My Hero Ultra Impact Character Leveling Guide

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In My Hero Ultra Impact, there are only 3 ways to level up your characters. They are:

  • Clearing Story Stages
  • Clearing Event Stages
  • Lv Up Bars

The most effective and fastest leveling method is feeding Lv Up Bars to your Characters on the Level Up Page.

Clearing Story Stages and Event Stages should also be considered viable options, though, since clearing them regularly will save you a lot of Lv Up Bars – especially in the early game.


Leveling by Clearing Story Stages

Story Stage (Chapter 2) / My Hero Ultra Impact
Story Stage (Chapter 2)

As a beginner, clearing your story stages will be your go-to alternative when it comes to leveling up your characters.

After all, Lv Up Bars can be pretty scarce in the early game — not to mention you’ll also have a lot of different characters that you will have to invest in.

While clearing story stages becomes more or less unnecessary in the mid to late game because of the abundance of Lv Up Bars, it can still be helpful when leveling up low-level characters.

TIP: If you’re confident that you can clear story stages with your first three characters, you can substitute your 2 backups with unleveled/low-level characters.

This way you can utilize the EXP rewards instead of just letting it all go to waste because all of your party members are max-leveled.


Leveling by Clearing Event Stages

Event (Sports Festival) / My Hero Ultra Impact
Event (Sports Festival)

Events give players an opportunity to net some Character EXP — all while farming precious event currencies along the way.

Like story stages, you can use your unleveled or underleveled characters as backups to get all the possible EXP rewards at the end of each battle.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that using Skip Tickets on event stages (or any other stage for that matter) won’t give you any Character EXP.


Lv Up Bars (Best Leveling Method)

Character Level Up Quest (Stage 7) / My Hero Ultra Impact
Character Level Up Quest (Stage 7)

Farming Lv Up Bars and feeding them to your characters is by far the best way of leveling up units.

In fact, you’ll no longer need to bother with the other two methods once you’ve accumulated a huge surplus of these bad boys!

Depending on how high the difficulty of the Drill Stages you can clear and how often you play, you can get a character to max level within 1-3 days.

If you’re planning on playing MHUI for a long time, then farming Lv Up Bars will be one of the best things you can do for your account.


Where Do You Get Lv Up Bars?

Level Up Page / My Hero Ultra Impact
Level Up Page

Lv Up Bars are pretty uncommon (especially Large Lv Up Bars), but not as uncommon as more precious resources like Gacha Tickets or Hero Gems.

But in case you’re wondering, you can farm Lv Up Bars by:

  • Clearing Story Missions
  • Collecting Them From Your Base
  • Collecting Them From Event Missions
  • Collecting Them as Dispatch Rewards
  • Buying Them From Event Shops
  • Buying Them From Exchange Shops
  • Clearing Special Missions
  • Clearing Daily Missions
  • Clearing Character Level Up Quests (BEST)

As you can see, there are actually a lot of sources of Lv Up Bars in this game if you know where to look. Keep them in mind and you’ll be able to accumulate a ton of Lv Up Bars in no time.

Happy leveling!

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