FFX: Zalitz Free Agent Blitzball Guide (Location + Stats)

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Zalitz can be found hanging around outside the Luca Theater.

He’s a blitzball free agent, so you can recruit him to the Besaid Aurochs at any time.

His cost is 150 gil per game.


Who is Zalitz?

Zalitz is the definition of a defender.

This man with the strange name is a former sailor and part-time blitzer.

Sign him up and you’ll see he has excellent Block (BL), which makes him a good defender.

His Attack (AT) and Pass (PA) take some time to grow, about forty levels or so, but eventually those get really good too.

Zalitz blitzball stats screenshot / FFX HD

At higher levels, his Block and Pass will be about equal, reaching just about seventy at level 99.

The most interesting thing about Zalitz is that he starts with Hi-Risk. This super-rare ability halves all of his stats (except for HP and Speed/SP) but also doubles his experience gain.

All those slow-starting stats we just discussed?

Hi-Risk helps you get there faster. And Hi-Risk makes Zalitz an interesting case.

He can be a particularly good defender, but you’ll have to suffer a major loss in his stats should you keep the ability around until he’s high enough level (40 or so) to remove it and stay effective.

Zalitz fullscreen screenshot location / FFX HD

Is Zalitz Worth It?

If you can deal with Zalitz at his worst, you totally deserve him at his best.

If you don’t like the idea of having to deal with a sub-par set of stats while his accelerated experience growth boosts him to greatness, then look for somebody else.

Zalitz is all about playing a weird waiting game where you’re almost just putting up with him until he blooms statistically.

If you’re on the fence, just try him out!

His price is pretty low and he’s easy to get.

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