The Best Farmer Skins For Minecraft (Boys + Girls)

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There’s nothing that can quite compare to the rustic charm of laboring under the four-cornered sun, tilling the dirt, and sowing the seeds of wheat and melon farms to come.

And the yeoman lifestyle isn’t for everyone. For some, Minecraft is about adventure, the thrill of hunting down a thousand endermen and creepers, or exploring the depths of the Nether.

Yet if you ask me, there’s no greater joy than creating a farm so magnificent that I could bake bread and cookies until the sun stops rising.

For that kind of labor, it only makes sense to have a skin befitting the dream farm lifestyle.

Here’s a little list to get you started.


1. Medieval Peasant

Medieval Peasant Farmer / Minecraft Skin

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When you think of a farmer, straw hats and overalls may not pop into your head.

And in that case, maybe something like LukyLucaz’s peasant is what you’re after.

Peasants and serfs alike were responsible for growing the crops that would feed themselves and the nobility they lived under.

And with this skin, you can live that lifestyle unimpeded, having broken free from the chains of serfdom with the click of your mouse.

Oh, and this skin looks like every Medieval nerd’s dream.


2. Green-Haired Farmer

Green-Haired Male Farmer / Minecraft Skin

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If the stylings of the Medieval period aren’t quite your style, then this take on a modern farmer girl might be for you.

Creator Soapr put together this overalls-wearing farmhand, coming with dyed green hair to blend in with the fields of grass and crops you’ll be knee-deep in. Hopefully that’s something you’re into?

Either way, live your farmer life to the fullest and have an awesome dye job while you’re doing it.

Take a peek at the link above and see for yourself.


3. Cool Farmer Villager

Basic Farmer Villager / Minecraft Skin

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So you’ve decided to dedicate yourself to becoming the farmer, but you can’t decide how to show that to the rest of the people in your server.

Why don’t you just become a farmer villager?

With the latest and greatest in Minecraft skin technology, no longer are those long-nosed NPCs relegated to the realm of NP.

Download this skin, and you can “hmmmm” and “hawwww” your way around your server, trading wheat for gems to your heart’s content.


4. Cottage/Farmer Girl

Cottagecore Female Farmer / Minecraft Skin

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Here’s a situation we’ve all had too often:

You dive headfirst into Minecraft with dreams of creating your next big aesthetic build, but f5 out to realize your skin doesn’t match the amazing base you’ve been building.

For those who are sick of mis-matched skins while building your farming cottage dream homes, Yuna2104’s aesthetic cottage girl has you covered.

Clad in a plaid shirt and off-shoulder overalls, this skin is sure to have you shift-tab-ing on your cottage porch, looking into the sunset, and relaxing after a hard day of mining and crafting.


5. Farmer Thanos

Farmer Thanos Character / Minecraft Skin

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It cost him everything, but he did it. He was inevitable.

He finally brought balance to the universe.

And now, he’s in Minecraft to fulfill his fantasy retirement of living the farmer life.

This design captures all the gritty details of Thanos’ appearance post-snap in pixelated fineness, so that you know what it was worth all the work every time you harvest your next batch of pumpkins.

Just be on the lookout for any ax-wielding Avengers on the horizon.


6. Farm Girl

Farm Girl with Cute Aesthetic / Minecraft Skin

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Between backbreaking hours of laboring in the dirt and taking care of a barnful of animals, farming can be pretty ugly work.

Fortunately, your farmer skins don’t have to be.

Creator MidnightLilac’s female design here is downright awesome, from the buns in her hair to some blocky cowboy boots on her feet.


7. Oran, the Traveling Farmer

Traveling Farmer Character with Hat / Minecraft Skin

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In the world of Minecraft skins, it’s always a blast to see people come up with cool original concepts.

I think that’s why I like creator cheyko’s custom traveling farmer named Oran.

This skin shows off a white-haired elf, tired of the big city life and finally ready to live in the mountains.

He now spends his days traveling from farm to farm on the outskirts of the city.

It’s such a cute fun concept, and a great skin to boot (peep the basket of produce on his back!)


8. Pig Farmer

Pig in Farmer Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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Too often, animals are the ones being farmed, and not the ones doing the farming.

Thankfully for you and me both, this custom pig skin by F00L will save us from animal-farmer inequality.

Not only is this pig farmer hilarious, but it also has a remarkable amount of detail – from its torn pants to its ears sticking out from its hat.

For those of us who read The Three Little Pigs when we were youths, this skin was created as a rendition of one of those little pink critters.

Let’s just hope no wolf blows your next house down!


9. Farmer Steve

Farmer Steve / Minecraft Skin

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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times:

No skin captures the beauty and essence of Minecraft like Steve.

He simply does it all.

He mines.

He crafts.

And now, he farms.

Creator jaden833 has taken the liberty of affixing Steve with a cooling straw hat, and some denim overalls, to prepare him for the arduous work of harvesting stacks upon stacks of potatoes and carrots.

It’s everything a farmer in Minecraft could dream of.


10. Lionessa – Merchant

Lionessa Blonde Girl Farmer / Minecraft Skin

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Our final skin entry here comes from creator elfie_.

This fantastic skin draped in Medieval garb is one in a line of skins (all made by elfie_), where they take 5 original characters and create peasant, merchant, and knight alts for them.

And this Medieval merchant skin for Lionessa takes the cake for farmer skins, particularly of the “selling produce at the market stall” variety.

But her other alts and skins are all incredible, so I must recommend checking them out too.

And they’re easy to find – just visit her submissions page on Planet Minecraft and see what else grabs your attention.

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