OSRS: Top 10 Fastest Skills To Get To Level 99

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Sometimes we just want to level up fast and be over and done with a skill.

And luckily there are a few skills in OSRS that don’t require months of effort to get to level 99.

If you want a fast 99 you’ll certainly need the right method in the right skill, that’s for sure. But I’ve got all the secret details right here that’ll get your levels up faster than ever.

All that said, which skills can actually hit 99 in the shortest amount of time?

Well in this list we’ll look at those skills, along with the very fastest methods to grind.


10. Farming

Strawberry Farming Screenshot in OSRS

Starting off our list is Farming, which is quite a unique skill to train, as you only get the bulk of your experience once you harvest what you’ve grown.

The reason this is a “fast 99” is because you can do it passively while doing literally anything else.

You can even be offline!

Tree runs are by far the most effective method, and can be done one to two times daily.

Tree runs provide you with little-to-no profit – but can give really great experience rates of well over 200k experience in single run!

It’s recommended to throw in a few herb runs if you can, because snapdragon, rannars, and torstols will help you earn back a bit of money along the way – which should help pay for all of those tree runs.

The cheapest trees to plant are hardwood trees, such as teak and mahogany, which can be planted on Fossil Island.


9. Ranging

OSRS Grinding Range Skill

Ranging is the fastest combat-related 99 in the game.

Reason being you can make use of a variety of great methods to increase your level quickly.

The best method for range training is to use void or other high level gear with chinchompas at maniacal monkeys.

The experience here is crazy – even at level 45 range, a player can get 250k experience per hour following this method.

The best experience is through using black chinchompas, which will yield around 550 – 650k experience per hour.

This means you can theoretically get 99 range from level 45 in less than 24 hours – which is quite ridiculous.

It would be very expensive to use black chins, and using red chins would lower experience slightly, but be much more affordable.

This takes the number 9 spot due to how expensive and hands-on it is to get to level 99, since you’re constantly in combat for this grind.


8. Crafting

Crafting Screenshot in OSRS

Crafting is another super-fast skill which requires a lot less effort than other skills you might train up.

All you really need to do is bank stand and click every now and then.

The fastest method to 99 crafting is to make d’hide bodies, which ranges from 300k experience per hour, all the way up to 425k!

While this method is super-fast, it is going to be very expensive.

A less expensive method is to make air battlestaves which offer 335k experience per hour.

The crafting skill is definitely a buyable skill.

And as a result, you’re only limited here by how much you’re willing (or able) to spend.


7. Herblore

Herblore Grinding For Level 99 in OSRS

Herblore is another buyable skill, which can result in a level 99 pretty quickly – if you’re willing to drop some of your hard earned money into it.

Depending on the route you want to take, you can get anywhere from 250k – 550k experience per hour here.

There are a ton of potions to make in this game. And making them in bulk provides huge amounts of experience.

The cheapest method as of this writing would be to make super attack potions, resulting in 250k experience hour.

At level 98 you can even get 700k experience per hour making extended super antifire potions, which is absolutely insane!


6. Smithing

Smithing/Smelting in OSRS

Smithing is yet again another buyable skill (I’m sure you guys are seeing a trend here) which is very quick to level up if you have the gold for it – literally.

Making Gold bars at Blast Furnace can get you up to 350k experience per hour.

Compared to some of the other methods in this list, smithing is not even that expensive either, costing roughly 25m total from level 40 – 99.

For those looking to make a profit, you can investigate smelting rune bars at Blast Furnace.

The experience is much lower at only 105k per hour, but you’ll be able to profit almost 1m coins!

I’d argue this is one of the best money makers around, with some decent experience to boot.

It’s a fairly click intensive method, though. So be ready for a bit of a grind making roughly 230k gold bars for level 99.


5. Firemaking

Firemaking Grind in OSRS

Firemaking takes the number 5 spot in this ranking, as the experience per hour is great, and it can be entirely free to level up if you wanna save your gp.

The best free method is by going to Wintertod, which provides experience rates of 250k – 320k per hour! Not bad for a skill like this.

You’ll even make a profit doing this process, as the drops you get for each kill aren’t too bad.

The best part is, provided you have a high enough firemaking level, you can go here at any time!

If you want faster experience then you can burn Redwood Logs starting from level 90 firemaking, resulting in over 500k experience per hour. This is also pretty cheap too, costing only 6m.


4. Cooking

Cooking Grind in OSRS

Cooking has a variety of grinding methods to get you to level 99.

Some are obscenely fast, while others are just… fast.

This skill should be one of the first 99’s you get as a novice, and you’ll make a profit by training it.

The fastest method is 1tick cooking karambwans.

If you do this method perfectly you’ll get 950k experience per hour, which is just ridiculous.

You would have level 99 in about half a day with that level of efficiency!

But this is not too common, because it’s just way too click intensive.

The most common method for grinding here is to cook sharks and anglerfish, which both result in very decent experience rates of around 300k.

You’ll make almost a few million in profit from that method, too.


3. Construction

Construction building grind in OSRS

Construction is one of the more expensive skills in OSRS, and would cost a player around 192m using the best methods possible.

The fastest way to 99 is by building mahogany tables from level 52 to level 77. Then once at level 77 you should start building Gnome Benches.

If you get your timing right then you should net around 900k experience per hour doing tables, and over 1.1m experience/hr doing gnome benches.

The overall cost is excessively high, as I mentioned before.

But you’ll be done with this skill in less than 12 hours if you can power through!

One slightly cheaper method (among many other grinding methods) is to build Oak Dungeon doors, costing only 86m from level 74 construction. This method yields about 550k experience at peak efficiency.


2. Prayer

Prayer Altar Grinding in OSRS

Prayer is probably the most expensive buyable skill on this list.

But in exchange for the obscene price you can get super-fast experience.

The fastest method here is using superior dragon bones on a gilded altar, which provides a massive 1.3m experience per hour!

A cheaper method is to just use dragon bones, which yield about half the experience at 500k per hour.

That said, at a gilded altar you can expect to use around 2.5k bones per an hour (still a lot of work).

Another fast method is to use ensouled Dragon heads, which cost less than superior dragon bones, but more than normal dragon bones.

You can expect roughly 340k experience per hour using this method.

Whichever method you choose, these rates are still exceptionally fast. And you can expect to hit 99 shortly after starting.


1. Fletching

Fletching Stringing Bows in OSRS

Ah, fletching.

This skill is by far the fastest one to hit 99 – if you have the funds, of course!

There are a variety of methods you could choose, but if you decide to use darts it’ll take you between 13 to 16 hours to reach level 99 Fletching.

Dragon Darts offer the most experience at roughly 1.3m experience per hour, and costing only 50m from levels 95 – 99. And that isn’t actually too bad, compared to prayer and construction.

Other fast methods include Dragon Javelins and Dragon Arrows, which both offer round 670k experience per hour, both at a far lower cost than Dragon Darts.

There are also a few profitable ways to train this skill, such as by tipping rune bolts with onyx. That would provide 282k experience per hour.

Or another method is by fletching and stringing bows – with the magic longbow being the most profitable.

All that said, the fact you can profit while getting such high experience rates makes fletching the obvious #1 pick for the fastest 99 to chase.

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