Minecraft: Top 10 Best SkyBlock Maps Worth Trying

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The premise of SkyBlock is simple:

You spawn on a floating island with limited resources.

This simple premise has inspired countless similar maps though.

And here’s our picks for the best SkyBlock maps to test your resourcefulness, as well as your ability to not accidentally fall off the map.


10. Hellblock

Hellblock Minecraft Map

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If you thought breaking the same regenerating block of cobblestone over and over again was hell, try doing that but this time, actually in hell.

HellBlock is SkyBlock if the floating island suddenly decided to obey gravity and plunge right into the most depraved depths of existence.

Here, in HellBlock, you cannot sleep – your bed will explode.

There’s also some falling lava around the map. It’s not really a threat since you probably won’t accidentally build into it… but, oh man, is it unnerving.


9. Custom SkyBlock

Custom SkyBlock Minecraft map screenshot

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Custom SkyBlock, or as I like to call it, SkyTree, is a SkyBlock map with fewer blocks than the usual SkyBlock map.

Instead of spawning on a floating island, you spawn on a floating tree.

I guess there’s a bit of a floating island… if a single block of dirt counts as one.

So how much can you create with a single tree?

Are you going to create something so formidable that the companies that strip entire forests realize that they don’t need to do all that? Or will you create something so pathetic that even the nature conservation groups say “screw it” and start wiping forests off the face of the Earth?

Good luck and no pressure.


8. Chunk Survival

Chunk Survival Map preview

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This map is kind of like playing regular Minecraft survival mode with a terrible computer.

You spawn on a single chunk, and if you leave that chunk, you’ll fall.

You must survive on this chunk.

Luckily, this chunk has all the resources you need – lava, ores, and even a cute little cave. But it’s still just one chunk so it won’t be easy!

To be fair, it does give you more than what many SkyBlock maps will give you. It’s kind of like a taller and fatter version of the original map.


7. SkyBlock Evo

SkyBlock Evo map for Minecraft

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SkyBlock Evo is for those that want to add another dimension to the SkyBlock experience – literally!

This map will have you governing floating islands in 4 different dimensions.

You can probably guess the first three. The Overworld, the Nether, and the End, of course.

The fourth dimension is interesting though. It’s called PARADISE.

Not Paradise. PARADISE.

Your inner voice should be shouting it.

In this particular SkyBlock map, you can’t make heaven on a floating piece of Earth. You also can’t pray your way into this particular heaven.

You’re going to need to use a custom portal to get into Paradise – I mean PARADISE!


6. SkyBlock: Freestyle

SkyBlock: Freestyle Minecraft Map

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SkyBlock: Freestyle is a SkyBlock map with an interesting challenge:

You must switch on your mic and freestyle rap the whole time you’re playing. The moment you run out of rhymes is the moment you insta-die and your entire world gets deleted.

Just kidding.

SkyBlock: Freestyle is a map about creating whatever structures your heart desires (actual physical structures, not song structures – don’t worry).

Of course, you can do this in other SkyBlock maps, but you need to grind your butt off if you want to make anything even worth looking at!

This map provides you with blocks so you can spend your valuable time building instead of being stuck in a perpetual state of breaking cobblestone.


5. SeaBlock

SeaBlock Minecraft map

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SeaBlock is a great map to try if you like SkyBlock, but you’re sick of the sky.

I get it. Staring at the sky all day gets boring.

Staring at the water all day should keep you entertained for a bit, though.

Just like SkyBlock, you’re going to die a lot here. Only, this time, it’s going to be from drowning instead of falling into nothingness.

And if it’s not drowning that kills you, it’ll be the Drowned that lurk in the depths!


4. Sky-conomy

Sky-conomy Map for Minecraft

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Most multiplayer SkyBlock servers have shops.

You sell things, make money, buy things, repeat.

This map has the less evolved version of that, AKA trading. You must trade with various villagers around the map to progress.

Since you’re trapped on a desolate floating island in the sky, the villagers essentially have a monopoly over many of the resources you seek. Luckily, villagers are too stupid to realize that, so they price their items pretty fairly.


3. SkyBlock

SkyBlock Minecraft map

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The floating island from which all the floating islands originated. This is the mother floating island.

This is the original SkyBlock.

There are many challenges to keep you occupied, starting with the iconic one: building a cobblestone generator.

What will start off as one island will end up as something beautiful.

And what will end up as something beautiful may be lost forever if you forget to make a bed and die.

Seriously though – make a bed. And also make sure to sleep in that bed to set your spawn, obviously. It’s not just décor.


2. Hardcore Technical Skyblock

Hardcore Technical Skyblock Map preview

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This is a harder, more technical version of the original SkyBlock.

There are no islands other than the one you spawn on that will help you.

On this island, your knowledge of Minecraft mechanics will be put to the test.

If you really do need help, you can rely on three things: you, yourself, and the Minecraft Wiki. The Minecraft Wiki won’t be much help though if you can’t apply what you learned.

That’s where the “you” and the “yourself” part comes into practice.


1. Biome Swapper

Biome Swapper Map for Minecraft

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SkyBlock is normally a fairly slow-paced experience.

How about speeding things up a bit? How about having the map’s biome swap every 15… minutes?

No, that’s too long.

How about every 15 seconds?

Biome Swapper is a tense SkyBlock map that does exactly that.

You’ll be able to yoink resources from various biomes right from the comfort of your own Minecraft home.

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