Best 4-Star Assassin Servants in Fate/Grand Order

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Assassins, as you can imagine, are the… Quickest servants in FGO!

Oftentimes they’re providing critical star generation for your team.

Assassins may not hit the hardest on turn one, but they allow for monstrous damage from turn two onwards.

And if you’re looking for some solid 4-star options then you’ve come to the right place.


5. Stheno

Stheno Fate/Grand Order screenshot

No wait, don’t close out of this tab just yet!

We know it’s hard to think of Stheno as anything other than a bad omen after she spooks your Assassin rolls for the umpteenth time.

But she does have a particular niche that can prove useful during one of FGO’s tougher boss battles.

It’s pretty easy to breeze through FGO’s first few singularities. A Heracles from your reroll and a support Cú Alter can dispatch most (if not every) enemy.

However, after reaching Camelot (specifically Gawain) you will realize that spamming red cards cannot solve all your problems.

Stheno’s charm locking capabilities prove necessary in this fight.

And with her support, you can turn a grueling boss battle that eats up your Command Seals into an absolute cakewalk.


4. Ushiwakamaru (Summer)

Ushiwakamaru (Summer) Fate/Grand Order screenshot

For a long time, Ushiwakamaru was destined to live out her days as an original servant with a grotesque head-to-body ratio and lackluster animations.

Before her VFX update, Ushi Summer was a much more polished interpretation of the character.

While Ushi fans may have felt obligated to summon for her swimsuit version just to play with the sparkly new effects, she is by no means a trophy waifu.

With a triple Quick deck and an AOE Quick NP, Summer Ushi can loop in the double Skadi system with proper support.

Plus, it’s Ushi!

Ushi deserves a spot on any list.


3. Gray

Gray Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Gray is a welfare Assassin with a Buster-Quick-focused kit.

With a triple Quick deck, it isn’t too difficult for Gray to generate critical stars and then buff her face cards with her first and second skill.

But with a niche in taking down undead enemies, Gray is certainly one welfare you should acquire and max as soon as possible.


2. Okita J. Souji

Okita J. Souji Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Do we need to say more?

Yes, Okita has decided that this Summer, she’d like to explore the skies – and has traded in her usual haori for a fancy new flight propulsion system and a brand new middle name.

Okita “Jet” Souji is a Quick farming AOE Lancer, but one who cannot be thrown so easily into a double Skadi party.

She needs a little extra support to loop successfully. But her damage is more than sufficient when wiping out most farming nodes.

All in all, Summer Okita is a great damage-dealing Assassin who definitely looks nothing like Waver in her final ascension.

Shinsengumi IN THE SKY!


1. Ryougi Shiki

Ryougi Shiki Fate/Grand Order screenshot

For a welfare servant, Shiki does her job as an Arts Assassin surprisingly well.

Shiki has several skills that not only buff her Arts card effectiveness, but also charge her NP by a significant margin.

What this means in Shiki’s case is relatively fast charging NPs, all with a chance to instantly kill her opponent!

Similar to Shiki Saber (an AOE Arts Saber), Assassin Shiki’s NP has a chance to inflict Death, reducing the enemy’s HP to zero.

So when using Shiki, you have to ask yourself one question:

Do you feel lucky?

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