How To Get The Korpokkur Colossus Mount in FFXIV

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The whimsical Korpokkur Colossus Mount is acquired from the Gold Saucer for 750,000 MGP.

MGP is earned through various attractions in the Gold Saucer and the Challenge Log.

These include:

  • Triple Triad
  • Lords of Verminion
  • Chocobo Racing
  • Doman Mahjong
  • The Fashion Report
  • Cactpot
  • Mini-games (Cuff-a-curr, Crystal Tower Striker, Monster Toss, Moogle’s Paw, Out on a Limb & The Finer Miner)
  • Gold Saucer Active Time Events (GATEs include The Slice is Right, Cliffhanger, Air Force One, Any Way the Wind Blows, Leap of Faith)

The Challenge Log in conjunction rewards you for completing these various games. It’s a great way to passively farm up MGP for minimal effort.

Here’s a quick reference on what the rewards are:

Size Doesn’t Matter Complete 3 mini-games 1000 MGP
From Small Things Earn 100 MGP in mini-games 1500 MGP
Open the Gates Participate in 5 GATEs 5000 MGP
Close the Gates Successfully complete 3 GATEs 8000 MGP
To the Races I Enter 3 Chocobo Races 5000 MGP
To the Races II Enter 20 Chocobo Races 8000 MGP
Victory Lap I Win a Chocobo Race 5000 MGP
Victory Lap II Win 10 Chocobo Races 8000 MGP
Always in Threes Play 10 Triple Triad Matches 5000 MGP
A Winner is You Win 10 Triple Triad Matches 8000 MGP
Cards in the Hall Play 5 Triple Triad Battlehall Matches 2500 MGP
Triple Tumble Win 3 Triple Triad Battlehall Matches 3000 MGP
Come Play Lord I Play Lord of Verminion 1 time 5000 MGP
Come Play Lord II Play Lord of Verminion 3 times 10000 MGP
Come Play Lord III Play Lord of Verminion 5 times 12000 MGP
Kiwami Play 2 Doman Mahjong Player Matches 5000 MGP

The majority of these can be knocked out all at once, like by playing NPCs in Triple Triad.

All in all, you can receive up to 70,000 MGP weekly from the Challenge Log per week.

Perhaps winning that Korpokkur isn’t so colossal of a task after all!



An S Rank score in the GATE Air Force One / FFXIV
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As seen with the Challenge Log, it’s easy enough to passively farm MGP.

If you’re in the mood for a grind, however, the Saucer presents ample opportunities.

While hunting down NPCs for elusive Triple Triad Cards is fun, the Saucer itself offers more MGP options. Weekly events like Tournaments and the Fashion Report in particular give the most.

Open Triple Triad Tournaments, added in Patch 5.4, are held roughly every 2-4 hours.

Every two weeks an Invitational Tournament is held, which offers greater rewards.

Lord of Verminion holds Tournaments on a similar invitational schedule. These are great opportunities as few people actually enter them. Which means even if you throw your matches, you could still win thousands of MGP.

GATEs themselves offer great payouts for fun mini-games, and are held every 20 minutes.

We’ll break them down here:

GATE Max MGP Strategy
Cliffhanger 3000 Wait for bombs to explode before jumping!
Air Force One 4000 R2 on Controller slows the cursor, fire when green!
Leap of Faith 4000 Avoid tricky jumps if you’re low on time!
Any Way the Wind Blows 7500 The Northeast Cactuar is the safest spot!
The Slice is Right 5000 Watch the edges, turn off your UI, eyes on the Pole!
Redolent Rose, absolutely preparing to judge you but really black goes with everything / FFXIV
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Another option for minimal effort and huge MGP Rewards is the weekly Fashion Report.

Masked Rose (The Gold Saucer – Manderville Tables, X:7 Y:7), definitely not the Weaver Guildmaster, awaits judging your aesthetic sense.

The Fashion Report challenges you to put together an outfit that fits various requirements. You’re then scored on a scale of 100, with 80 points giving a whopping 60,000 MGP!

This stacks with FC and Event Bonuses for an even higher reward.

Clues to what you need range from cryptic to obvious, like “Leather” or “Primal Revival”.
You can usually find a breakdown of the weekly fashion report by asking around.

Last but not least, you have the Mini and Jumbo Cactpot.

Mini Cactpot is functionally just a daily scratch-off ticket. For a measly 10 MGP you can win up to 10,000, three times.

Jumbo Cactpot tickets (Jumbo Cactpot Broker – The Gold Saucer – Cactpot Board, X:8 Y:6) are purchased in threes weekly. The drawing occurs every Saturday.

Depending on how many digits your ticket Matches, you’ll win a percentage of the whole pot.

This ranges from thousands to potentially millions, as the prize increases with Player participation.


What Else Can I Spend MGP On?

Pondering how to spend MGP at the Gold Saucer Prize Counter / FFXIV
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Your Korpokkur Colossus awaits you at the Gold Saucer Attendant (The Gold saucer – Wonder Square, X:5 Y:7) under Prize Claim.

Once you’ve acquired your peculiar plant, you can start working your way towards other fabulous prizes:

  • Mounts (Adamantoise, Fenrir, Sabotender Emperador, Korpokkur)
  • Minions
  • Hairstyles (Except Viera)
  • Glamour Equipment (Weapons, Outfits)
  • Chocobo Bardings
  • Triple Triad Cards
  • Housing Furnishings
  • Parasols
  • Emotes
  • Orchestrion Rolls

There are over 100 Prizes to be won from the Gold Saucer. So you’re sure to find something you simply must have.

Best of luck with your grind, hope these tips come in handy!

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