Top 5 Best Buster CEs in Fate/Grand Order

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When playing with a Buster-focused team, not much else matters aside from maximizing your damage as much as possible.

Buster has garnered a reputation over the years for being a less interactive and thought-provoking style of play.

Essentially, when you see red button, you hit red button.

So which CEs are out there to help increase your Buster damage? Let’s take a look.


5. Gilgamesh in NY

Gil in NY is an event CE that does exactly what you would expect a CE featuring the arrogant king of heroes himself to do.

This CE not only buffs Buster performance by a whopping 25%, but also increases a Servant’s NP generation rate by 15%.

These percentages are only valid when the CE is max limit broken, though.

And due to Gil in NY being a limited time gacha CE, it may be difficult to acquire the necessary copies.

However, if you do manage to pick up enough to max limit break it, Gil in NY becomes a great CE for damage dealing Buster NP spammers!


4. First Sunrise

First Sunrise is a great CE for increasing Buster performance, and for starting the battle with a loaded NP bar.

At max limit break, First Sunrise provides a 20% buff to Buster performance and a starting charge of 50%.

As a limited Craft Essence, it may be difficult to max limit break.

But if you can, it will be an excellent CE for any Buster nuker.


3. Heroine Eli-chan’s Adventure

Heroine Eli-chan’s Adventure trades in the starting NP gauge to increase the equipped Servant’s NP damage even further!

This CE provides a 10% buff to a Servant’s Buster performance alongside an NP damage buff of 25% (once max limit broken).

As Heroin Eli-chan’s Adventure is an event CE, you can max limit break it so long as you manage to acquire a random drop from an event node.


2. Limited / Zero Over

When it comes to maximizing Buster damage over all else, Limite / Zero Over is the CE you need!

For too long have CEs come with reams of text detailing the many minuscule benefits they offer.

Limited / Zero Over does away with mass appeal in favor of catering to the cavemen who favor a Buster playstyle.

This Craft Essence provides a massive 30% buff to Buster performance, and nothing else.

But if you like pressing red buttons mindlessly then Limited / Zero Over is the CE for you.


1. Aerial Drive

Aerial Drive is the premier Buster-based CE.

This provides so many benefits for a Buster servant.

And due to the fact that it is an event CE, it is relatively easy to max limit break (granted you manage to acquire that final copy through a mission drop).

We would also implore you to try and limit break this thing, because once you do, Aerial Drive provides:

  • An increase to Buster performance by 10%
  • A buff to NP damage by 10%
  • And a starting charge of 50%!

Definitely well worth the effort.

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