FFXIV: How To Get The Construct VI-S Mount

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The Construct VI-S Mount can be purchased from the Faux Commander (Idyllshire, X:6 Y:6) for 500 Faux Leaves. Faux Leaves themselves are rewards from completing Unreal Trials.

Upon completion of the weekly Trials, you’re given the opportunity to play the minigame Faux Hollows.

Faux Hollows is a simple grid matching game, which rewards up to 200 Faux Leaves per week.

Unreal Trials were synced Level 80 versions of Extreme Trials from A Realm Reborn. Shiva, Titan, and Leviathan were all featured throughout Shadowbringers.

Currently there are no Unreal Trials running as of 6.0, so as of this writing you can’t acquire Faux Leaves.

They are slated to return in 6.1, however, so it’s likely that they’ll be available by the time you’re reading this.

The Trials themselves don’t contain any new mechanics. Strategies are widely available should you need to freshen up on fight knowledge.

Weekly runs are almost always up in Party Finder too.

Simply pop in and win to claim your prize, no loot roll required.


Becoming A Friend To Your Faux Commander

The unimposing Faux Commander of Idyllshire / FFXIV
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There are actually a couple steps in order to unlock Faux Hollows and Unreal Trials.

Firstly, Players will need to reach Level 60 and speak with the Unctuous Adventurer (Idyllshire, X:7 Y:6).

This begins the Quest “Keeping Up With The Aliapohs” which in turn unlocks the Wondrous Tails system.

Wondrous Tails itself is a Weekly Quest that gives rewards for completing various duties.

Next, the Player will need to complete the Level 80 Main Story Quest “Shadowbringers”.

With that and Wondrous Tails out of the way, speak with the Painfully Ishgardian Man (Idyllshire, X:7 Y:6).

He’ll give you the Quest “Fantastic Mr. Faux” which unlocks both Faux Hollows and the current Unreal Trial.

Leviathan, the most recent Unreal Trial on the Rhotano Sea / FFXIV
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The Commander actually offers a variety of items in addition to the Construct VI-S Mount.

Everything you can get is listed below – good luck!

Item Type Cost (Faux Leaves)
Tamamo Headband Glamour 250
Spriggan Earrings Glamour 350
Paissa Ring Glamour 350
Cait Sith Neck Ribbon Glamour 350
Incitatus Whistle Mount 600
Construct VI-S Core Mount 600
Ixion Clarion Mount 400
Anteater Minion 400
Sand Fox Minion 400
Lesser Panda Minion 150
Korpokkur Kid Minion 150
Cashmere Attire Coffer Glamour 250
Magicked Prism (various) Other 25
Cracked Planicluster (4) Other 10
Cracked Stellacluster (2) Other 10
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