Crystallite Fragment Farming Guide (Last Cloudia)

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There are several ways to farm crystallite fragments, but you get them mostly by playing through Story Mode stages. Specifically from clearing Stages 1-7 & 2-12 repetitively.

Crystallite fragments are by far one of the more common resources in the game, so there are a variety of game modes that give these away as drops.

Plus you can also obtain them by buying them from the Friend Point Shop, from the Events Shop, or even by pulling them from the Friend Point Gacha.

Let’s look into each method and see how they all work.


Auto-run Story Mode Stages

There are a lot of Story Mode stages where you can get Crystallite Fragments.

But there are a few notable ones that drop more of these colorless rocks than the others.

If you ever find yourself running out of these crystallite fragments, you only have to farm three stages in the Story Mode depending on your circumstances.

  • Aldana Catacombs – Back into the Light
  • Aldana Catacombs – Shadow of the Empire
  • Blaze Garden – Blaze Garden

Note: You should only clear these Stages on Normal Difficulty because clearing them in higher difficulties actually lowers the drop rate of Crystallite Fragments.

All three of these stages should give you plenty of Crystallite Fragments per run compared to all the rest, along with a few other vital resources.

They are as follows:

Aldana Catacombs: Stage 1-7 “Back into the Light” Drops / Last Cloudia

Back into the Light statistically has the best drop rate for Crystallite Fragments in all of the story mode stages.

You are guaranteed to get at least 3 Crystallite Fragments per run in this stage — not to mention you can also get red, blue, green, violet, and rainbow crystallites while farming this stage.

It only has four waves in total, and isn’t really that much of a challenge even for newer players.

So feel free to auto-run this stage with your weaker characters for EXP as well!

Aldana Catacombs: Stage 1-7 “Shadow of the Empire” Drops / Last Cloudia

You can also find Shadow of the Empire in the Aldana Catacombs.

This stage’s drop rate for Crystallite Fragments is very close to that of “Back into the Light”, but the mobs in this stage are weaker.

Not only that, but the Boss Wave in this stage can be cleared far quicker compared to the one in “Back into the Light” because this stage’s boss monsters all have comparatively low defense stats.

If you’re a newer player who can’t nuke “Back into the Light” quick enough, then this stage is perfect for you.

Blaze Garden: Stage 2-12 “Blaze Garden” Drops / Last Cloudia

Hence its name, this stage is located in the Blaze Garden.

And unlike the first two stages we’ve just gone through, this one is classified as a Facility rather than a Dungeon on the “Places” page.

While this stage does drop fewer Crystallite Fragments compared to the other two stages, it has the added benefit of having a much lower range of possible drops.

This means that you can also farm this stage if you’re lacking very specific resources, such as rainbow and violet crystals/crystallites.


Buying Crystallite Fragments in the Friend Points Shop

The Friend Points Shop / Last Cloudia

If you ever find yourself lacking in Crystallite Fragments and you just don’t feel like farming stages for them, then worry no more.

You can buy 40 of them per day at the Friend Point Shop — all for a very negligible price of 20 Friend Points!

I recommend that you only do this once in a while though, since there are other much better items in the Friend Points shop that you can save up for.


Buying Crystallite Fragments in the Events Shop

Events Shop (Attack on Titan Collab) / Last Cloudia

Much like in the Friend Points Shop, you can also buy Crystallite Fragments from time-limited shops that come with every seasonal or collaboration event in Last Cloudia.

Luckily, they’re also one of the cheapest resources in the shop to get – so don’t hesitate to grab some if you really need them!

Of course, it goes without saying that you should first consider buying other more important and rare resources before emptying the entire stock of Crystallite Fragments in the Events shop.


Clear Invasion Battles

Invasion Battles Screenshot / Last Cloudia

You can also farm Crystallite Fragments by clearing the Invasion Battles.

These are located on the “Training” sub-page, which is located under the “Events” page.

These Invasion Battles are also one the very few reliable sources of Monster Souls. So if you’re also looking to collect them as well, then farming these stages might not be a bad idea.

Although do keep in mind that Invasion Battles are very time-sensitive and specific stages can only be played on certain days of the week.


Pull From the Friend Points Gacha

Friend Points Gacha (10x Pull) / Last Cloudia

Last but not least, we have the Friend Points gacha – which lets you gain a ton of different resources.

You’re not guaranteed to get Crystallite Fragments from every 10x pull (though it is rare to not pull at least one x5 Crystallite Fragments). But keep in mind that you are given 3 free 10x pulls per day!

The sheer frequency of these free pulls guarantees that you’ll be able to passively accumulate a lot of Crystallite Fragments over time — provided that you use these free pulls consistently.

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