OSRS: The Best Ways To Train Construction

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Construction is a skill that’s surprisingly useful in the game, as your home is the ultimate utility hub for your player.

All of your teleports, pets, and gear are stored here – and you want it to be top notch!

You can get some amazing experience rates while training this skill, but it’s generally very expensive, with a “quick” 99 costing you almost 200m!

Some methods are slower and cheaper than others.

But with so many construction training options, how are you to know which methods are the most cost-effective?

I’ll break down the very best training methods in this ranking so that your house can quickly start looking like a palace.


5. Oak Dungeon Doors

Oak Dungeon Door Construction Training with Butler / OSRS Screenshot

This method can be done starting from level 74 all the way to 99, and is regarded as one of the more cost effective ways to get to level 99 Construction without breaking the bank.

Each dungeon door costs 10 oak planks, and gives 600 experience per action.

At peak efficiency, you should expect around 500k experience per hour – which is very high!

And you should have a butler, preferably demon, who can quickly fetch planks for you from your bank.

From level 74-onward you should need just under 200k planks to hit level 99 Construction. This would cost you about 85m.


4. Mahogany Homes

Mahogany home repair construction training in OSRS

Mahogany Homes is a newer addition to OSRS, and I for one am a massive fan of it!

It offers players an alternative to just spamming tables and chairs in your home, because this allows you to venture out into the world and fix up the dilapidated homes of your NPC neighbors.

You can do this starting from level 1 construction.

But I highly recommend having a ton of teleports unlocked first, as you’ll be traveling all over the map to various cities.

At early levels, expect around 35k experience per hour.

While at expert levels this can go up to 200k XP per hour!

Cost will also fall between 100k and 1m gp, increasing as you’re training to hit higher levels.


3. Mounted Mythical Capes

Mounting mythical capes in OSRS

Mounted Mythical Capes require completing Dragon Slayer II for access to the capes, which is a high level requirement.

So this may not be a route for everyone.

You’ll also need level 50 construction to start this training method, as well as 3 teak planks and a mythical cape.

If we assume you’re going for level 99 then you would need about 35k capes and 105k teak planks, starting from level 50.

This would cost roughly 83m – which is actually one of the cheaper methods you could use to train construction.

If you’re good with your timing and clicks, you can even get around 450k experience per hour! This is slower than Oak Dungeon doors, but still great experience.


2. Mahogany Tables

Building a mahogany table in OSRS

These last two options are very expensive, but extremely fast leveling methods.

I recommend either of these for players with big bank accounts who want to save time and maximize experience gained per hour.

Mahogany tables require a minimum level 52 construction to build, and require 6 planks to make.

At 840 experience per table, you would need to build just over 15k tables to reach level 99 – requiring around 92k Mahogany planks.

This equates to a massive 187m gold to reach level 99.

Many players choose to do this method up to level 77, at which point Gnome benches unlock, which provide faster experience.

From level 50 to 77 you would need to build only 1.6k tables, which is around 9.6k planks. This would cost closer to 20m gold.

Overall, Mahogany tables offer a massive 900k experience per hour.

And at this rate you could get to level 99 construction in a single day if you played non-stop!

Realistically, though, expect to get around 700k-800k experience per hour, as it is easy to misclick and make mistakes.


1. Gnome benches

Building gnome benches / OSRS construction training screenshot

The number one option for training construction in Old School RuneScape is by building Gnome benches, which become available to make in your superior garden starting at level 77 construction.

From level 77- 99 you can expect to spend 170m gp building these benches.

They require the same amount of planks as Mahogany tables, and grant the same amount of experience – but can be built much faster.

This means that if you focus, you can reach experience rates of 1m – 1.1m an hour!

That is some of the fastest experience you could gain out of any skill in OSRS.

From level 77 – 99 construction you’ll need 82k planks, which equate to about 14k benches.

If you really focus here, this can be done in a single day. Making use of a Demon Butler is very important too, as it’ll decrease the amount of time needed to bank.

Overall I highly recommend using the method if you can afford it, as training construction can easily break the bank!

But if you’ve got the gold then definitely go for it.

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