Last Cloudia Skill Book Farming Guide

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Skill books can be obtained mainly from farming three specific story mode stages — Stage 1-14, Stage 2-8, & Stage 4-16, with Stage 4-16 being the best stage to grind Skill Books.

But you can also get them from the Friend Point gacha, Ability Gates, and event-exclusive exchange shops.

They’re among the more uncommon resources to farm in the game, but they’re not that hard to find if you know where to look.

So let’s dive into each farming method and see what you can do.


Clearing Story Stages

A lot of Story Stages feature Skill Books as drops.

But there are only three stages you have to take note of if you want to farm them:

  • Stage 1-14 “Laboratory Depths”
  • Stage 2-8 “Irritation”
  • Stage 4-16 “When Knights Collide”

These three stages can either be manually farmed with Beast Hunter or auto-run while you AFK.

Either way, you’ll be guaranteed a hefty amount of Skill Books after only an hour of farming them.

Bringing along farming-oriented units such as Chrome, Phantom Thief Robin, Yashamaru, or Carol No. 4 when clearing these stages is recommended because then you’ll have a higher chance of getting Skill Books per run.

NOTE: You should only clear these Stages on Normal Difficulty because clearing them in higher difficulties only lowers the drop rate of Skill Books.

White Laboratory: 1-14 “Laboratory Depths” Drops / Last Cloudia

Stage 1-14 “Laboratory Depths” is the go-to stage to farm Skill Books if you’re a beginner, or if you’re just looking for a stage you can clear very quickly.

This stage only has 1 wave which is very easy to clear — especially if you already have a unit that can quick-cast AoE spells (i.e. Blizzard).

Considering that detail, this stage is highly recommended for AFK autorunning, as it requires very little effort or attention to clear rapidly and consistently.

Lanzelia Palace Ruins: 2-8 “Irritation” Drops / Last Cloudia

Compared to the other two stages, Stage 2-8 “Irritation” has a slightly lower drop rate for Skill Books.

But what makes this stage worth considering is that it also features drops ranging with low-level Enhancing Materials and Crystals, alongside from Skill Books.

If you find yourself running out of these resources along with Skill Books then this stage is definitely worth farming.

Holy Castle Odal: 4-16 “When Knights Collide” Drops / Last Cloudia

Stage 4-16 “When Knights Collide” has the highest drop rate for Skill Books out of all the three stages we’ve mentioned.

However, it is a bit harder to clear than both 2-8 and 1-14. So I recommend this stage for manual clearing — more preferably with Beast Hunter for maximum efficiency.

Though if you can clear this stage in Full Auto without taking longer than 10 seconds, then feel free to autorun this stage exclusively for Skill Books!


Clear Ability Gate Event Stages

Ability Gate Stages in the Training Page / Last Cloudia

Clearing Ability Gate Stages at Hard and Nightmare difficulty is by far one of the more reliable methods of farming Skill Books.

For the sake of efficiency, be sure to bring your Beast Hunter ark along with a friend unit that also has one.

Keep in mind that using Beast Hunter before the boss wave will increase your chances of getting these books as drops.


Pull Them From the Friend Points Gacha

Friend Points Gacha (x10 Pull) / Last Cloudia

Another consistent method of farming Skill Books is by pulling on the Friend Points Gacha.

It is considered as a “rare” pull, but the fact that you get 3 free 10x pulls every day makes it easier to accumulate Skill Books from this gacha relatively well.


Buying Them From Event Shops

Event Exchange Shop (Attack on Titan Collab) / Last Cloudia

If you have leftover event currencies, or you just want to get Skill Books ASAP without farming for them, then feel free to visit the Events Exchange Shop in the Marketplace and buy them.

Skill Books are generally cheap in terms of event currencies, so unless you’re on a tight budget, you can buy them to your heart’s content.

Events come and go pretty often in Last Cloudia so be sure to keep an eye out for them as well – just to add more Skill Books to your collection.

The neat part is that Event Exchange Shops typically stay around longer than the event itself.

So you don’t need to worry about missing out on these Skill Books right away!

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