Best 5-Star Assassins in Fate/Grand Order (Ranked)

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Assassins get a rough ride in the FGO meta.

Their sole purpose is usually to generate crit stars for the team. But when a skill or a CE can do this job more effectively, Assassins lose a lot of their desirability.

Assassins also tend to have some of the lowest damage out of every servant type in the game (instead relying on crits to boost their power).

And let’s not even get started on looping…

If you plan on three-turn looping on Casters, it just makes more sense to bring a Berserker than to tear your eyes out trying to make Shuten-Doji three-turn with Castoria!

Regardless of their detriments, there are a select few Assassins that rise above the rest and make a name for themselves.

For this ranking we’ll be taking a look at some of these extra special servants in FGO.


5. Mysterious Heroine X

Mysterious Heroine X Fate/Grand Order sprite

If you get buffed 4,562 times from your initial release until the present day, chances are good you’re going to be pretty powerful by the end of it.

MHX comes to us as a Saber-hating Jedi warrior.

It’s strange that she was made an Assassin and not an Archer, considering her hatred of Sabers.

But we can’t complain when her kit is so powerful!

MHX was in a bit of a bad way for a long time as previously mentioned. However, thanks to receiving possibly the most buffs in FGO history, she’s now in a comfortable spot as an incredibly powerful Assassin.

Fans of MHX and fans of Star Wars shouldn’t pass her by due to her current lacking damage. She is an investment – and one that will not let you down in the years to come.


4. First Hassan (King Hassan)

First Hassan (King Hassan) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Assassins usually fall into a fairly similar archetype.

They’re usually Quick-focused, are good at generating stars, and trade-off high neutral damage for high crits.

King Hassan throws all of that out the window.

With a Buster-focused deck, King Hassan is here to hit red cards and miss instant Death on his NP.

And he’s already missed instant death three times.

King Hassan is your damage-dealing Assassin – and one whose kit is tailor-made to unleash Buster crits with enough generating support.


3. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper Fate/Grand Order sprite

Jack is the OG Assassin of FGO.

And this is the face you should always be happy to see spooking your rolls.

Jack has been power crept significantly over the years, and understandably so.

That being said, she’s still one of the best at what she does: generating enough crit stars to gorge your entire team.

Jack’s triple Quick deck, multiple hits on each of her face cards, and an NP that deals extra damage to female enemies, all results in a brave chain from her generally supplying the entire team with stars.

Jack is the murderous daughter you never knew you needed in your life – until she drives that knife into your unsuspecting back. What an angel!


2. Koyanskaya of Light

Koyanskaya of Light Fate/Grand Order sprite

This might be a little premature, considering at the time of this writing Koyanskaya has only recently released in JP. But from what we’ve seen of her and the double Koyanskaya system already, it’s safe to say she’s going to be meta-adjacent for a while.

As FGO progresses into a bottle of fine old wine, it seems like more and more support servants require a 50% battery to stay relevant.

Luckily Tamamo Vitch is not one to go against the grain, and comes equipped with her own targeted charge!

Koyanskaya also possesses a huge Buster steroid that’s designed to finally help your Arjuna Alters and Okita Alters to become the looping servants they always dreamed of being.

Koyanskaya herself can also fire off an AOE NP or two for decent damage.

With Oberon looming in the distance, it seems FGO players can finally pick whatever servants they like to farm with, without having to worry about meta restrictions.

And hey, if you’re going to loop, why not use another of Wada Arco’s excellent illustrations?

From Nero Bride to Meltryllis, and now Koyanskaya?

Wada Arco seems to be generating somewhat of a trademark with their third ascension artworks.

Let’s just say that when it comes to Koyanskaya, they don’t call it Ass-ass-in for anything…


1. Kama

Kama Fate/Grand Order sprite

Kama is the undisputed best Assassin in the game.

She may only be single-target, but what she lacks in AOE she makes up for in… well… just about everything else!

Kama boasts a whopping 50% NP battery attached to her third skill, which makes it incredibly easy to fire off two or even three rounds in one fight with a little added help.

She also comes equipped with a three-turn Guts that, with enough effort, can be utilized in conjunction with her other skills to guarantee at least one fatal strike will not bring Kama down.

Now let’s talk about Kama’s NP.

It deals ridiculous damage to a single target, and charms them (her skills reducing charm resistance).

This is your boss killer, people.

Your raid farmer, your Challenge Quest deleter.

Kama is a great servant, and arguably the best Assassin in the game.

If her gameplay doesn’t convince you then maybe that final ascension art will.

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