Best 4-Star Caster Servants in Fate/Grand Order

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Caster Servants are often reserved for the support role in FGO.

While several damage-dealing Casters exist, it doesn’t make much sense to use them when other classes do their job much more effectively – and they play such a pivotal role as supports.

Four-star Casters, much like their SSR counterparts, often supply a team with power boosts, cleanses, and heals.

And if that’s what you’re after then let’s look at some of the very best four-star FGO Casters that’ll help keep you alive long enough to fight another day.


5. Miyu Edelfelt

Miyu Edelfelt in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Miyu is a relatively rare unit in a similar vein to Asagami Fujino.

She has received very few rate-ups over the years, so try and pick up a copy whenever possible.

Miyu is a supporting Caster with an Arts-focused kit. Her skills revolve around buffing ally Arts cards, charging NP, and keeping herself alive with a one-time Guts.

Her NP is also powerful in that it both charges NP and recovers HP for party members by a small margin over three turns (almost like a less powerful Garden of Avalon; Merlin’s NP).

Due to her rarity and her role in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA, fans of magical girls should be sure to add Miyu to their Chaldea collection.


4. Nitocris

Nitocris in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Nitocris is a farming Caster with a niche in low-level daily quest grinding.

Why is that, you may ask?

Well, her entire kit is centered around utilizing her NP for quick and effective farming.

More specifically, Nitocris’ NP has a chance to inflict Death: reducing the target enemy’s HP to zero.

Not only this, but Nitocris’ NP is also an AOE, meaning she can instantly wipe out an entire three enemy wave in one shot!

Nitocris’s skills help her to achieve this goal.

With an enemy, Death resist down on her first skill and a 120% NP BATTERY on her skill three, there are very few low rarity enemies that can stand in Nitocris’ way.


3. Medea Lily

Medea Lily in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Medea Lily is a great healing support Servant – and one that is very much needed when it comes to the FGO metagame.

Rarely do supports in FGO actively provide healing.

Instead, they often favor buffing your DPS to ridiculously high levels of strength to wipe a wave in one turn.

After all, you don’t need to heal anything if you kill the enemy before they can touch you.

This is where Medea has found a solid role to play.

Her first skill charges her NP by 120%, allowing you to cleanse all party debuffs and recover HP with it.

Her second skill removes poison specifically and also recovers HP, while her final skill increases one ally’s heal rate for one turn.

Needless to say, with Medea on the field providing healing and increased heal regeneration with almost every skill, it’s going to require a lot of enemy NPs to take down your team!


2. Sieg

Sieg in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Sieg is your go-to farming Caster.

With an Arts-based AOE NP, he slots in perfectly for a free-to-play Arts looping comp.

Furthermore, due to Sieg being a welfare Servant, he can be raised to NP5 for free – resulting in even more damage to enemy waves.

At the moment you will need to juggle a Paracelsus, Tamamo, and Nero Bride to ensure he can farm effectively. But when Castoria releases he can farm fairly any wave with very little difficulty!

Despite what many think of Sieg due to his role in the Type-Moon franchise over the years, in FGO, he is a powerhouse that cannot be overlooked.


1. Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Caster Gil is a great Arts support Caster with skills that can help your team increase their Arts card performance and increase critical star generation.

With skills that buff not only your party’s face cards, but their overall attack and star gen as well, Gil is a solid inclusion for any Arts-based team.

Caster Gil is also most people’s favorite incarnation of the character.

Archer Gilgamesh is young and still arrogantly self-obsessed.

This version of Gil, as seen in the Babylonia anime and Singularity, has matured far more – and is a well-respected leader.

If you like Gil as a character but are sick and tired of being referred to as a “Mongrel”, Caster Gil may be able to satisfy your husbando quota.

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