Best Enderman Skins For Minecraft (Boys + Girls)

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When the Enderman was first released into the chunks of Minecraft way back in its beta, it was terrifying. These teleporting lanky demons would steal the walls of your home and come at you with a panic-inducing ferocity.

Fortunately, these buggers were also super cool to look at (you just shouldn’t look directly at them).

The black and purple design, the tall figure, the almost cute way they shuffle from place to place: the Enderman is pretty great actually.

And some of the best skins I’ve ever seen have the Ender touch to them.


1. The Enderman

The Enderman (Player) Minecraft Skin

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This is a serious question:

Who doesn’t like having their own Minecraft skin of a mob or NPC?

It’s so fun to have a player skin of a mob like a zombie or NPC like a villager. But I’d argue it’s the most fun to have a skin of the lanky, terrifying, and adorable Enderman.

Obviously, you can’t quite match the super tall dimension of the Enderman as a player.

But you can capture all the terrifying blankness of his visage. Who wouldn’t want that!


2. Sound Mixr Enderman

Sound Mixr Enderman Skin For Minecraft

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Never in a thousand years would it have occurred to me that a skin like this could even exist – but the Minecraft community doesn’t ever stop impressing.

The blank slate of the Enderman’s body turns out to be the perfect canvas for the colorful, jumping visuals of a sound mixer.

It sounds like it shouldn’t work, but it really does.

This skin’s highlights and colors are so lively and bold that you can almost hear music bumping just by looking at the skin.


3. Ender Dragon

Ender Dragon Costume Minecraft Skin

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The Enderman was the first taste of the End in Minecraft.

But of course, the lanky terror’s loveability spawned a whole realm that was added to the game, fully loaded with a final boss.

While the Ender Dragon is one of the most fun ventures to take on with your friends to officially “beat” Minecraft, I bet you didn’t think it could also be one of the most fun skins.

Creator Kefka’s super-imaginative Ender Dragon design provides the illusion of almost bursting from the seams of the skin, making it appear somehow much larger than the standard character size.

I don’t understand how this skin works.

But it’s cool, hilarious, and frightening: everything I want in a Minecraft skin.


4. Halloween Onesie Enderman

Halloween Onesie Enderman Skin For Minecraft

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Maybe giant spooky dragons aren’t quite your vibe.

Maybe you’re looking to wear something cozier and more comfortable when you next hop on Minecraft.

Look no further than this Halloween Onesie Enderman by creator GonyTSB.

I didn’t really think that Enderman could be genuinely cute, but I have been wrong in the past – and I was wrong this time around too.

This skin has all of the spooky, cute, and cozy vibes that I’ve been searching for all my life.


5. Enderbot

Enderbot Custom Minecraft Skin

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I think creator Kefka’s eye for innovative designs can’t really be understated. Because they continue to make skins that are so good I can’t even comprehend them.

Take for instance this Enderbot.

It’s a robot from the End.

“Those two things don’t overlap. That doesn’t make sense.”

Those are the things I was telling myself. But somehow, this robot is so appealing and satisfying to look at, it has become one of my regular skins in rotation.

Seriously, the series of purples on the bands of this skin’s armor is remarkable. I can’t get enough of it.


6. Redstone Enderman

Redstone Enderman Skin For Minecraft

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Redstone was introduced to Minecraft around the same time that the Enderman was.

But I don’t know if anyone thought to fuse the two together.

Well, anyone but creator eli2000, that is.

Eli2000 created this Redstone Enderman skin, but rather than just dip the Enderman’s black and purple in red and call it a day, they added a whole new twist:

This skin combines not only the color, but also the machinery aspect of redstone to the Enderman, all to make an almost Ender-cyborg hybrid.

The end result is one heck of a Minecraft skin.


7. End Brewer

End Brewer Minecraft Skin

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No one really stops to consider the inhabitants of the End and what they’re doing in daily life, but creator TurretBoujee did.

The result of this thought experiment is a surprisingly realistic and expertly-colored skin of a brewer, an alchemist, in the End.

As far as I can tell, this skin is 100% original content.

And it’s so high quality that I genuinely think this character should be added to the game.

If I were you I’d get ahead of the curve and download the skin, so you can brag to your friends that you knew about the Brewer before it was patched in.


8. Business Enderman

Business Enderman in Suit / Minecraft Skin

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You know, not all Enderman just laze about, meandering from place to place and picking up blocks only to put them down elsewhere.

Some Enderman, like creator Jasmina101’s Enderman, hold down solid 9 to 5’s.

They wear decent clothes and commute to work everyday.

They should be the standard for Enderman, not those lanky lads walking around with no clothes on.


9. Ender Warlord

Ender Warlord Minecraft Skin

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The Ender Warlord has made its way onto a few of my lists before.

And that is for two main reasons:

  1. The skin is made by Kefka and therefore is as close to perfection as a skin can get. (Seriously look at the way the fabric of the skin ripples and how menacing it appears. How is this thing free?)
  2. I love the way the Ender purple adds to the look of a Sauron-esque evil warlord.

Give it a try and see what you think.


10. Ender King

Enderman King Skin For Minecraft

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If you’re looking for Ender royalty but aren’t quite willing to become an evil warlord, well boy do I have the skin for you.

Creator 45229’s Ender King is hilarious.

The skin wears the crown and jewels of a king with a long red robe, adorned with an Ender pearl.

It’s genuinely well-done and very funny in thought and execution.


11. Vacation Enderman

Vacation Enderman (Tropical Shirt) Minecraft Skin

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Not all Enderman have to be menacing and scary or royalty.

If your Enderman is tired of laboring away at work or haphazardly moving grass blocks onto random rooftops, maybe it’s time for a vacation.

Creator e_Ghost_’s Vacation Enderman might be among my favorite skins of all time.

It doesn’t have the extensive hyper-realistic textures of others. And it doesn’t have mind-boggling originality.

But c’mon, the Enderman in a Hawaiian shirt and tourist hat. How can you not love that?


12. Ender Shark Hoodie

Enderman Shark Hoodie Skin For Minecraft

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While we’re having fun putting the Enderman into random humorous clothing items, why not put the mob in a shark hoodie?

What’s a shark hoodie, you ask?

Well, it’s a hoodie where the hood part is a shark head.

It is utterly adorable, and if I may, I would like to purchase one for myself right now.


13. Ender Tron

Purple Enderman Tron Minecraft Skin

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Taking after the futuristic and robotic designs from the Redstone Enderman above, Ender Tron takes the weaving highlights to a whole new level.

This sci-fi inspired skin takes the lit tracks of the Tron bikes, and carves those very highlights into the entirety of the Enderman’s skin.

In the end we’re left with a skin that darn near glows in the dark – and it deserves to be seen on your next server or Realm.


14. Creeper/Enderman Hybrid

Creeper/Enderman Hybrid Skin For Minecraft

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It’s a good thing that mobs can’t breed in Minecraft. Because if they could, and I saw this coming my way, it would be no more Minecraft for me.

Creator GeckoRyan1562 quite deftly merged the iconic creeper and Enderman skins together to make a nightmare-fuel, super-powered mob.

And yes, that very abomination can be downloaded as a skin that you can play as!


15. Enderbrine

Enderbrine Minecraft Skin

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For those who have been around Minecraft for some time, Herobrine should be a familiar and terrifying name.

The original lore behind Herobrine stated that when you were alone in the earliest days of Minecraft, mining deep in caves or farming, you might turn around and spot the white-eyed Herobrine who would silently and quickly kill you.

While I think (and hope) that was all myth, Herobrine influenced a generation of Minecraft players.

And that fear spawned this amazing skin: Herobrine getting infected by the End.

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