OSRS: What’s The Purpose of Firemaking? (And Why Train It)

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Firemaking is a skill in OSRS that’s centered on creating fires (obviously) such as by burning logs or subduing the Wintertodt.

The skill is useful, although only for certain situations. For example, with high enough firemaking you can light fires almost anywhere in OSRS with the use of a tinderbox and some logs. This is great if you want to cook food while on the move, and this is actually necessary for a number of quests that have firemaking requirements, such as Monkey Madness II.

The firemaking skill is also used in the Balloon Transport System, and you’ll need anywhere from level 20 to 60 firemaking to be able to travel around to different destinations.

Ultimately, you’ll eventually want to train this skill even if it seems pointless. Not only is it useful for maxing out your account, but it can be useful in survival situations too.


What’s The Best Way To Level Up Firemaking?

I would recommend burning Oak, Willow, and Maple logs up until around level 50 firemaking. You can do this in a large open area such as at the Grand Exchange, or outside the Varrock West Bank.

By just going at this consistently you’ll get quite a large chunk of experience, so it should not take all that long to get up to a decent level!

Not to mention that if you’re getting all the logs yourself, you’ll be building up your woodcutting skill too.

Then after you reach level 50 in firemaking, I would suggest moving to the Wintertodt minigame on Zeah. The EXP per hour is really high, and there are some great rewards available such as the Tome of Fire and high level seeds.

And this minigame can be played at any combat level, making it accessible to all account builds.

Firemaking is actually one of the fastest 99’s to get in OSRS. It’ll only take you around 40 hours to get from level 50 to level 99 at the Wintertod. Which sounds like a lot of time, but really it’s pretty fast compared to other skills you’ll be grinding.

Because firemaking is so quick, this is often many players’ first level 99 in the game – and it’s an easy way to get a skill cape early on!

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