Kilika Beasts, so you’ll need to wait until her contract with them expires before you can recruit her onto the Besaid Aurochs.

She costs 50 gil per game to sign.


Who is Kulukan?

Part-time bartender and part-time Blitzer, Kulukan is a woman of many feats.

If you’re able to get her when her contract with the Beasts lapses, you’ll acquire a fairly interesting player, although that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s good.

Kulukan has the same problem that fellow Kilika Beast member Nizarut has:

They take a long time to get good.

In her initial levels, Kulukan can only really be described as mediocre.

Her best attributes are her Attack (AT), Pass (PA), and Block (BL), which makes you think ‘defender’ – and you’re right.

But before level 40 or so she’s just so… not great.

Kulukan Blitzball Stats Screen / FFX HD

Once she crests that hill, she easily becomes one of the best defenders in the game (her PA stat reaches an astounding ninety-six at level 99).

But the road to get her there is a long one.

She doesn’t start with any techniques, either.

At least her price is decent!

A fair example of “you get what you pay for” (and if you level her up, you get even more).

Kulukan Fullscreen Location in Kilika Tavern / FFX HD

Is Kulukan Worth It?

No, not really.

While at her top level she is amazing, that’s likely a very distant goal for most players. And playing blitzball enough to reach level 99 is something that most players won’t bother to get to.

Those looking just to get Wakka’s stuff from blitzball ought to look at signing some players elsewhere.

Unless you’re a super hardcore blitzball fanatic looking to create the best of the best, then leave Kulukan with her home team and her tavern.

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