Top 5 Best Quick CEs in Fate/Grand Order

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Quick CEs excel when they buff damage, NP generation, and provide critical stars.

With the Quick meta living and dying by Skadi, it’s important that Servants are not only able to loop – but also deal out heavy critical strikes with their face cards in order to recharge their NP as quickly as possible once both Skadi batteries have been exhausted.

So let’s take a deeper look at some of the best Quick CEs you can play with.


5. Knights of Marines

Knights of Marines is a great supporting CE that can buff the equipped Servant’s Quick performance and provide starting NP charge.

More specifically, Knights of Marines provides a 10% buff (15% once max limit broken) and a starting charge of 50% (60% when max limit broken).

So this is a great CE for giving your Servant that little extra NP charge they need to hit 100% as quickly as possible.


4. Traces of Christmas

Traces of Christmas provides a lot of utility, with the caveat that the percentage buffs applied to the equipped Servant are a little lower than a more dedicated Quick CE.

Traces of Summer, however, is great because it’s an event CE that can max limit broken with relative ease.

At max limit break, Traces of Christmas provides an increase to Quick card performance by 10%, an increase to NP generation by 10%, and a starting charge of 50%

So that makes Traces of Christmas is a great jack-of-all-trades CE for your Quick-base damage dealers.


3. A Fragment of 2030

A Fragment of 2030 is one of the best CEs in the entire game.

The reason this CE is so sought after is because it fits into any team wanting to land critical strikes.

While there are certainly enough Buster and Arts crit machines to justify including A Fragment of 2030 on a separate list, Quick teams are the most adept at generating critical stars and so we felt it best to include the CE here.

By providing a large star bomb every turn, your critical Quick Servants will be able to deal out massive damage with their face cards.


2. Dangerous Beast

Dangerous Beast combines both the buff to Quick card effectiveness that comes with a CE like One Summer, with the critical star generation of A Fragment of 2030.

It buffs Quick card effectiveness by 15%, while also gaining three critical stars each turn for the equipped Servant.

These percentages increase even more at max limit break.

Dangerous Beast is a great middle-ground for Servants that want to deal heavy Quick-based damage, while also landing critical hits with their face cards.


1. One Summer

One Summer is the premier Quick CE capable of buffing Quick card effectiveness by 10% and NP Strength by 10%.

While a CE like A Fragment of 2030 is better for extended fights, One Summer is great for a Servant looking to end the battle in as few turns as possible.

This CE also provides a starting NP charge of 50%, making it even easier for Servants like Kama to trade off the starting gauge of Kaleidoscope in favor of even more damage (and then using their own 50% battery to use their first NP).

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